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चलो खुद की तलाश करते हैं दुनिया के मसलों से दूर
कुछ पल,कुछ पल अपने साथ बिताते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं,,
बिखर गए कुछ पन्ने ज़िन्दगी के इधर-उधर
समेट के आज सबको
एक खुशनुमा लम्हा लिखते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं,,
माफ़ करना ऐ दिल तुझे सबसे ज्यादा दुखी
हमने ही किया है
खुशियां तो बांट दी ज़माने भर में और
दुनिया भर का ग़म तुझे दिया है
तुझपे किये इस ज़ुर्म की सज़ा अपने आप को देते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं,,
थक चुके हैं ये कान सबकी बातें सुनते-सुनते
कभी किसी की फटकार तो किसी के ताने सुनते-सुनते
आज सबको चुप कर इन्हें सिर्फ़ अपनी बातें सुनाते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं,,
खो दिया है खुद को दुनिया की भीड़ में कंही
आगे निकल गए सारे और हम खड़े रह गए वंही
ज़िन्दगी बीत गयी सबको खुश रखते-रखते
आज सबको भुला सिर्फ़ और सिर्फ़
अपनी खुशियों के तराने बुनते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं
चलो आज खुद की तलाश करते हैं,,।।
यह कविता है खुद को तलाशने के,,दुनिया की भीड़ में खुद को ढूंढने की,,अपने आप से मिलने की।
When we were  not taking so serious
dig the land to make a great hole to trap the people in serious
pit so deep and those fallen never awaken very serious
we recognize as criminals than serious.
seluring Mar 9
sa ilalim ng mga ngiti sa aking labi,
ay may nakatagong lungkot at pighati,
naguguluhan sa mga desisyong pinipili,
patuloy na pagku-kuwestiyon sa sarili.

pilit inaalam kung ako ba'y may importansya,
sa mga taong tinulungan kong magkaroon ng pag-asa,
lubos ang pagbibigay at aking isinakripisyo,
ngunit bakit tila wala naman yatang epekto?

pipilin lamang sa oras ng pangangailangan,
babalewalain sa oras na hindi mabigay ang kanilang kailangan,
ganito ba talaga ang mundo?
kilala ka lang kapag kaya **** ibigay ang kanilang gusto?

hindi nila nakikita ang aking kalungkutan,
dahil hindi naman nila gustong malaman,
at sino ba naman ako para magreklamo?
isang taong tumulong sa kanilang bumagon sa mundong magulo.
Robby Dec 2019
I’m a single heartbeat
The blinking of an eye
A crash of lightning
A single drop of rain falling
Will you miss me?
Or forget me?
Shin Dec 2019
Whispers in the surf, a skull at her feet.
Gently she looks over the charcoal plains.
Remorse fills her eyes, she kicks at the skull.
Turns on her feet, tiptoes away, silence.
The tide picks the bones, they drift away.
She feels nothing, she is already gone.

A fool sits and watches idly from his hill.
Unsure of the detail, but sensing their weight.
He sips at his drink, and lets it soak in.
A single tear shed, this will resonate.
A drop of blood bled, this will consume him.
Jade Lewis Nov 2019
D: ays seem to drag on, relentlessly.
E: ventually you feel like you should give up.
P: ersistent feelings of sadness, worthlessness, useless…
R: eality seems to be slowly fading away from your grasp.
E:motions are beginning to get harder and harder to hide from those you love.
S: o, you decide to tell someone about it.
S: adly, they don’t believe that what you’re going through is worth the heartache you feel.
I: t’s okay though, because you expected this reaction to happen.
O: bviously what you’re feeling is stupid and unimportant.
N: ow what?

D: epression sinks in and begins to…
O: verwhelm every sense you have.
E: verything is dramatized and there’s nothing you can do to stop the…
S: ting of words from those around you telling you to just “feel happier, let out the sadness”

N: eeds don’t seem important anymore, you just ignore them.
O: pening yourself up to other people is no longer an option.
T: hey only make you feel worse.

D: eciding to get the help you deserve was the hardest part.
E: very day is a new day with endless possibilities.
F: ocus only on the positive things that happen to you.
I: n hindsight this will allow you to slowly be able to differentiate between the things you have control over and those you leave to God.
N: ever again will I let people dismiss my feelings.
E: ach feeling you have is part of who you are becoming and allow us to be human.

W: hy hold back anything anymore?
H: ow you feel is so important and you need everyone to understand… to become more…
O: pen-minded to the things that they couldn’t possibly comprehend.

Y: ou are worth it.
O: ur lives matter.
U: nderestimated potential shall no longer be a problem.

A: nyone can change their perspective on life, they just need the right support group.
R: ealizing you’re worth it, is the most important thing you can open your heart to.
E: veryone matters.
Anthony Pierre Nov 2019
Come and see
in the night painted sky
a scattered brilliance
vivid, ever aglow

Take time again to look
at each irrelevant speck
alight tonight
just for you... see

Didn't you notice
the dullest star
no longer shines
as before?

But today, yes today
it radiates more than most

Come and gaze
at the night painted sky
its passing; it is passing
the star inside of me
Evie Oct 2019
things are looking up
things are getting brighter
things are getting warmer

hope is not only an idea
it is active
it is optimistic
it is stunning
it is eyeopening
it is life changing

self improvement starts small
baby steps every day
self love isn't self centered
self care isn't selfish
self image isn't vain

my heart has been opened
my mind has been cleared
i am starting to understand
happiness is beautiful
and it is real for everyone
had an amazing talk with some people i really love and care about. a lot of incredible things were shared. things that make so much sense. i can change my situation. i can solve my problems. i am not worthless. i am strong. i am able.
Abdallah Osman Jul 2019
Man was created
We evolved
We are social
In the sense that we desire feedback
From people around us
To accept that we have a status
Mostly above theirs

We love likes

When we talk it's mostly 'I'
and 'I'
But then no one really cares about 'you'
Because they're all about 'I'

Oh man
Learn, being social is not a show off contest
Then we shall listen to each other
Self importance is great when controlled, could become unwarranted otherwise.
blushing prince Jul 2019
the magnitude of that enormous church bell tower swinging forever
under feverish sunsets
the mass of an empty stadium with all the lights on flickering waiting for you to break in after midnight
listening to the deafening of crickets come to a sudden hush as you walk the grass with ***** shoes and grimy fingernails
walking to an empty parking lot with only a couple of stray cars and stray cats
like lonesome entities
stranded in the same desert of hot concrete like you
under the moon you can be anybody
feeling the blanketed weight of a starry night drunk off little bottles of alcohol
when you come to reasoning the logic of why you were in such places bewilders you
waiting for the teen dream to end
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