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km Jul 5
it’s been over a year
a year of being apart from each other
ever since we called it quits

the past year without you
was a year of growth—
learned things about myself
and improved on me

I learned to move on from what we had
Since you moved onto another
At first, I questioned why you didn’t wait for me
but I figured that if that’s God’s plan for us
then so be it

Here we are a year later,
back in each other’s lives
but this time as friends
I knew I didn’t want you out of my life for good
So I hoped for this time to come

I thought I would be contented with that
but why do I suddenly get this feeling
that maybe I want you back?

I keep trying to hold myself back
from smiling whenever you talk to me
I just want to know what’s going on inside your head

Do you still think of me?
Do you miss me?
Such thoughts run through my mind

Maybe it’s just me
but one thing’s for sure:
after all this time,
you still mean something to me
im kinda going crazy ive been thinking ab this for a while now // ms
It's the devil inside
That's killing slowly -
While you devils outside
Keep whispering -
"You'll be fine".
© LadyofRavenhill 2018
PoetryLover Feb 20
You tell me words I didn't expect to hear
but now you're shutting your mouth as if I haven't been dear
All these words describe you from the moment you decided to do the things I haven't been ready for,
but seems like you care no more.
You're out of words when I pour my heart out
because you're guilty and feeling sorry
for destroying me unknowingly.
You never know how much pain it caused me when you decided to end those "feelings" you had
even the friendship that made me glad or sad?
I know you.
You can never hurt someone.
But I'm not someone so you chose to hurt me.
And I wasn't ready.
Who was anyway?
It's just that, I never saw it coming because i invested so much trust and all I gained was this situation where we must measure distance with each other
and never dare to bother
if it was fine,
just considering it was right.
But what if the right thing to do means to sacrifice everything since day one?
This is so wrong.
Cup Noodles Jan 22
but you knew what I meant
when I said I love you
so why tell me parallel lines
will eventually meet
Dj Jan 8
He's always been just this boy; watching the world, threw bright green hopefull eyes... He's always been just this boy; witnessing heartbreak and tragedy, threwout deceitful lies.... He's always been just this boy; struggling to make deep, meaningful human ties... He's always been just this boy; But one day he woke up and realized, He's always had what he needed. To sucessfully and happily, live and die....
grace snoddy Dec 2017
how do you love something back to life?
how do you heal someone who is unrepairable?
what do you rely on? what do you use?
hope is merely but a bandaid on a broken bone.
no amount of love can fix what was already broken.

we were broken from the start;
nothing more and nothing less.
we built our love on a foundation of false hope.
nothing more
and nothing left.
Elena Basophil Sep 2017
For all hopes you chain me up with,
There's no escape.

For having drowned,
Sunk too deep to breathe.

For all hopes are crushed,
By a single past tense.
ryan Aug 2017
i tell myself im feeling better.
no social media
no outside distractions
just me and my mind.

ive made quite a few changes in these seemingly eternal summer months
ive changed my diet
changed my thinking
my sleep schedule
my hobbies and interests
even my wardrobe.

ive made all these changes
ive gotten out of my head (for the most part)
so if ive made all these changes and if im doing all of these new and better things
why do i still feel so low ?

i feel low not as in sad
no sad is too simple, too cliche, too blase
i feel low as in my heart will start to clench and struggle to beat
my breathing gets shallow
my thoughts are dulled and become sullen and narrow
like im on the verge of a never arriving panic attack

so tell me if im filled with no responsibilities no standards to hold myself to
filled with a sense of freedom and "peace" as many would say
how come if you asked me to today
i still couldnt put my so called peace on a scale of 1 to 10 ?
mmmm...i was feeling pretty clear but i think the beast rears it's ugly head once more to get me back where i supposedly belong. someone save me
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