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Zack Ripley Jan 20
Tonight's story doesn't start
With once upon a time
Or take place in an enchanted land.
It doesn't have magic or dragons,
Kings or queens.
It doesn't even feature a grand adventure.
But it's still a great one all the same.
Because, you see, tonight's story is your story
Told by me.
You may not like your story
Because it's always been told
from your point of view.
But that's why I'm telling it.
So when you look in the mirror,
You see something new.
Zack Ripley Jun 2020
"I wish I wasn't so different
from everyone."
"You've got more in common
With people than you think."
"Oh yeah? Like what?"
"Well, once upon a time, we were smaller.
Then, we grew taller. Or rounder.
Maybe more than we'd like, but we all grew stronger."
"Well, I don't feel very strong right now."
"And that's okay. We all fall. Sometimes like a sack of bricks.
Sometimes with the grace of a sunset.
But at some point, we all get up.
And when you're ready to stand, I think you'll find
There's fight left in you yet."
Sia Morweng May 2020
If I'm mannered
By the streets I walk at night
Talking to stars
I'll visit when my heart busts out of my chest and glory is what I breathe
All I know is truth
Am I a fighter then?
Piece from one I'd already written.
Sia Morweng Apr 2020
My turn to scream,
To yell at the top of my lungs
Turned a white colour red
Out of stupidity but that is what youth does
Forget about chasing legends
And follow shallow dreams
In mid thigh tight skin dresses
Remember the shirt stain lipstick

I tell you, when the night is young
At one in the morning
My blood sing with the stars
My skin becomes the sun
I look forward to tomorrow with
blurred memories leading up to it.
See what it is, I can’t have my love yet

With these eyes lined with charcoal
Who’s to say my friends aren’t imaginary
I hear a story starting to form
Remember too, what its like
To smile at death, forget its meaning
How lovely it is to have your ******* firm
Time standing still during the day
Only the night bringing you life, oh I’m there

I hear you wanted to see me
About my age adding up to some years
Not while I can still go a week without sleep, I say
That is my big talent you know
Telling lies about myself
Who’s sob story will I tell next
My turn to shout, I say
To yell at the top of my lungs
I am here with a camera,
About to sell another life, rumbles of youth.
Zack Ripley Apr 2020
Once upon a time,
I was just a lad
with a book in my hand.
It told tales of a faraway land
Nearly lost to the sands.
For 1,001 nights, I wished I could visit
Such a magical place.
But when I grew older,
I realized something.
You should have seen my face
When I realized I never had to wish
I could be there.
I already was there every time I read.
And i'm glad that's a magic so great, it gets to be shared all over the world
I must confess I have never read the book. But Aladdin was in my head while I read a prompt to write about taking a grand adventure
Hope Lee Sep 2019
Once upon a time
That's how fairy tale start right?
All of those happy one's at least.
They all end in happy ever afters.

Life isn't like that
There are never any happy ever afters
Not really
there are just tragedies and horror stories
Like mine.

Once upon a time...
There was a girl
She was happy

Once upon a time...
She was an innocent child

Once upon a time...
She had never lied

Once upon a time...
She was alive

Once upon a time...
She grew up

Once upon a time...
She stopped smiling

Once upon a time...
She started lying

Once upon a time...
She stopped living

There's a reason they say
Once upon a time
And do you want know why
they say that?
It's because you can never go back
I can only be that girl once.
There will be no
Happily ever after
For me.
I've written in anger
And sorted myself out
I've written on drugs
And found new meanings
I've written in sadness
And found that I am beautiful
I've written before bed
And never let my head hit the pillow
I've written about my skin
And no one knows what I am
I've written about what it means to be human
And I still have no answers
I've written while in love
And have had many lovers
I've written in art
And hid the words within the blank spaces
I've written rambles
And each one more absurd then the last
I have written about my adventures
And returned filthy and alive
I've written stolen words from the wise
And spread the knowledge far and wide
I've written to you
And you have read
I've written
And have kept writing.
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