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A N N A Nov 2018
I knew of happiness before I met you
I lost it and I lost myself
You found me
I could not believe
How unhappy I was before
A N N A Nov 2018
I believed in you
You did not disappoint
It took some time
Your soul is finally free
And everything you did
You did for me
A N N A Nov 2018
The emptiness in my heart
The sorrow that filled it
Led me to you
You were not what I needed
Only made the emptiness grow
Filled it with fury
A N N A Nov 2018
Love can be painful
Love can hurt
But our love is true
The truest of them all
No matter what tries to separate us
My heart will find its way back to yours
I will always find my way back to you
A N N A Nov 2018
I was living under a spell
Or so I thought
I was captured
Captured by great evil
Or so I thought
Until I myself became
My own prison of evil thoughts
Once upon a time,
She fell for him
And hasn't gotten up since.
The end.
This piece is for those who fell in love but doesn't have the chance to be loved back.
Once upon a time
There was a perfect relationship
That doesn't exist.
The end...
These piece of mine is may pinaghuhugutan talaga. HAHA!! So yun lang. Share ko lang. Bakit ba? Wag ka nga dito. Lol
Sofia Von Jul 2014
Summer heat summer sweet
With a wealthy nature, rich pheromones erupt
Birds n tha bees escape the trees
Please don't plant your seeds
But throw the leaves
Up n up
To get down and drop
Where the dirt pops
Ken keseys ashes
Edible umbrellas turn rainy days on their head spinning pupils wide void of discontentment
Fairies fly off clouds and stars fall at day
Impossible, feelings are blown in and out of proportion to fit a screen thats too small
Tough love
Tough life
Slick surface don't let me fall off the boat as it rocks
Swisher wraps over the curves
Got me feelin lucky like a charm
Cheef all day got me smellin dank as a Rastafarian Only stoppin to sip my Captain Morgans moonshine
Till we hit the caribbean
Then Jack's got me headin for tides end
Flush the bile outta your system
And spiral out of controls iron hand
**** responsibility, Apathy rules all.

Paper crane ******* get all superficial but yellow bones make my brain go fuzzy in smokey ***
In n out, fast n slow
Nicotine dominates
My senses are lost at Molly
That ***** finger ****** my life
Made me *** every time
This unhealthy relation in action doesn't phase me yet, I'm too young to think that far
I mean
What do you expect?
A Teens crowded perceptions can be judged like a bums intentions.
Peace my brotha
Dandy danny says theres a way out
-side with the rap culture
Shots of rebellion pour through the cracks we each fill
The glass
Is too cracked to be see-through

West coast vibes kick back lax attitude I carry on my shoulders
Forever green is my state
Wash that **** off your lawn ***** *** haters I'll spray paint your ***
Equality's the goal
**** race
**** sexuality
I see soul
Open up
Show me your beat
I'll count bars as we spit elicited slurs drizzled to drops leaving the cops to stop us
Obeyin the brand
MalakF Sep 2018
As a kid,
there's this story I've been told.
It's about the most expensive thing you can buy,
they say it's not something you can hold,
nor something you can see,
how crazy does it seem to bid everything you have for this illusive dream?

Yes, a dream
as some people don't believe that the product is really real,
that there's no guarantee
that such a thing would cease to exist
in a world full of twists.

What is this myth?
What is this so called 'fairy light'?
Is it in hide or in our sight?
Some say you can see it when you close your eyes,
but I guess I'm just one of the many blind.
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