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maureen 6d
how fascinating it is
to read about things that exist
within the vastness of the universe,
where though one looks up to the highest skies,
they cannot be seen by the naked eye;
where its existence would only be known to man
through its discernible temperatures,
unimaginably scorching —

& how dismaying it is
to look down with eyes, unbearably naked
at where the spaces in between our fingers
are filled by one another,
where the existence of two hands, clasped together
is discernible to any man with sight;
but unlike the entities in the galaxies,
there is no warmth at all within.

how amusing it is
to compare us, insignificant beings
to greater things lying within the universe,
to rethink the clear difference
between what is visible, and what can be felt;
a reminder that what once was scorching
could die out in a blink of an eye.

and the world would continue to turn on its axis as if nothing happened.

(how utterly disheartening it is, indeed
to slowly step back and realize
what truly exists, and what only existed
at the speed of light.)
maureen Jul 14
i asked for showers of rain;

one thats possibly enough
to keep the humidity away
and let the plants grow
and calm my ears with its sound
and call rainbows over
and fuel my poetry.

but then,

along with these great things,
the darkness would consume me,
the cold would freeze my bones,
lightning would scare me,
thunder would make me cry.

but it was enough.
it would always be enough for me.
maureen Jun 18
a tangled mess is
what most would call it,
wrapped in a series
of unblossoming madness.

i was blinded by the fact
that i'm letting these roots grow
that i've forgotten to **** out
the thorns of all my sorrow.
maureen Jun 4
her fingers tap on the wooden table
her, with thunder across her face
emotions caught in dire
eyebrows etched together

impatience. every glum beat of her heart
translate into her fingertips.
i feel sorry. tightness wraps around
my neck. eyes search for answers.
there were none in plain sight.

tap. tap. tap.

then silence.

then she left without a word.
maureen May 24
my bones are tired
all energy stripped away.
my love, you're my rest.
maureen May 22
i like to gaze upon the night sky
with heart in my hands,
& question the universe
as to why it has placed us
many galaxies apart.

yet, the lights from above me,
once static and motionless;
they glow into a flurry.
they explode into utter magnificence.
though it was a delightful sight,
it was a loss for milky way.
it had never been the same.

by then, i am reminded that
planets keep their distance, too.
we were bound for collision;
and if we aimed to unite as one—
all that's to be expected
is inevitable nothingness.

this distance is good,
i suppose now that it is true.
the universe wouldn't want
two less lovely planets.
maureen May 17
what if my fate lies
on a silver surface?
my plans and doubts
all thrown into a furnace.
be still and figure out
what your heart yearns for

flip the silver coin,
then flip it once more.
(he said, 'what better way to make important life decisions.')
maureen May 15
i constantly find myself stuck—
as both in an never-ending loop,
a maze with no destination,
and boxed in a cramped up room.

yet, all i needed was to lift my voice
to call out for your name—
and you never failed me;
you would come running to open my windows
and allow me to respire
with no such hesitation.

inside this box of solitude
that i have enclosed myself within—
you are a breath of fresh air
on which i can depend
whenever i am in dire need of oxygen.
maureen May 2
you came to my life at the perfect time —
amidst the breaking of the deepest dawn;
where the moon is at it's peak
whispering dreary tunes
to me, whose heart is aching

at the time where the clouds from above my head
are daunting, heavy and of gray,
refusing to let a single ray of sunshine in
refusing to share its warmth.

amidst the deepest dawn
and the howling of the moon
melancholia would envelop me
dark clouds would be of gloom

it is unexpected, you see,
how you came to be
what could pull me out
of the smothering mist of dawn;
& into the morning you brought me,
mended my aches, and
shared all of your warmth

while the moon it howled
it's dreary tunes
you sang words of honey into my other ear;
the dark clouds that hover lowly, still
disappear upon your presence.

like the way clouds part
in a january afternoon,
you let the sunshine in at the perfect time—
my love, you helped me grow once more;

my dawns now turn to daytime.
maureen Apr 23
you seem like a complete stranger
when i find you at your most vulnerable
it's like i'm looking through eyes
dark, vast, unending,
that everything that's far behind your eyelids
seems so distant

when you're at your worst
and i'm struggling to find
the sense of familiarity;
my footsteps become cautious
every movement becomes uneasy
i would hold you with shaking hands

but i wouldn't mind
i would be here
and keep you close
and tell you to breathe
and offer myself to be your anchor
feel my heart against yours,

for even the stars themselves collapse sometimes.
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