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unknown 13h
You always wanted to be treated like a queen, like a princess.
Be in a kingdom of love, faith, hope, care, respect, and honesty.
Acting as if your life was filled with fairytales, filled with possibilities.
Drowning with the thoughts of battling with once upon a time and happy ending.

You once painted him as your knight in shinning armor.
Described him as your light in a place that's filled with darkness.
You wrote everything perfectly, but on what reason? What purpose?
Were you just overwhelmed by fulfilling the thought of being with him?

Two different paths to take, one choice to make.
One choice to make.
One path to take.
And without hesitation you choose him, over and over again.

Little by little you started to wonder,
What was really the purpose of doing this? Of being with the knight that shined light?
Was the light made everything clear? Or did it just blinded you?
Still you've got no answer, you're lost in your imaginations.

Your knight in shinning armor? Did he really saved you?
Your light in the darkness? Did you really see everything?
The path you took? Was it really the right path?
You should be saying yes, but why are you gloating?

Didn't you want this? Didn't you prayed for this?
Didn't you waited for this? Didn't you work hard for this?
The story you created for how many years just to make your life magical,
Yet you're stuck in your own fairytale that has no spark anymore.
Sharon Thomas Jun 2021
Write me a letter;
About all the things that haunt you.

Write me a letter;
About the adventures you have.

Write me a letter,
About the imaginations;
That you've created all so perfectly,
In that mind of yours, so fearlessly.

But most of all,

Write me a letter,
Telling me why you'd choose me,
To spend an eternity.
With love that you give out
So carelessly.
VKBoy Sep 2020
Every life exists
To live and multiply.
Every note exists
To compose marvelous melodies.
Imagination exists
To see the worlds that cannot be seen.
Emotions exist
To express in languages that cannot be spoken.
Death, too, exists
To let the living taste the pain of losing.
All things exist for a reason
To make every mother’s son as they’re now.
So fret not, folks
For no one is an exception
To the wonders and woes of this world
Set in motion by the biggest yet gentlest hand of all.
By: Yohann Rosenthal, Shambala Sect
dabble Feb 2019
What was warm that night
Was not the fire but his touch
What was bright that night
Was not the starlight but his face
What was deep that night
Was not the ocean but his eyes
What was sweet that night
Was not only berry but his words...
Not our first touch but still new
Not out first hangout but still fun
What was new that night
Was not the location but our love
He gave me all I wanted...
He was my Edward who will wait thousand years...
He was my prince charming even if he knew I ain't Cinderella..
Loved me dawn to dusk and
he held my hand
Coming close to me
Only one thing I felt
What? .........
'hey wake up... It's late already'
A voice of my mom
Water in my face....
The story of my life....
Water dried but he still stayed...
My imaginary boyfriend
Well... Imagination- a beautiful gift to experience everything
Dee Sep 2018
It burns doesn't it
When you struggle to see
Even in broad daylight

That's what it felt like

A burning sensation in my eyes

Although I couldn't quite capture the figure
I knew danger was in the air

I did what I deemed fit
I took my last breath

And swallowed my death potion

For I was only trying to escape

The figure in my imaginations.
Kee Sep 2017
I'm scared of the future
And how I'll be
Filled with anxiety
Will I have a handle on my life
Or will the wheels fall off?
And I'm left to die
Will my feelings for change
Do they remain?
Does love exists in my dictionary
Or is it replaced with hate?
Do I see clearly?
Or is it all a blur?
Do my friends stick by me?
Do I sit in the house alone?
Do I grow old and forget my nae?
Or does the noose come to claim me?
Am I happy or sad?
Do I have kids?
Am I lost in my imaginations
Or living them instead?
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