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I am a poet,
or I like to call myself one.
My heartaches and heartbreaks give life to empty pages;
I rarely compose from glorious days.
I’m inspired by the world, by people around me
but mostly by my pain.
I consider myself an introvert
for you will rarely hear me speak,
but on the other hand, I have much to say
just not with my lips
but with a pen.
I hide behind ink and paper
ready to write my feelings away.

I am the poetry that I write.
Kimiko Jan 24
Bakit kaya ganun...
Nasasaktan ako kahit hindi dapat

Gusto ko umiyak...
Ngunit pawanag naubos na ang mga luha

Hahakbang pasulong...
Subalit tatlong tapak paurong

Pipiliting ayusin ang lahat...
Pero pawang gumuguho at mas gumugulo lang

Don't i deserve better...
Don't i deserve to be loved..
Don't i deserve to be happy without ever being afraid of failing again..
I didn't t know that the most painful heartaches are those without tears.
Erika Oct 2020
I loved you for who you are
In times of trouble is there
Ready to fight in gray
For my lover's lair

Sacrifice my happiness
For me not to see your sadness
I love you but what happened?
You fool me your maiden

I thought you will be my knight
With the darkest of night
With those beautiful sight
You leave me alone in the fight

I was betrayed
By you, the lover of mine
Until then, I was never fine
You choose her, I was done

In this battle I lost you
You found someone new
In the castle we build
Tonight I'm alone with no shield

I hope you're happy now
For leaving me behind
For the ties unwind
River of tears in my mind.
For all who experienced some messy break ups and betrayals
Nylee Oct 2020
I see, breathe and
feel my heart
breaking a thousand times a day
I keep silence all through the day, the night
but when I go to sleep on my bed,
I remember each broken piece
like a still fresh bleed
Depriving me from night's peace
this is my sleep disease
All these heartaches control my night dreams
They won't cease till I cease.
min Jul 2020
heartaches hurt the most —
as if breathing takes
a lot of courage
and playing guitar
isn’t about the riffs anymore.
it’s as if tears
could choke you in pain
and every so often
they heavily pour.
usually, heartaches
could only be felt
in a sob or two;
but now heartaches are
random nights that
keep on haunting you.
i bleed more at night.
annh May 2020
Buttered parcels filled,
With rose hips and cinnamon;
Heartache’s antidote.

‘Only the pan knows
how the boiling soup feels.’
- Laura Esquivel, Like Water for Chocolate
july hearne May 2020
unboard the windows
there is an expensive moment to come
when you finally figure out
the undoable has been done  

never fleeting, never free  
pay and pay but never repay

hope he was more than your hedberg ******
leading you on to childless and spinster

going going gone
all along you got it so wrong

dystopia ringing your doorbell daily
another package from amazon
****** censorship for all
aren't we all our own black swan

"oooh sadness
i have no more use for you"

sad trumpet of a lifetime
a state of standstill is a state of decline
agatha Dec 2019
I've no plans to write tonight
but the sound of your voice lingers
at the back of my mind—

quiet, shy, baritone
like I have never imagined.

A humid day, the sky's tears fall
in little, thin drops
and there you were—

know that I try
to be as honest as possible, but

You didn't look perfect at all.
your eyes were tired, hair slightly tousled—
were you sleeping in class?

That thought makes me chuckle—
you looked like a child in confusion.

You didn't look perfect at all.
maybe it's because Helios wasn't
caressing your face.

For now, we make do with sunlight
peeking through clouds of gray.

Have I mentioned
you look good in blue?
Maybe I will soon.

Later when my heart is still
and I can admit you make my soul ache.

But for now, I wait and wait
and honestly, darling,
I wouldn't mind waiting—

for you.

—2:12AM, 3 13
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