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Kai Schultz Dec 2018
He loved with his whole heart.
He loved with what he had.
He gave what he could.
He gave her worlds to choose from.
He hurt her in ways nobody noticed.
He threw things and slammed doors.
He left a lot during the night.
Yet she still loved him.
He's dead.
Michael Joseph Nov 2018
Hapon tayo unang nagkita at pareho tayong nag-iisa
dinadamdam mo ang lamig ng kahapon, ang paglisan
minamasdan ko sa layo ng araw ang iyong halina

Mahirap mag-intay sa ilap ng mga sulyap,
tanglaw sa tuwing naghahanap-kayakap
sa mapangakit na halina ng mga ngiti sa labing
malabong magdikit kahit sa pangarap

Sana’y sapat na ang mga awit
ng mga tulang binigkas sa hangin,
nagbabakasakaling maipadama ang lalim
at tugma ng pag-ibig na nilihim

Sa gabi, mag-isa na naman at dama ang lamig
yakap ang unan, hawak ang kumot
nag-iilusyong kasama ka

Sana’y maulit muli ang sumpa
sana’y walang takot sa halina
‘pagkat sanay na tayo sa lamig ng gabi
alam na natin ang ingay o init
at takot na tayong mabighani

Sa umaga, mag-isa na naman at dama ang init
masaya na sa halik ng kape sa labi
nag-iilusyong kasama ka.

Hapon tayo unang nagkita at pareho tayong nag-iisa
dinamdam mo ang lamig ng kahapong kaysakit
ninamnam ko ang tamis ng kalayaan sa pasakit

sana’y tanghali nalang tayo nagkapiling
sana’y di pa sanay o manhid sa pag-ibig.

Michael Joseph Aguilar Tapit
Lauren Pascual Oct 2018
if i were you
i wouldn't fall for a poet
they may be good at making you feel overwhelmed
they can make you fall through their actions
but they'll make you fall even harder with their words

falling for a poet is quite easy
they say,
they're gonna be spending a whole day
pouring their heart out
while tapping their pens rhythmically
with trembling hands
as they write about
your date nights,
movie marathons
and play fights
it will all be written on a piece of paper

i am a poet
i can make you experience life
in comparison to a rollercoaster ride
through poetry
i'm a woman of many emotions
you'll sometimes get confused
about how my brain ticks
i'll write about
the car rides under the stars
and under the city lights
i'll give you the sun,
the moon,
the universe
name it

i'd offer a blank page
and every stanzas
only for you
word per word
line per line
will be spoken with emotion

in photography
every moment was being captured
by the photographer
as well as in poetry
your actions towards a poet
could mean a lot
you'll be surprised
i write
even the heartaches
you have caused
so i wouldn't forget
the pain you inflicted
but i'd still thank you, eventually
for it wasn't for you,
i wouldn't be able to write this
Atomika Sep 2018
Today I got a heartache, it wasn't so bad
I told her my feelings but she just look back
It ain't even that hurtful, it ain't even sad
I just got to work out some things that I lack

Today I got a heartache, twice I think too.
Crushes aren't my strong spot. But I know what they meant
When they said no, I smirked and just say thank you
For their honesty and for my further development

Today I got a heartache, it stings now I know
I was hurting a lot and in progress, I reap what I sow
Doubts start to drown and I begin to fall
Should I keep on going or should I just stall.

Today I got a heartache, it was subtle and clean
But the girl is not bad, she was not mean
She said I am sorry and things will be just fine
I don't know if that's true. down the line

My head suddenly fell down, and I start to frown
How can I turn this around, I know that I should not be a clown

Today I got a heartache, a devastating one for sure
I was really rooting for myself, I got myself to endure
All those efforts and all those what I make
But she suddenly have someone now, and that I can't take

Today I got a heartache, it seems so repeating
When I try to change myself, I just keep on believing
But again it fell flat and all went bad
Will this continue while I am being sad?

Today I got a heartache, it's dreary and frustrating
I should get over it, I should just say it's okay
But the feeling is gone and I am in dismay
From staking everything, now I feel nothing

Today... I got a heartache, and I broke my own promise
It seems it always happens, like a cycle that keeps repeating
The feeling of affection I long, and that is now I miss
Please help me remember what is love and what should I believe in

But the cycle continues until someone saves me
Yup, this is just normal for me. I always get heartaches for the ******* I am.
Wishful thoughts float inside a pretty melody
Sullen voices pour the silky wine for me
This darken red fills me
And your absence will drown me

The stool in which I sit
Has a deep impression
As if my *** were made for it
The feel of my glass is wet
As my breast is set
heaving with regret

Have you ever felt my sorrow?
Has someone ever broken what was borrowed?
Holding clutching then crushing
A delicate flower

This hollow withers still
No matter how much wine I fill
No matter how many tears are spilt
No matter really, if time can heal

Because agian this feel will rise
Above the sunny beauty of life
Its burrowed in deep
Depriving of sleep
Holding and clutching then claiming
My keep

If I see you again, with hope in your face
If we pass by, the same little place
Please remember our laughs and forget the mistakes
For my hallowling heart needs
to mend from its breaks
Heartbreaks, cut deep
When I enter the world of love
A lot of powers I'm able to have,
A kind of power that can make you smile
Powers I learned just to make you mine.

In love I learned how to be strong
I don't care if it's heavy, just bring it on.
Give me your books, bag, everything you carry,
I will hold it all, if you will just let me,

In love I learned how to be fast
I’m always ready to run in the dust.
If you said move, it follows my action.
If you said now, I go without hesitation.

In love I learned how to be brave
I can walk alone even in the darkest cave.
I’m always ready to face my fear,
I'll stand like a man for you my dear.

But I’ve been granted not only positive powers
Cause like now I’m voiceless than flowers.
I'm here, just right in front of you,
But why can't you see everything that I do?

I'm powerful but still powerless,
Done everything but still nothing like a mess.
Whenever I come, you always go away,
I wish to have a power that will make you stay.

I'd rather be an air than being like this,
It can be felt, but me can't even notice.
I'm not invisible for you not to see,
I want to know why you keep on ignoring me?

I hate this power, it hurts me a lot,
All I want is to be better than that,
I am "unsensible" and it is really hard to be.
Because you have the power to break inside me.
Kiara Alcazar Mar 2018
it's good to not have feelings sometimes
dodging bullets left and right
avoiding heartaches and tears
it's good to have feelings sometimes
getting a warm feeling
for no apparent reason
embracing the light and love
surrounding you

but what if you feel nothing?
what is there to dodge?
what is there to embrace?
how can you just fall into the darkness,
and feeling absolutely nothing?
maria Jan 2018
My heart is breaking,
But at the same it's not
I'm so confuse on what's happening
I wish I should've known this would come.

I didn't notice the glances you made
Maybe I was too busy daydreaming to see.
The poems you've created,
Suprisingly were all for me.

It's sad to know we could've had something
But none of us made a move
And it breaks my heart
That I'm the only one who remained in love with you.
i wrote a story in summary
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