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We're not classmates anymore,
But schoolmates.
I have always wondered if I'll have feelings for someone new who is my classmate,
Since we won't always see each other at this rate.
I have this classmate that could be a good candidate,
Tall, cute and fair.
I asked myself, "could this be it?"
But I didn't have any feelings yet.
Dismissal, it was eight past three,
I saw you sitting near the gate.
I got nervous, is this fate?
You looked at me, pointed and smiled.
I missed that, isn't this great?
It felt like you answered my question ealier.
Looks like you'll still be stuck here in my heart and no one else,
But we'll see.
The new classmate was really tall, I thought he isn't that bad but when I went outside I saw my bunnyyy and gosh. My heart.
Naveen Tiwari Nov 2018
There was this girl.

Everytime she took his name,
his heart skipped a beat.
His eyes glittered,
And a wave felt on his feet.

When their eyes met,
Everything else got covered by a mist.
He looked deep into those black eyes,
with his heart In his fist.

Her voice so sweet,
It sounded like a melody.
Lost in that sound,
He was deaf to everybody.

But then one day,  she left.

He did not know where she went
Or when she will return.
That day he lost his girl,
And now his heart burn.

He searched for her everywhere.
But she was not there.
Everytime he heard her voice
He wondered, if going away was her own choice?

He decided to let her go,
Even though now his world was slow.
She will forever be missed,
But he was happy if this was what she wished

He could not be her lover,
But he had her memories.
He did not feel her lips,
But she fulfilled his lifetime of fantasies
Rose Everest Nov 2018
He is sweet,
Like the cotton candy I bought last Thursday.
He would ask me to play games in our phones for hours,
and whenever he win or lose he would keep count each and every day we played.

He is warm,
Like one big blanket on a rainy day,
He called me at 01:00 A.M just to remind me to study for our upcoming test at school.

I love him,
as much as I love the people in my past,
He would take me home and said he was scared of the cemetery infront of my house,
and he asked me to stay for a little while so he could have some company that night.

and today he scold me because I didn't eat yeasterday,
it was kind of weird,
but strangely... I love it
crushes after crushes,
and none of them will stay
patrick Mar 2018
Para kang bituwin na mahirap abutin
na sa tingin ko na kahit kailan hindi ka mapapasaakin
ikaw kasi yung tipo na babae na dapat minimithi
nung una kitang makita para akong nasa fairytale
huminto yung oras at sayo lang nakatingin
at yung puso ko tumibok ng napakabilis
wala ng preno preno at yung araw na yun alam kong mahal na kita
patrick Feb 2018
nung una kitang makita ako ay natulala
bawat minutong lumilipas  pinapanalangin ko na sanay hindi ka mawala
mala anghel ang iyong kagandahan
ang iyong labi ay mala kulay rosas
ang iyong ngiti ay walang katumbas

bawat sa pag tulog ko ika'y laging naiisip
bawat minuto pangalan mo'y aking nasasambit
napaibig ako sayo nung una palang
minahal kita ng hindi mo nalalaman

Langit ka at lupa man ako
pinag tagpo pero hindi tinadhana
Iniirog mo'y iba sana maging kayo na nga
handa akong masaktan basta sumaya kalang sa feeling niya .
seluring Aug 2017
i thought it's gone,
i thought it's done,
but my love for you,
grows in every little thing you do.

i know you'll ruin my world,
yet i faced it being so bold,
the love i had for you have a little bit of hate,
hate for making me fall so hard, my classmate.
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Jame Mar 2017
You noticed me today,
I hope you notice me every day for the rest of the week, for the rest of the month, for the rest of the year

You said my name today,
It was like a song, it was music to my ears and it became my favorite
A song was stuck in my head, on repeat

You talked to me today,
I can't help but clinch my hand every time you express every word with a smile and just makes me want to listen to you all day long

We held hands today,
I felt every rush inside my veins
And a combination of all hearts of hearts as one

Although, at the same rush, i felt every single emotion of anyone could have
I felt happy
I felt confused
I felt happy, mostly confused
I felt happy and a little bit more happy
Until i felt nothing, nothing but confused

Your hand interlocked with mine felt like home
It was warm, gentle and fragile
A home should be taken good care of;
I can run home to you every day for the rest of my life
But it wasn't my home
It wasn't a home for me -
There's no running to because there never was a home

I stand between being confused and happy
Of letting myself go or setting you free
You said you loved me today,
I stand with a pause and you added a phrase, you said
"But leaving her isn't easy"
Mikayla Smith Feb 2017
It has always amazed me how
No one knows the time
They’re supposed
To go.

They only saunter and
Roam like they
Always have―hoping
That there will be
One more day
They’ll get to do
The things they wanted
To do yesterday.

Not everyone has the pleasure
Of living before fading
Into another
Soul in the sky,
They only exist before
Life call’s them by their
Name and takes them
By the hand.

Only, what will they do
If they earn their
Angel wings too
In honor of a classmate of mine who died in October.
Keren Jun 2016
she entered the room
picked a seat at the back
she put her earphones on
lay her head on the desk.
"i am nobody
and nobody notices me.
why am i even staying here?"
she closed her eyes.

someone entered the room
picked a seat beside her.
she poked her.
she lifted her head with poker face.
"hi, Im Keren"
she gave a smile.

"maybe I should keep this someone"
she whispers at the back of her mind.
Hahaha. Idk. Hi
Äŧül Jan 2016
My classmate from high-school,
Roll number 57 - Mohit Kamboj,
Is the coolest & the most freaky.

I have not seen anyone as awesome,
In their give & take with the teacher,
He made the class laugh effortlessly!
I was in Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School), Karnal for my high school years and it was here that I made friends with some unforgettable people.

I miss each one of them.

My HP Poem #957
©Atul Kaushal
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