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[14:33, 19-11-2020] did i just get my *** hurt over someone who doesn't like me? yes. yes i did
[14:56, 19-11-2020] we sat together in geography (and every other class. it's basically a rule that me, him and my best sit together every lesson) and we touched arms the whole lesson
[14:56, 19-11-2020] and we kept touching feet in math yk
[14:57, 19-11-2020] i could feel it but i couldnt look up because i was dissociating
[14:57, 19-11-2020] like they touched but we didnt move
[14:57, 19-11-2020] and i nearly sat on his lap in the break
[14:57, 19-11-2020] so anyways i crave affection and he makes me feel so genuinely happy it's disgusting
[14:58, 19-11-2020] but when he walked out of the school he just looked at me and left without saying anything or waving or sum yknow
[14:59, 19-11-2020] and like that's okay, we aren't dating or anything, but it seemed out of place
[14:59, 19-11-2020] at least today
[14:59, 19-11-2020] and he's in a different classroom in the test week so i won't see him anymore til the 30th
[14:59, 19-11-2020] that's 11 days and it makes me sad
[15:00, 19-11-2020] i might see him but i don't think so
[15:01, 19-11-2020] i feel so disgusting like why do I have to fall in love and why now with him it's terrible ****
[15:01, 19-11-2020] : i can't go a week without drama in my emotions
A poem every day

my name's leaf.
Under the table in math class
I feel your foot touching mine
And for the first time in a long while
I can say for 45 minutes, that I'm fine
It's times like these that make me better
Like when I'm nearly lying on your lap in the break
I know I love you, so I'll miss you
If you would run away, I hope it's me you'd take
A poem every day

He's more of a must than a want right now. I need him with me
Julia Shaw Oct 2020
Once I had an undesirable roommate
I was in college at the time
I was assigned to a girl not so great
She did things I considered crimes

I thought if I don’t get some relief
I will lose what is left of my mind
My stay at this college will be brief
How can I leave my troubles behind

I walked down the hall of my dorm
Feeling very sad and forlorn
Then suddenly I had a brainstorm
That would heal all the hurt I had born

Quickly I slipped into another room
I met a girl I had long admired
Holding my breath, did I dare presume
She was working quietly and seemed inspired

I didn’t know if she knew who I was
If she would even listen to my request
I told her the problem that had caused
My world to be so greatly upset

She seemed not a bit surprised at all
For in a dorm rumors fly like the wind
She smiled at me and my southern drawl
Would you like to join me and move right in

Her words were like a balm to my soul
I quickly moved my possessions in before
My old roommate could return and stroll
In to make a drama scene that I abhor
That was my college freshman year
I remember many friends and good times
But the best decision I made was clear
Moving in with Jean Shuey was prime

She was smart and always a lady so fine
Five years older with some gray in her hair
I was an extrovert and spoke my mind
Together we made the ideal pair

All that year she gave me much pleasure
Studying and talking late into the night
I always thought of her as my treasure
Without her I would have been in a plight

Time has its way of rushing on
After college we lost contact
I saw her a few times over days gone
But I failed to call or keep track

Today I decided to contact her again
Soon I found her address and phone
I wondered if her would still be my friend
Or would rather just be left alone

We talked for hours of good times and bad
So much to catch up on after thirty years
We both had lost our dear mom and dad
But we said good-bye without any tears

We planned to email each other often
And meet at a restaurant for a meal
I hope we never again let years soften
Our love and admiration, time will not steal
I wrote this poem a few weeks ago about my roommate during my freshman year away.   She now lives about 30 miles from me and we plan to get together again after about 40 years. She was very special to me.
toleomato Aug 2020
My classmate died
In a hit


I scour the local obituaries,
And yet I cannot find his name.
Though I knew little of him,
I have little reason to forget him.
Perhaps, if I grow older
I will stand at his grave
And somberly ponder
At that epitaph of squandered youth.
moon man Feb 2020
She looks on into the clock, wondering when the bell would signal her release from boredom. She finds herself playing with the hoodie of a classmate, hoping he'd focus on her to have someone keep her mind from the mundane atmosphere of the classroom. She always loved messing with his hoodie during class because his reactions were always funny. She tosses the piece of clothing from one hand to the other when She comes to realize the patient nature of the classmate and thanks him for not leaving her in a world of loneliness and apologizes for having to put up with her.
I have a friend in class that sits behind me and she always liked to mess with my hoodie whenever the class would bore her, one day she apologized about having to put up with her. I never really minded when she played with it.
We're not classmates anymore,
But schoolmates.
I have always wondered if I'll have feelings for someone new who is my classmate,
Since we won't always see each other at this rate.
I have this classmate that could be a good candidate,
Tall, cute and fair.
I asked myself, "could this be it?"
But I didn't have any feelings yet.
Dismissal, it was eight past three,
I saw you sitting near the gate.
I got nervous, is this fate?
You looked at me, pointed and smiled.
I missed that, isn't this great?
It felt like you answered my question ealier.
Looks like you'll still be stuck here in my heart and no one else,
But we'll see.
The new classmate was really tall, I thought he isn't that bad but when I went outside I saw my bunnyyy and gosh. My heart.
Naveen Tiwari Nov 2018
There was this girl.

Everytime she took his name,
his heart skipped a beat.
His eyes glittered,
And a wave felt on his feet.

When their eyes met,
Everything else got covered by a mist.
He looked deep into those black eyes,
with his heart In his fist.

Her voice so sweet,
It sounded like a melody.
Lost in that sound,
He was deaf to everybody.

But then one day,  she left.

He did not know where she went
Or when she will return.
That day he lost his girl,
And now his heart burn.

He searched for her everywhere.
But she was not there.
Everytime he heard her voice
He wondered, if going away was her own choice?

He decided to let her go,
Even though now his world was slow.
She will forever be missed,
But he was happy if this was what she wished

He could not be her lover,
But he had her memories.
He did not feel her lips,
But she fulfilled his lifetime of fantasies
Rose Everest Nov 2018
He is sweet,
Like the cotton candy I bought last Thursday.
He would ask me to play games in our phones for hours,
and whenever he win or lose he would keep count each and every day we played.

He is warm,
Like one big blanket on a rainy day,
He called me at 01:00 A.M just to remind me to study for our upcoming test at school.

I love him,
as much as I love the people in my past,
He would take me home and said he was scared of the cemetery infront of my house,
and he asked me to stay for a little while so he could have some company that night.

and today he scold me because I didn't eat yeasterday,
it was kind of weird,
but strangely... I love it
crushes after crushes,
and none of them will stay
patrick Mar 2018
Para kang bituwin na mahirap abutin
na sa tingin ko na kahit kailan hindi ka mapapasaakin
ikaw kasi yung tipo na babae na dapat minimithi
nung una kitang makita para akong nasa fairytale
huminto yung oras at sayo lang nakatingin
at yung puso ko tumibok ng napakabilis
wala ng preno preno at yung araw na yun alam kong mahal na kita
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