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Zane Smith Nov 2020
the way you held her tight
the way you called her babe
they way I liked her
the way I felt the love
you have for one another.
It still hurts
even though I wish
more than anything
to not let you
in my heart
Like that.

I know you're holding her
right now.
The way you did with me for those two weeks.
The way you have with her for two years.
Eva Apr 2019

We disconnect when you allow the interception.

Behind these ****-ups and drunken nights,

There's a common lesson.

We search endlessly for the purpose

But you walk away when the confusion makes you nervous.

You + me, we're the result of an iphone with no service.

No purpose,

Aside from the games.
Lieke Mar 2019
i want you to leave

                                                                      hold me tight

don't enter my life again

                                                                     and never let me go

run away from me

                                                                      pull me into you

don't you dare look back

                                                                      and kiss me forever

find someone new

                                                                      be mine forever

and start a new life

                                                                      never leave me alone

be happy

                                                                      be happy

without me.

                                                                      with me.
me wondering if this guy would want to be with me if he knew the real me.
Al-ameen Asmad Apr 2018
I am tired.
So tired of trying.
Yet, I don't have a choice,
Unless if I am dying.

Bloodshot eyes,
Overused mind.
Chapped lips,
I am one of a kind.

Is failure an option?
If yes, then why so?
I just can't seem to escape,
I got nowhere to go.
Failure leads to depression
Akash mazumdar Nov 2017
Oh yes you don't belong to her and surely you never did,
I know there is a struggle doin it but you've to accept it,
Don't fall for seconds of  heavenly hallucinations,
You'll hit hard afterwards these potions ,
You know already that she got her man,
You're not the one why don't you understand,
Okay, there were of holding hands or intense scenes,
Just pretend they were just uneven chilled breeze,
Forget about them and just move on,
You know there is no reason goin through this storm,
Just get over it you know this way got wild turns and animals too,
Just stop right here because its not your way niether she belongs to you.
unknown Oct 2017
it gets blurry, it gets wavy,
sometimes things really gets crazy,
tears flow as the rain does,
don’t let everything have rust.

it gets blurry, it gets tough,
some things aren’t really enough,
turn of events may happen as the tape roll,
but don’t let everything fall.

blurred love may be complicated as it seems,
but complication is what love screams,
a love without complication is already dead,
like a body who doesn’t have a blood anymore to bled.
ig: seluriing
twt: seluring
fb: seluring
follow meeeeee!
Suzy Hazelwood Oct 2016
She has nothing to say
not one simple word
to explain
how she arrived
at this complication
the curtain rolls aside
The stage sets
The lights flicker on
Everybody is waiting.
And suddenly
it begins
The fake facade
The fake tears that cascade
This entire thing is an act
Nothing but predators in the night.
And though everyone wants to fight
Things just get too **** tight.
We want to be exposed to the light
But the play begins to take flight
And stunts are executed at devestating heights

This play
The theatre is all an act.
The metaphorical phrase for life.
And ****** at best
The masquerade of faults
The sins
The lies
Beginning to become more of a circus.
And as this blood runs red
This...act runs dark.
The curtains still pried open
Set on the openess of a prairie.
These people.
The ones who lead us on
The never ending Mirage.
Until this act is exposed
The audience shall be snatched into grievience.
The fakes strut around us.
They show the underside quickly.
The ugly scene
That proved to be the ******.
The jaw dropping ****-canned conclusion.
But imagine the actors
Exposed and afraid.
Alone without makeup and masks.
Turning until someone asks
where the ***** the director?
Abandonment from the puppeteer himself
Waiting for everyone *else
Show themselves
For who they really are.
A complicated way of conveying a simple message: Dont be fake.
Its not very good though, but im trying. Sorry guys
Life's a Beach Jan 2016
It's taken me a while to realise
But simple doesn't always mean happy
Back then was simple,
We were simple.
Two in love
The other two in lust
It was nothing to make a fuss about
But we were simple
Because the rest of my life was complex
You were my escape route
And together we made a distraction
Just big enough to stop a ****
And together we helped to map out
My naked body
Which, before you, I didn't think anybody could want.
You made a tangled mind feel

And now that part of me is complex
I've lost that group
That laughter
That lightness
But, what I have now,
Who I have now,
What it's made me
I wouldn't switch it for the world.
That choice is simple.
Nightingale74 Jan 2016
"I love you."
I love you like a sister,
I love you like a brother,
I love you like a friend,
I love you like a lover.

One word with countless meanings.
In my life I have loved many.
And in return,
I have been loved by many.
And yet, there is still so much I have to learn
About the art of loving.

A word defined in many different ways.
Is it possible for love to bloom,
Even in the absence of physical touch?
Can it grow and flourish,
Despite the forces
Trying to destroy it?

A timeless idea that has withstood the ages.
Can young hearts understand what it means
To share your love with another?
They say you're too young to know what love is.
But I beg to differ.
After all, it is MY heart we're talking about.

Is love really so complicated?
When my heart said "I love you,"
Why wouldn't my lips form the words?
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