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4d · 32
A swelling mass of emotions welling up from the core
Indistinct Unclear and Confusing
Fire meets Ice and it's Fusing
Truly Infernal but as paradise posing
Find the light the door is closing
Find yourself you're close to losing
Finding yourself is cutting and bruising
Missing it all is not worth choosing

Fire spinning spider I dance between the weeves
Ice inside my heart its pours out when I breath
Earth I taste when a thousand thoughts fall like leaves
Air when I'm all I'm in awe I believe.

Living gives time for forgiveness
Each day a struggle each day a blessing
You can't keep giving you can't keep stressing
While you find you don't think of relenting.
Nov 8 · 106
The crow beating at my window breathed a breath of life,
But the darkness at my door I'd adore before I became the night,
I was choking. Suffocating. Bedeviled in the chasm.

If I could simply tell myself to stay strong,
If only I could say I belong then maybe I wouldn't feel so wrong,
Maybe I wouldn't have cuddled destruction like a bomb,
But here is now and these thoughts must move on.

I love who I am and you will never change that,
I accept who you are and I won't change that,
But when I was lost I would've done anything to change that,
Discovered myself from my ashes now I'm content I became that.

Bless me, Because I really bless me,
Even the bowels of despair can't digest me,
So if in this I stuttered then respect me,
While I'm making this pain clear will you reject me?
Oct 28 · 54
In the night
Harry Roberts Oct 28
In the night your feelings weigh you down
Thoughts scream a banshees wail
Heart pulsing like a rabbit now
Can't console or calm down
Suffocating in myself
Aura dyed itself pale.

Falling down can be a sail
But the boat dips down don't fool yourself
The rush in your ears makes it hard to hear
The worry from ones to which you hold yourself dear
Descending to hell while you feel yourself sear.

I cuddle infernos so to the heat I feel near
I muddle my mind so fog can seem clear
I settle for nothing while the world is set on fire
I bottle my ire while the breath of death respires.
In the night
Sep 26 · 57
Some People
Harry Roberts Sep 26
Some people outgrow growth and embrace decay
The love they had once is now all but flayed
So a veneer of ice is all that's displayed
It's hard to heal when one is betrayed.

Some people take and destroy what they want
When their cold it's not their accountability that haunts
It's their hatred of others how self imposed abandonment taunts
It's a regime of hedonism that leaves a soul gaunt.

Some people can heal and reveal that living is choosing
That to get up and live is beautiful even when losing
It's a battle in a war and the essence of life is bruising
That the beauty is in the battle is the reason life is confusing.
Sep 26 · 77
Harry Roberts Sep 26
I would hold my grudges like I kept my secrets,
I would smile while dying just to pretend,
That I was okay and above it I could ascend,
I thought the weight was too heavy for me to contend.

I would wallow in despair and swallow hateful tears,
I learned that secrets are like cancers metastasising through humanity,
Hatred is a product of imbalanced duality,
And if we are to move forward we must outgrow insanity.
Sep 26 · 76
Any day
Harry Roberts Sep 26
Any day, any way, if we change we can't remain,
Change it all, tear it down, now the fires do surround,
Chuck it in, feel it burn, see it brighten watch it dim,
Any day, any way, let things change we cannot stay.

A changing cycle and an eternal dance,
We're caught between both in a cosmic dalliance,
A fertile promise procured by chance,
But only obtained if they contain vallience
Sep 25 · 172
Harry Roberts Sep 25
A fog so thick that all is engulfed in it
It spreads and grows then it disperses and rises
Within this shroud this faery camouflage.

For a second or a swirling minute
Fairies dance with none to limit
Nature burns no shadows dim it.

Then towards the skies and burrowed in the ground
This essence is released to return to fertile mounds
And when each condition meets then in the fog the fae are abound.
Aug 10 · 113
Harry Roberts Aug 10
Pride is an act of defiance,
Those who have it now - had it not - when they were younger.

The world taught you to shame but butterflies can't be tamed.
People sought to torture us, conversion camps, there more than this,
But if I air the weight of it - people say there is progress - but people do not process - the world is bigger than a microcosm - people still **** us to make flowers blossom.

Pride is an act of defiance, from the first stone that flew to the wall that we're
tearing down,
But the fight isn't over it's only just begun,
We fight for those who feel like they should run,
Because Pride is defiance when the world would pull a gun.
Aug 4 · 93
Potential Lost
Being the brunt of a cruel joke
Is like a spear through your soul,
Burning you burn & the fires they stoke
Desecrating innocence turns diamonds back to coal.

All the potential but these animals feast on it
All of the tears but these creatures get of on it,
All of the pain but these demons remain by it
All of the innocence lost & consumed by Id.

Making their egos so threadbare
Superego overworked it is dead there,
Creating a creature of dread fear
The cycle continues instead here.
Jul 29 · 91
Harry Roberts Jul 29
Irony so sweet it tickles
A shiver inside your mind ripples
Feed on the flood you starved on trickles
What you weave casts back in triples.

Find the center
Firm on two feet
Your mind you should enter
So mistakes don't repeat.

Serenity is learnt
Inside your darkest yearn
Accepting all you weren't
While being all you've earnt.
Jul 1 · 108
Breath of Relief
I felt the silence like a shiver through the night,
Oily darkness like smoke it swallows light,
But I cannot fear when darkness was a part of me,
It almost ate my soul and stole my heart right out of me.

Now I keep myself to the fringes,
I seal the lock I melt all the hinges,
Now I stand so strong & happy by myself,
Sifting through the ashes of my minds wealth.

I needed isolation to find absolution for my self insurrection,
Confidence grows out of impotence with this correction,
Harvesting worth while I walk this direction,
Rebirth of the spirit in this resurrection.

My cells all sighed a breath of relief
My soul shimmering with the glow of belief
My mind finding balance banishing this grief
My life looking lighter with more life than a reef.
Jun 30 · 162
Harry Roberts Jun 30
Energy can rot if it's not given expression,
Gives way to rage and becomes aggression,
Caving on the inside only leaves an impression,
Till the mould crawls across you in rapid succession.
Jun 29 · 76
Gaia and Fire
Harry Roberts Jun 29
The Earth is swallowed by fire then chewed up by carnage,
The flames lick the world and then Gaia is tarnished,
Hugrgy maws of a beast to our mother we encourage,
Unsuspecting till the day that our collective nutrition is harnessed.

Life swallowed across the scale
Recycle rebirth refuse if they fail,
Reform and repurpose review a new trail
Revive and realise a line in the tale.

Energy is magic and vessels always transforms
A glacier to a blizzard that becomes a sandstorm
And if you listen closely you can hear the earth move
Life can just transform and to humans it won't prove.
Jun 26 · 292
In the end...
Harry Roberts Jun 26
All the things I thought I wanted
All the lies I told still haunt me
All the while I feel taunted
Seen the truth these demons flaunted.

The price of living is the pain of forgiving
The essence of despair dampens the spirit of whats fair
The devils feast like vultures carving man like clay sculptures
Kneading in obsession to create creatures open to possession.

In the end we are made as grotesque caricatures fiends and characters playing in an infernal play.
Jun 25 · 126
Harry Roberts Jun 25
Illusions and comforting lies I lay with each night
Though these are my ties to this earth
These voices just hinder my worth
These thoughts just kindle my fright,
Will I be alright?

Paths how they diverge I lean to the left
Selling my blood so my hearts is bereft
Drop down I'm dead oh this bit's in jest
Frame as a joke before they digest.

Make it mean nothing, alas I digress.
Jun 25 · 115
The Lovers.
Harry Roberts Jun 25
Seashells roar a deafening melody
Seashells remember a blinding old memory.

The beach with the shells
The shells that lovers would carve
The beach has its tales
Tales of lovers that starved.

Unforgiving waves with rocks as sharp as knives,
Bitter winds howling as the sea fog is growling,
This line of coast has consumed many lives,
The sea swallows the sun and the night has just begun.

The darkest night for two souls stranded on the coast,
The night where the darkness whispers secrets like a ghost,
Natures truth laid bare like the naked bodies of our lovers,
The price of knowledge was admission into the afterlife. The Lovers.
Jun 17 · 270
Harry Roberts Jun 17
I just do I don't reflect
My feet are moving on cement
I want my toes to taste the sea
I want my soul to climb the tree.

I just smile but I don't mean it
Acting is within my remit
Talk so much make them believe it
Lost my soul I can't retrieve it.

I just do I don't regret
These thoughts all day I can't forget
Consumed inside I'm left alone
I paralyze... I turn to stone.
Jun 11 · 75
Harry Roberts Jun 11
The air turns to tar and my lung wretch out fear,
The earth quickens into quicksand and I'm swallowed,
I rot in fright in the deepest night just hoping someone hears,
This place of absence devours me until I'm truly hollowed,
Substance inside is flooded outside its formed within my tears,
Time may heal but even so the clock trails what's been followed.
Jun 10 · 108
Nature // Humans
Harry Roberts Jun 10
Forests dwindle from ashes rekindled.
Oceans grow then blanket earth in mounds of snow.
A cycle like a year for us but spread across milenia.
It's Hades or the Artic tundra a harmony that's swallowed by thunder.

Utopia that we forget these moves we make and then regret,
Paradise we cast aside for wants and needs we can't describe,
Heaven falls and we love limbo minds made easy when lifes not simple,
Asphodel this path is indifference but if you cannot care then what is the difference.
Two short poems
May 23 · 99
Azure Hearts
Harry Roberts May 23
The horizon burns azure
The ocean blends into the shore
The crashing waves crash some more
And the seagulls cry a deafening roar.
Sun and moon, The land and sea,
A constant dance, between you & me.

The stars in space cannot replace this steady pace and softening grace,

If true loves true it falls on you to cut your path right through the blue,

Take your lover by the hand standing here on foreign sand,

Together is stronger this tether lasts longer the wrongs cannot sever this bond is forever.
May 23 · 121
The Beasts
Harry Roberts May 23
The forests consume and reclaim death
Natures breath & her nurturing *******
Nourishing the beasts that pure chaos has left
Teaching them love where they only know theft.

The beasts made of clay and bonded by blood,
These creatures all rise where they fell in the mud,
The hands of creation guide and bestow,
Life to the Death that once grew below.
May 23 · 93
Harry Roberts May 23
How the **** did this happen.
Goddess give me answers.
Is my luck so misshapened?
I put faith in my chances.

How fruit spoils before it can ever ripen
How love turns before it's ever heightened
How chances turn and bite like vipers
Now every turn is a chance to be frightened.

Now every second is an eternity without relief,
I forgo heaven as I burn with my belief,
I cry with my angels as my path becomes brief,
I lay with the demons when my soul is a thief.
May 20 · 87
Harry Roberts May 20
The spring gardens are heavenly
The Roses blush in her presence
And are scented with her essence.

Returning to us to quicken growth
Even the underworld can't make you morose
Life overthrows death and we embody both.
May 19 · 177
Harry Roberts May 19
I just want to run and keep running
See the drop off at the seaside
Befriend the critters on the bedrock.

I just want to sprint and keep sprinting
Till my lungs burn and my spirit's screaming,
I just want to wake up if this is dreaming.

I just want to wash away this feeling,
Into the ocean where I'm kneeling,
While the waves waver in grief,
Salted tears stolen by a thief.

Pearls put to shame,
Corals set aflame
Horrors all the same
With no one left to blame.
May 11 · 229
Harry Roberts May 11
I feel like there's an accelerant in my mind,
Expression and impression crosses the border,
Compassion and pure passion hits the line,
In awe at all the chaos it's like I'm a hoarder.

Let me take a sip like pollen from a flower,
Transfer this pain into transcendental power,
Diffuse hopes fragrance and infuse my soul,
Refuse to compromise I'll aim for my goal.

Swallow the energy
Defy the enemy
Rise from the cemetery
Reflect with pure symmetry.
May 7 · 120
If I Say
If I say what I think
It's like claymore hit our link
If I say what I mean
It's like you've walked inside my dreams.

If my nightmare makes you shudder
In confession where you utter
Make the priest spit and stutter
Praying to Mary sanited mother.

If the truth takes a tole
Steals a portion of your soul
Makes you sin for your goals
Fills your aura with black holes.

Then welcome to the start of it
You might just lose your heart in it
Enjoy you're time in dystopia
The underworlds utopia.
May 5 · 99
I feel the heat coursing across my skin,
Like rivers across the earth, The blood burns beautifully through each vessel,
Turing my skin from white to blood blushed red as the fire of our passion reaches ever higher.
I feel the power in your muscles,
Coiling and bunching with tension then relaxing, I hear your heart dancing in a frenzied tempo until the tempo climaxes and we're left panting.
Then the sweat cools to pools and our muscles quiver in ecstasy,
When we can breath again enough to kiss this cycle starts again,
Lust so pure it may never be love,
But this rhythm between us is greater than love.
May 5 · 174
If I'm shimmering like plastic
I am feigning I'm ecstatic
But I'll break I'm not elastic
& my grief it is emphatic.

Hurting but I swallow pain
Quiet I embrace refrain
A void has formed inside my brain
The skies roar with deafening rain.

Grieve just breath dont let it cease
The eye of storm houses peace
You will grow once you release
Or the chaos will increase.
May 3 · 226
And I might kiss this rage away foever
To leave me floating like a feather
To lose my grip but gain a tether
And leave the lonely alone forever.
May 2 · 142
There's a momentum that drives us towards each other
Its fire and passion that burns into pleasure
Climaxing and shaking holding onto each other
Sweating and breathless grasping our eternal treasure.

This body is yours and your body is mine
I like to watch you **** other men its divine
The ****** is bracing you contort and you whine
You pull out off him and you *** on his spine.

I'm stood enthralled at the end of the bed
The screams of the ******* could wake the dead
Then comes my time to join in his stead
Embracing my man while giving him head.
Mar 2 · 197
Spring King
I guess the spring king has risen
Protruding from her wisdom
Growing fire everyday
Not to burn but grow and stay.

Willing death in these life making wombs
Raising up guilt like a coffin exhume,
All of the chaos don't dare to presume
All of the synthetic **** you assume.

I think we are one but divided by views
I see a six while you see the news
Resurrected from Styx and your fate I allude
But to the state and the stars you ******* collude.

I think we are one but divided by news
Media slant only shows you some views
Karmic imbalance yes the West it accrued
Born in a storm all the East children slewed.

Resurrect the Goddess & see the Summer King burn
Alive for to long his essence a concern
Abrahamic in nature foretells us our urns
Prospering marigold an infernal season turns.
Spring King
Feb 21 · 449
Broken Mosiac
Harry Roberts Feb 21
It pains me to see you so far away,
Like pots in a kiln you're formed from the clay,
You're shaped & reworked until you're not the same,
Transformed completely and fixed in the flame.

Now I feel nothing you're no different from dust,
All of us changed it eroded our trust,
Equal parts blame on either of us,
Toxic for each other do we have it sussed.

We turned from each other won't turn on each other,
Stronger together we learn from each other,
But better apart as we lean on each other,
We're breaking our hearts we're mean to each other.

Life doesn't change it just trades our trials,
People don't learn and lovers become rivals,
Age doesn't teach you can journey for miles,
A broken mosaic we're made up of tiles.
Harry Roberts - Broken Mosiac
Feb 16 · 181
Moving on (good bye)
Harry Roberts Feb 16
I remember the last time we ******,
It was hateful and thick with unspoken words,
I remember meeting him and thinking nothing,
But I guess nothing became something for you.

Maybe I'm bitter but jealousy died,
**** on that ***** I hope he's a ride,
You know I don't hate you I hate that you lied,
I would have taken my leave while retaining my pride.

But you didn't respect me enough
To tell me you found a new love
It would've been **** but I'd have picked myself up
I found out by seeing you deep in him... ****.

I could've cried for a day but I didn't,
I took my stuff and waved good riddance,
I could've disappeared for a year and hidden,
I wouldn't give in to weakness... that is forbidden.

I've seen you together in town,
You're a team and i cannot frown,
Swam from my feeling 'cause I cannot drown,
I'll find my one or I will be found.
Harry Roberts - Moving on (good bye)
Harry Roberts Feb 15
I've been left feeling like life has lost its meaning,
I know I'm not dead but it's me that I'm grieving,
Everyday I wake up and fall from the ceiling,
Everyday I fall but the truth I've been concealing.

I don't want you to see my when I'm weak,
I'm awake more than I'm asleep,
I don't answer to what I need,
Life feels slow but time is gaining speed.

I'm getting high while falling low,
The waves keep hitting with undertow,
Rip tides rush we end where they flow,
Depression follows wherever you go.

I can't keep grazing the sky while kissing the ground,
I'll stop gazing at stars because I can't astound,
I let my love go and now it's unbound,
Drifting like ash so it cannot be found.
Harry Roberts - Grazing the sky while kissing the ground.
Feb 12 · 150
Hydra In Your Heart
Harry Roberts Feb 12
Narcissism is a Hydra in your heart,
Confront one head & three others sprout,
Can't reach the end when it's just the start,
You take all you can and only leave doubt.

But I still love you and I'm part to blame,
When I'm with you I'm hugging my shame,
Love is a liar it turned into games,
Or it is as it was but now I see flames.

So I must stand strong and use my resolve,
Turn from what burns me and learn to evolve,
If I can be wiser then I'll break your mould,
Keep my eyes wide while I aim for my goal.
Hydra In Your Heart
Feb 12 · 128
Hell Dressed As Heaven
Harry Roberts Feb 12
His hands are gripping at my tail,
Hell born demons on my trail -
He thought he could bind me.

An angel in the sky
& I cannot align -
Wrought with confusion it just blinds me.

I cannot contain the pain is bursting from the frame
Man I hope that you hear this,
I still call your name when passion scorches rain
& I could almost be near bliss,
Then I'm well aware of the emptiness I share -
My bed it was made for a pair.

The man with golden teeth shares a soul with the Beast,
He sent me to a Hell dressed as Heaven.

I confess that I compressed my whole soul with this stress,
Once a mess of pure distress a naked flame I coalesce,
I turn into an inferno and I burn who dares caress,
I can heal and be better but first I must regress.

I'll forgive myself and say
That sometimes life goes this way
Maybe it's better not to stay
'Cause surely love finds its prey.
Harry Roberts - Hell Dressed As Heaven
Jan 29 · 83
Little Reaper I Win
Harry Roberts Jan 29
I won't go back to that place little reaper don't grin,
I won't plead or demand no I won't let you win,
I've locked down my mind I won't let you in,
All you have taken has worn me so thin.

I said no I said no I say no till I scream,
The scariest thing because I cannot dream,
The monsters the same it's the monster in me,
I can't quite reconcile this internal dichotomy.

I am now stronger than my weakened youth,
I could slam a door now to pull out a tooth,
Hindsight will teach but not show you the truth,
Search thoughts and feelings 'cause memory is proof.

Boiling inside its internal despair,
I cool it with water like it wasn't there,
I pretend I don't care & I know it's not fair,
How I built myself with pieces left spare.

I won't go back to that place little reaper I win,
I'll let down my hair see it flow in the wind,
I'll take off my clothes 'cause I glow with my sin,
I could never invite you so now I rescind.
Harry Roberts - Little Reaper I Win
Jan 29 · 101
Harry Roberts Jan 29
Breaking a leg to make the cast,
Nobody said that gold was brass,
A **** show tarnished not to last,
A circus in truth so wild and fast.

Climb up to fall off then wallow in tears,
"Overcome" now your back and your buried by fears,
A new storm forming when one has just cleared,
A cycle of chaos from the core interferes.

No intermission or lies by omission,
Depressive episodes have become a tradition,
Darkness multiplies it's beyond addition,
Stuck in a bog and it dulls cognition.

You should be happy you play a key part,
You pay all your taxes while breaking your heart,
Slaves to a system from your kids you depart,
Thought you could finish well here's where it starts.

They've spent your whole pension,
They want you dead did they mention,
It's a form of preemptive intervention,
This society is one that breeds apprehension.
Harry Roberts - Apprehension
Jan 16 · 137
Cosmic Mother
Harry Roberts Jan 16
Cosmic Mother Our Queen Of Life,
Give Us Strength To Stride Through Strife,
Cleanse The Way When Night Won't Fall,
Give Us Grace When We Want It All.

Holy Jesters Making Mockery Of Our Pain,
The Sky May Look Green To A Man With No Brain,
The Grief & Compassion These Animals Fein,
Don't Listen To Closely 'Cause Sentiment Stains.

The Truth Is Shown In Their Disdain,
We're Made To Give So They Can Gain,
Have You Not Seen This Political Game,
Divided So Broadly When We're All The Same.

Cosmic Mother Bring Us A New Day,
Let All The Angry Wastage Waste Away,
All Of The Awe In This World It Can Stay,
But Take Out The Trash & To That We Will Pray.
Harry Roberts - Cosmic Mother
Jan 10 · 85
Harry Roberts Jan 10
Dying inside but I'd breath life into you,
A healing circle circled thrice in
salt circle around you.

I'd scream to the Goddess & beseech all her power,
Reverse all the deeds & rewind to the hour...

Life's not that simple & that makes me sour,
Haunted inside I can't heal how I've flowered,

Love at the core of the blossoms sweet presence,
Heating the hearts and making one essence,

Now it's been severed I sweat while I shiver,
The fever consumes in the fire I wither.
Harry Roberts - Blossoms
Jan 6 · 840
Airing my ire I was born in the fire,
A Phoenix flying higher with wings that never tire,
I wish I could touch but the glory was too much,
It seared my skin and such feathers iridescent in my clutch.

Swallowing pride I won't wallow inside,
All of my life I could never decide,
To live for myself or let my time slide,
A war in the skin where my spirit resides.

Now in my skin I'm not hollow like tin,
More battles to win I won't sink I can swim,
I won't burn in my sin or burden my kin,
My soul will not dim the darkness I rescind.
Harry Roberts - Pheonix
Jan 6 · 130
Good Morning
I want to beat your face till I break my fist,
Burn your **** on the ashes I'll ****,
Everyday it's led to this,
No more niceties I made a list.

I'll cut your heart out & feed the foxes,
Can't bury your body your flesh is toxic,
So I'll burn you with your clothes & boxes,
Then I'll kick back feet up in my boxers.

I thought I might try & make a love song,
Thought I was weak now I'm feeling strong,
"Good Morning" different bedside I woke up wrong,
All the people will be mourning before to long.

So these are my thoughts when I'm in your place,
But I won't "cut my nose off to spite my face."
So these are all my thoughts in unfiltered space,
Not a pretty picture but I rest my case.
Harry Roberts - Good Morning
Jan 5 · 99
Play Things
The anger I feel in my mind it is scathing,
The people are blind to why we need saving,
We're treated like toys they treat us like play things,
Step out of line then you'll need a tasing.

Your body they own it the truth is disturbing,
Your thoughts are they free do you think it's unnerving,
Your programs and apps is it purpose they're serving,
It's distraction & misdirection these servers are preserving.

It's crap & it's chaos,
Distract from your pay loss,
So what is inflation,
Media only serve sensation.

Your devices are listening,
While people ignore,
Our devices keep listening,
What's left in store.

Sold off for a pittance,
Waved off like good riddance,
A commodity to be used,
This odyssey leaves us bruised.
Harry Roberts - Play Things
Jan 5 · 74
Life is Strange
Look at what you did
What you do
Who you do it to,
Look at how you live
What you give
Who you gave it too,
Look at how they care
What they want
How they're getting it.
Look at how they haunt
They just hound
Are you getting it.

Look at all these people
All these people
They evaporate,
Look at all these people
All these people
Don't elaborate,
Look at all these people
How they come
Where they go,
Look at all these people
Do you know them
I don't know.

Look at all the fire
All the fire
That you made,
Look they want to burn you
Want to burn you
Till you've paid,
Look at all the people
They will turn they will turn
Will you ask for help or have you learned have you learned,
Look to all the people
They won't change they can't change,
Have you learnt your lesson life is strange. It's so strange.
Harry Roberts - Life is Strange
Jan 5 · 89
"Never Ever Did"
I was at the end of my wits
My stress blocked the light
It was a solar eclipse
Or a ******* blight.

Now when I wake I thank God for every fight,
Now when I cry I value every tear as a sight,
Never flowing often cause I'm iron when you ******* bite,
Never knowing me I'm moving on 'cause my futures bright.

Put me in a box in the corner for the coroner,
Like a maidenhead only take never honour her,
Left me on standby now it's blank on my monitor,
Treat me like a princess then you treat me like a foreigner.

Put me in a fix that you'll fix then you'll mix my drinks,
Tell me what I think how I think that my opinion stinks,
Fill my head with **** utter **** and then control choice,
Fill my head with panic pure worry then you take my voice.

I was at the end of my wits,
Moon hides the sun eclipse,
I was done getting hit
Which you "never ever did."

Which you "never ever did"
So I never ever hid
So I'm glad to be rid
I hope you never have a kid.
Harry Roberts - "Never Ever Did"
Jan 1 · 114
December Deaths
It beggars belief little lord on a cloud,
All the lies and deceit like it is allowed,
Molly coddled murderers wrapped in a shroud,
Put on a pedestal they make us proud.

I guess it's a joke but it's lacking humour,
Callous disregard and it grows like a tumour,
Deadheaded buds will never be bloomers,
Head out of sorts they'll send you to the groomers.

You are a worker so work till you bleed,
This country is driven by unbidden greed,
People are dying there are People in need,
Politicians only take it's their mouths that they feed.

We're falling to pieces we're down on our knees,
We'll sit outside parliament while we all freeze,

We won't let you forget because the people remember,

The day a homeless full time worker died of hypothermia outside of Parliament In December.
Harry Roberts - December Deaths
Dec 2018 · 107
Harry Roberts Dec 2018
It's sad that the unseen are left to wither,
Cold & hungry they're left out to shiver,
Welfare is corrupt & the Government is morally bankrupt,
The system is fixed & not for the people,
Some people are predators propagating evil.

It's bitterly disgusting how people don't care,
It's a joke beyond proportions there's plenty to share,
But if they cannot charge them then assets left spare,
Human misery and the  disproportion is laid bare,
People bogged down in the depths of despair,
There's no accountability like they should stay there.

It's a game for these vultures,
It's just life for the rest,
Stress induced ulcers,
There's a press on our chests,
They sell this as culture,
Where work is the best.

But wages have fallen we're slaves to our debt,
Chemical inebriation just anything to forget,
It's survival of the richest while poverty grows,
A decline in intellect so nobody knows,
A deadline of people living on the breadline
But just read the headlines misinformation shows.
Harry Roberts - Poverty
Dec 2018 · 545
Spoils of Greed
Harry Roberts Dec 2018
No faith in my country,
No faith in its people,
Idiocy of indoctrination
Free minds made feeble
'Till they follow like sheeple.

It's a cage of misdirection
The information is corrupted,
The people's rage will erupt
But at each other as constructed.

It's a sickly game of monopoly,
Lock you in prison for poverty,
Can't pay your way out then you'll fester in prison,
Awaiting the day 'till some old god has risen.

Attack the unseen and prosper in glee, The vulnerable, the ones who must fight, Attach like a parasite inside raise the Fahrenheit,
They'll either **** you or you'll die by your plight, The spoils of greed & it spreads like a blight.
Harry Roberts - Spoils of Greed
Dec 2018 · 103
Lovesick - Aching
Harry Roberts Dec 2018
The thought of you sets my blood to boil,
In my mind there's hatred & stress in a coil,
In my gut there's a knife that sinks deeper with each breath,
The thought of you makes me feel a whole lot less.

It's like tar how thick & sickly my thoughts slide to you,
You are a cancer there's nothing to cut outside of you,
You're teeth & hair in a mutated tangle,
Words like venom with which I'll strangle.

Did you think you could take and only keep taking?
Working nonstop not just my soul that was aching,
Sweating out blood all the work it was breaking,
You made it harder when concrete was flaking.

I am just happy he's cashed out and gone,
Worn out his welcome his soul was all wrong,
This was a lesson that went on for too long,
Now it's all over I know I belong.
Harry Roberts - Lovesick (Aching)
Dec 2018 · 542
Harry Roberts Dec 2018
It's my skin,
It's my body,
It's my right to autonomy,
One voice killed democracy,
Now we function an autocracy.

Voices in crescendo can't drown out hypocrisy,
Masters of misinformation our media of aristocracy,
My Brain is my own & not owned by mediocracy,
If it's about me don't leave it to bureaucracy.

I don't trust the pigs in power,
Fat cats & waxing rats complacent on the 11th hour,
I don't care for your platitudes your words betray your attitudes,
Flowers sent when a life is spent frozen on the streets.

Capitalism found a way to charge the homeless,
People blink but don't think & act so boneless,
A country which allows itself to starve is shameless,
But politician point fingers and have the nerve to act blameless.
Harry Roberts - Crescendo
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