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Louis Verata Dec 2018
The antelope will finally have peace
From mortal enemies
No more grass to feed the beast
The lion will starve as there
Will be nothing to eat
Critters of the dirt through litter
Will bury themselves
And plea to not breathe.

The black iguana will burn with dignity
Creatures of the sky will sing
A deadly melody
The shark will have more territory
The Sun once gave and it will take
The Moon, a theatre it will hold
Until it is told that life will be no more.

Alas, Angel of Death
The vulture flying down
Will wish that culture had changed
But it will be too late
It will do its duty
Slayed animals will be at our feet
Greed is our disease
O vulture have mercy.

In a new epoch life will sow its seed
Like it always has
No human or animal that you see
Only beasts from dreams.
Sierra Jun 2018
Dark skies are falling through the town, the mist
Strolls along the damp cobblestone walkway.
He comes alone, only with scythe assist.
Path and scythe, cruelly curved, long and grey.

He walks along, at all never stopping
While this wretched creature beckoned me near.
Held in place, but my heart not yet falling.
Angel of death, a lovely pale reaper.

Embrace of Death is all that gives me hope.
The one whom will take me into the mist.
Reaching in my *****, my soul to *****,
It submitting within his bony fist

Playing with heart-strings, his fateful gest
He, who delivers me eternal rest
Sonnet about the Grimm Reaper
Katherine Laslie Dec 2015
I don't know
Where you are
But I feel your eyes
Studying me intensely

I've seen you once
From the window of the church
In a black, hooded robe
You held a white candle
That burned so ominously
As the was dripped onto
the palm of your hands
You had a small, twisted smile
But the shadows cast out your image
That was the day
I knew I was finished

I've seen you twice
Backing my car
From the driveway
In my rear view mirror

Three times
From acrossed
The street

Each time
You grew closer
And closer
To getting me

On the fourth
You were in my yard
As I came home from work

And the fifth
Was the final straw
When, from my bedroom door,
Stretched your long fingers
Long nails
Bony yet frail
But somehow threatening
Down to the soul

"Don't come any closer"
She begged
Before it swallowed her whole
EtherealOmega Nov 2015
An angel of Death with agonized eyes
Sits alone in the dark as she cries.
She doesn’t want others to see her in pain
So in the silence of night she causes it to rain.

What she isn’t aware of is that one other knows
Whenever to a quiet place in tears she goes.
He can feel it in his heart like a searing knife
Whenever her own is filled with painful strife.

Maybe one day he’ll sneak up and surprise her with a rose
Instead of in the shadows of silence staying froze..
He knows it would make her all smiles,
And for that he would walk a million miles
And go through the universe’s hardest trials.

But for now he will pretend that he doesn’t see,
And through the small little things try and from sadness set her free.
Because even though his wings are broken, and he will never fly again
This faded healer with darkness swirling in his soul
Will for her happiness pay any toll.

Forever his love for her will shine
Even after he has passed forever into the shadows’s silent shrine.

— The End —