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His hands are gripping at my tail,
**** born demons on my trail -
He thought he could bind me.

An angel in the sky
& I cannot align -
Wrought with confusion it just blinds me.

I cannot contain the pain is bursting from the frame
Man I hope that you hear this,
I still call your name when passion scorches rain
& I could almost be near bliss,
Then I'm well aware of the emptiness I share -
My bed it was made for a pair.

The man with golden teeth shares a soul with the Beast,
He sent me to a **** dressed as Heaven.

I confess that I compressed my whole soul with this stress,
Once a mess of pure distress a ***** flame I coalesce,
I turn into an inferno and I burn who dares caress,
I can heal and be better but first I must regress.

I'll forgive myself and say
That sometimes life goes this way
Maybe it's better not to stay
'Cause surely love finds its prey.
Harry Roberts - **** Dressed As Heaven
Harry Roberts
Written by
Harry Roberts  20
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