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Lost Sep 19
I am an abandoned ship floating at sea
Like a message in a bottle, I bob aimlessly
I drift along waiting to find my respective shore
But I find open waters and row my tired oars

I am fawn lost without a guiding mother
Wandering the wilderness and searching for another
My spindly legs fail me and the buckle under my weight
I collapse in the grass and decide all I can do is wait

I am balloon that was let go to sail into the endless blue
Gradually drifting higher and higher with nowhere to go to
I know sometime I’ll pop and that it may be soon
But for now I fly not trying to predict my doom

I am a pair of shoes tied together and thrown around an electric line
I have all the time in the world to dangle as the days wash by
My fabric has worn and lost its color but my shape holds true
Laces suspend me in this purgatory of treetop views

I am an abandoned ship floating at sea
Like all the other things I am, I’m living quite lonely
Feeling lost occupies the majority of my time
So I spend my days whiling away and working my mind
Writing now and then just to remind myself that I’m alive
That my thoughts and words are as tangible as relentless time
Ticking away the clock stays as consistent as my rhyme
Structure and hope are all I have to cope and keep me alright
I wax and wane with my commitment, it’s a shame,
But I think I’m doing pretty fine
N E Waters Jul 18
I’m fine
is what you start to say
when you’re not, but
you’re sick of not
And you
don’t want to be
And you’re


of having
to accept
you just haven’t
      to bother to try everything

And you’re sick

of explaining
every excruciating
of your history
     and meds
     and procedures
     and life method

like you’re defending your
to make your own decisions

like you’re defending

that it’s not just

      ‘YOUR FAULT’

that you’re sick, it

    must be

Hey —

Have you tried:   ?

you must not have thought of that

I’m fine
  is because you need me to be
Because I am
       TOO SICK

to deal with
     your hurt feelings

when you can’t



I’m fine <u>for you</u>

So I don’t hurt your feelings by
my feelings getting hurt when
I can’t just me honest that

   I.      AM.   NOT.   FINE.

without that being

        a crisis

for you.

Without you needing to come up
with a solution right then and
there to make me all better like

I don’t know how to
                                                                                         eat veggies
                                                                                [not **** myself]
                                                                                              try CBD
                                                                                 take time to cry
                                                                                                get rest
                                                                                  drink more tea
                                                                                [not **** myself]
                                                                                 --hey, have you
                                                                                         tried CBD?
                                                                                it works for me.

And I –
    don’t want to be rude.
And I –
    hey, I’m here for

So instead of being who I am
and owning my try, but

getting snippy when you’ve
beat me with your
good intentions
    and then
feeling guilty and attacked
and needing to take MORE time
to cry –
            I –
                      I’m fine.
Aaron Layton Jun 5
Dear Death,
I have nothing left
No more room on these arms
No more room for these scars

Nothing but a empty shell
Happiness left as tears fell
What is left for you to take?
How many more years must I wait?

The light shines bright in my face
Not ready to imbrace
The love she radiates
Lifting off the shoulder weights

Why did you set her apart in my eyes?
To give me hope then turn it into lies?
She said she loves me for being me
But does she truly know me

The wars in my head
The countless of times I wanted to be dead
She can never know what she truly saved me from
I love her even if i dont know where she came from

3 years now I count her as a blessing
I dont feel the need to be depressing
My arms are free of scars
And happiness runs through me like shooting stars

For people who suffer
Surround yourself with love its so much tougher
Be who you want to be
What you want to strive to be

I live after all I've been through
And you can to
But the first step comes from you
And only you
Sarah Adams May 12
I’ll be here with my arms stretched wide

Ready to catch a break

Instead of all these curveballs

That keep hitting me in the face

I don’t even like baseball

I hope you are fine,
To know you’re doing well
It distracts of all my constant hell
I won’t get far, but to know you’re okay
It helps me to forget the end’s near for my day
Peter Roads Apr 9
I hear voices in my head
I hear them sound like dead
people on Any Given Sunday
an ungracious abundance
of other peoples’ voices

I hear them most
when other people speak
loudness leaks from moving lips
to say words that make no sense
that say something else
the Politics of Experience
unfold me like some geometric inkblot

I see Batman
I see Batman

Did you hear that?

It sounded like Batman
like a Batarang
catching some villainous cape
like a car door closing
on a Great Escape

it sounded like
                     two people
competing for head space
the one being said
the one being meant
the silence in between them
speaks volumes to itself
No, please say that again
in a sonorous tone
it snores my inner demon
to groan behind an asinine
slumbering inside each line
wound with reservations grinding
our hero chopped off from loose lips
to fit in the caustic grimoire of actual fact

I am the Bat
I am the Bat
I am the Bat

I hear voices in my head
that sound like conversations
an unwilling participant am I
by virtue of presence, my
lips unlocked never seem
                       to speak enough
though lips move more gratefully
than these feet that just want to leave
this place, to never talk again
sit behind a screen
be pixelated, a thinly
gleaming monitor
of the fun facts lacking
in a lark-full repartee
I check up on myself
look up the words that I doubt
check my bruises
from roundhouse kicks
split lips bloodied with small talk
sweet silence is
to stay home and smoke

I should stop talking

Did you hear that?

and when they play like they don’t know
don’t let them go
make them stay
to tell us what
they meant to say

I hear voices

Did you say something?
rebecca yong Mar 22
treasure every moment you have. right now, this is the youngest you'll ever be. take more pleasure in living. you'll never able to come back to this exact same place in the universe again. don't spend your time hating what you cannot change. love yourself the way no one else ever will.
hello everyone. take a look at my bio, this is what i’m doing now <3 some of these might not make sense, some of these you might relate to. we are all going through life together. i love & appreciate all of you. - rebecca
Ryan Kellett Mar 7
Spending my Wednesdays on trail mix & futons
Hiding inside when outside's like the Yukon
Knowing the cold comes from a storm I can't see
Trying to spread warmth like the sun I can't be
They say "do what you love" and "want what you need"
But they take and they take and they take and they take my love
and break it and fake it and snake it and bite my hand when I feed

I owe it to myself to put "they" behind "we"
Because all the trials I still see are a reflection of me
I rely on accomplishments to build my self-confidence
I cannot take a compliment because they still feel dishonest
How can I give warmth to others if I can't warm myself?
I just ignore the signs, don't prioritize health

I try to do the basics, eat, sleep, repeat
Write, read, and run, just make time for fun
I start to feel better but know I'm not done
It ends with self-love, putting myself above
So when the times are rough, I know that I'm enough
Now I know when life gets cold like the Yukon
I'll remember this Wednesday of trail mix & futons
Look I'm awake!
I used no alarm!
Not torpid, no despair,
Pill worked like a charm!

I've been mentally marinating,
In a cerebral stew.
Truly amazed by
This chemical brew.

-  Shoutout to Zoloft
Gemma Davies Feb 27
Let's talk about mental health,
Let's break down the stigma.
Depression is challenging,
Anxiety, an enigma.
Anorexia, Schizophrenia,
Bipolar or OCD.
Whichever, whatever; repeat:
″Mental health begins with me!"
Don't believe everything you think,
It's ok to not be ok.
Don't rush yourself or force a smile,
Just take it day by day.
It's progress over perfection,
And remember you're not the only one.
Your illness does not define you,
Believe in the person you want to become!
My poem was made into a "Me to You" Video soon to be posted on their YouTube channel at:
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