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(to Dr. Robert, with Love)

Vitamins A through K are vital:
   They help to keep you well.
But only persons suicidal
   Refuse Vitamin L.

Vitamin L's a must for living:
   Without it you merely exist.
Vitamin L is living-giving:
   I can't and won't resist.

Vitamin L is Life and Love:
   It turns you on full-blast.
Tune in, drop out.  The rainbow dove
   Bears gifts that ever last.

Forever present in the Now
   Lives Vitamin L; and you
Can live with L and take a bow
   Forever in Now too.

For extra health of extra length
   A dose I recommend
Heroic, huge, and extra strength.
   Family, be well.  Transcend.     .  

Laura Aug 29
Prozac has the worst aftertaste
Especially when you take it
On an empty stomach
Which you're not supposed to do
But I do anyway
Because Prozac can make you fat
Depression can make you fat
Usually sick people get thin
But I'm the opposite
I get fat
Because I ******* eat my feelings
I don't know how to cope
So I take prozac
To help me out
To help me not sleep all **** day
To help me get up in the mornings
To help me do ****
But it has an awful aftertaste
Unlike anything else
And it stays at the top of your throat
This gross pill capsule taste
That I really ****** hate
But I have to take these pills anyway
Every ******* day
Despite the aftertaste
Because I want to live
Laura Jul 29
It's a delicate thing
To talk about suicide
Apparently you can't talk about it
Without wanting to do it
You can't reminisce upon the feelings
Without falling down the hole

Even if you're feeling
Ten feet tall
Fully equipped
Metal fists
At the ready
You still can't talk about it

Other people don't want to hear about it
They all assume
That you'll do it
Even if you don't want to
Even if your metal fists
Are feeling secure
No shake in sight
It'll make other people
Even when you're not
Liz Devine Jul 2
It starts so simply; a flush of heat to the head, an unforgiving reverberation in the ears, pounding like drums until I can hear the foundation of my brain begin to *****.

Then, just like that – it all goes black

And it’s like I had never been well and happiness was just a dream. Normalcy; what is that? I don’t remember now.
Krishnapriya May 6
Early at dawn
The sun beams behind the clouds
"Gentle, my love. All is well." He whispers.

The dews sparkle
They kiss the green grass.
"Gentle, my love. All is well." They intone.

The birds chirp.
From their tree home and the skies
"Gentle, my love. All is well." They sing

The flower bud opens
With sweet magical delight
"Gentle, my love. All is well." She smiles.

In traffic and at work
My heart talks to my mind
"Gentle, my love. All is well." She hints.

And with you my sweet reader
I share this message and prayer
"Gentle, my love. All is well."
These baubles and bits -
The shattered remnants of bitter feelings
That I used as a foundation
For layers and layers of walls
To protect me aren't jagged or sharp or dangerous,
But seeds of hope, inspiration, joy and well being
To be transformed into an array of mandalas and flowers
And symbols and patterns of growth and love and care.

With every step,
Every breath,
I can piece myself back -
No -
And change and grow into something better than before.
David Apr 19
Where does creativity come from?

Wherever I am allowed to flourish.

Seems as dependent on everything beyond my
own body -

With all my work, fears, and beliefs.

So whatever I am, allowing myself to flourish.

Mixing with everything else that is.
writingwithteeth Sep 2017
i know people who are obsessed with ***
obsessed with adrenaline and
where their next high is coming from
i used to be obsessed, OCD to the point of
screams, tears, erratic behaviors, all the insanities
my sister stopped it and now i'm not obsessed
not obsessed with anything.

i've done a lot of hard drugs
never once got addicted
smoked cigarettes, clove menthol cigarettes
yes i'm a gross girl baby
i smoked socially baby
and quit smoking independently baby

i used to **** a lot of men
hate **** around because of an ex
slept with 2 or 3 fraternity brothers
i forget because it wasn't important
said i love you because it was important
said goodbye because that was more important

now i'm just really happy not doing any of that
really happy working hard and being the best me
drinking the best tea, traveling to friends, and
spending money on me and watching
my bank account fill up because of me

i've become so tired because of you and you and
you. don't want to spend my pennies, my time on
those that don't see me for me and buying pointless garbage items that aren't used or beautiful.

i know thyself thou tho is ever changing
now that's a sentence Shakespeare can get down with and woof that's pretentious if you judge people un-openly and meow that's judgment because **** just be open and love yourself more than me.
Chris Neilson Aug 2017
Maggie was a woman with a vision
compelled to reach her ultimate goal
cancer care  needed a new environment
to provide a supportive, healing role

She worked tirelessly despite illness
mortality no barrier for her aim
debilitated but driven by altruism
her spirit an eternal flickering flame

A sanctuary to talk and listen
to kindred souls in need
in natural, calming surroundings
she planted a now flourishing seed

We now reap Maggie's gift to us
our lives we can now reclaim
via the centre worker's vitality
her legacy lives on in her name
I met a wonderful woman today who was a nurse and worked with Maggie in the early 90s. Google "Maggie's Centres UK" for further info
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