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Mar 2019
I guess the spring king has risen
Protruding from her wisdom
Growing fire everyday
Not to burn but grow and stay.

Willing death in these life making wombs
Raising up guilt like a coffin exhume,
All of the chaos don't dare to presume
All of the synthetic **** you assume.

I think we are one but divided by views
I see a six while you see the news
Resurrected from Styx and your fate I allude
But to the state and the stars you ******* collude.

I think we are one but divided by news
Media slant only shows you some views
Karmic imbalance yes the West it accrued
Born in a storm all the East children slewed.

Resurrect the Goddess & see the Summer King burn
Alive for to long his essence a concern
Abrahamic in nature foretells us our urns
Prospering marigold an infernal season turns.
Spring King
Harry Roberts
Written by
Harry Roberts  22
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