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And I guess we were never anything more than star-crossed kids
that never truly learned how to love.
Perhaps in another life, we were meant to be.
ree May 8
never have i envied the sky
if it had never lay above your head
never have i envied the scars
if it wasn’t for the ones tracing your skin
never have i blamed the universe
if it wasn’t for them bringing
everything close to you,
and us apart
—1:15 am
Being a star-crossed lover isn't all it's cracked up to be.
It's a lot of hurt.
But God,
I'd rather be hurting for him than not have him at all.
Feedback is always appreciated! Thank you so much!
Keely Newton Mar 8
You ask what i want you to say but even in my own mind it feels like a game.
A sunken ship, no way to escape.
Feels like a puzzle, with no coordinating pieces.
It's the most stressful assignment. The easiest mission.
God is fooling me
Satan is pushing me it seems
It all feels so wrong and yet so right
The gunshots at the wedding
You know the meaning
We’ve discussed it
The risk of love
The risk of us
The deathly toll that hangs above your head
It's too dangerous
The dream
It's a warning
Blood for release
Release for victory
You could be used as leverage
I wont let that happen
Not to such an innocent flower
I can not bring my hell unto you
I feel like this happens everytime
We run this same race
You forget
Youre a heaven
While i am a Hell
You a pure white cloth while I a red linen
Two different worlds clash everytime we kiss
While i crave the feeling
I know the consequences
The emotional weight i leave you when we part
The High i get is the low you recieve
I never meant to hurt you.
To make you feel defeated.
To push you over the edge
You tell me im a good person but it's the opposite.
I don't deserve you.
You give me so much,
An escape when i need it,
A loving family, a home.
All i give you is hell and my cursed self
I try to change myself for you but the darkness always takes over.
I can't deny it, the black calls for me.
i know you need me as much as i need you.
I need you like the lungs need oxygen..
Like the wolves need the sheep.
You are my saving grace.
I feel as though all i am for you is your death wish.
I ruin you.
I hurt you.
I bring you agony.
I hate myself .
You love me.
All i am is demented and a wretch.
All i am is a demon killing you slowly.
Im sorry. Im nothing compared to an angel like you.
A free verse about a romance
in the whites of our eyes,
no language can interpret,
in the skins of lost bodies,
no soul can birth rich flesh,
in two hearts beating twined,
by all what blight moon shows.

i have walked alone as you,
creeping in avenues so alone,
i have made peace in sorrows,
that you share and i sure know,
we both stride with mists of rains,
white washed by what moon shows.

this world, cast for walking ghosts,
those who know but shadow speak,
avenues trod, unspoken indifferences,
spoke fingers that long for heated touch,
bodies crying need for moist engulfments,
beneath shroud, beams, what moon shows.
Carter Ginter Feb 11
I realized I was definitely
Capable of loving more than one person
As I stood ****** in a bar
Positioned at a table between
My partner and my ex-fiance
My ex and I had gotten food beforehand
My first time seeing them in a year and a half
And I swore to everyone that it wasn't ***
I believed it too for awhile
Up until they said they didn't want kids
Which was part of my own logic used
To explain our incompatibility
Hearing their stories made my heart ache
All of the things I'd missed in their life
All the things they missed in mine
Then that night at the bar
When a performer was called on stage
My ex mentioned that she was my favorite
A small fact I didn't think they'd remember
Yet it carried such a significant feeling
That left my heart heavy and fractured
And when my partner looked at me I felt guilty
They must be able to see it
To sense it
These residual feelings
That I swore were not there and were
Definitely not ***
And while lost in my mind
My ex looked at me and asked if I was ok
They could still see me
I wanted to run away
My mind kept screaming for an escape
And yet I also heard a whispered voice
Reminding me that this time with them
Would be the last quality time I'd have
Before we returned to being strangers
So I shouldn't waste it
Because as much as I crave their friendship
I know in my heart it'd never work
Friends would never be the word
It's always been and
Probably always would be
Something much more than that
So I'll let it go
I'll let myself mourn these feelings
Despite the dreadful pain of it all
Because we all deserve to be happy
And by giving up this ill-fated dream
I know one day I can be
Eddie Feb 10
Like diamonds in his eyes
sparkling like a waterfall in spring
each tear fell from my beloved's glistening chin
He wished for me to stay
With every fiber of his being
but I cannot
For the future calls my name
Short and sweet
astrid Jan 21
Littered on my skin are memories,
of gall and glory;
the coarse touches that fabricated
these mars and scars.
But no being discerns any of these.
They see the wildfire within you,
the flames that engulf
your entire being.
Yet, you are more than that —
more than the destruction which you are.
I am nothing but a minuscule spec
of dust and grime compared to you.
I’ve been with you, for ages, longer,
longer than anyone has known you.
I glance at you from afar, as I
spin around the world and orbit around you.
I get closer to you each step,
but I am drawn back.
The moments where we embrace,
embrace that encumbrance between us.
The stellar beings are jealous,
that we get to lace our dust
and the luminance that emits from us.
We seldom get a chance to intertwine
our cores, to show and tell
the fondness that we attained
for one another.
They say we were
predestined by the Divine,
fated since the beginning of creation.
You give me the luminance that I
cannot obtain without you.
But by the moment we truly clash,
the galaxies will all cease.
To pacify my strife, I then ask the stars
if they could grant my wish
of showing you the memories I cannot give.
keep me in your sight with your fiery embers.
Broke my wings
So I couldn’t


So I stole his soul
So he couldn’t

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