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Rachel Aug 2
The sands of time rest deeply between my toes
The night sky unchanged, even as I step into the next day
A shooting star in my world taking a lifetime of breathes just to cross the sky
But you were one that shouldn't have existing within my space
A supernova in a place of long days and low tide

You found me, kissed me, begged me and left me
before the tear could even leave my eye.
With such force, you sped past like a rushing wind
Leaving my hair torn across my face in the wake of your absence
And my hands shivering out of lack of warmth that I don’t remember having known

Should I apologize for not being able to match your passionate pace of life,
Or resent the cosmos for letting two very different beings cross paths?
Still I hope that my voice reaches you,
journeying many years in the swirls of space, till it whispers in your ear

I want you to know that I am as I always was,
traversing the shore, watching the stars
though my gaze searches a bit harder than before
In hopes that a ghostly glimmer of your presence still lingers
alexis Jul 17
we live as star-crossed lovers do,
patiently, seething, waiting,
wondering if we’re a tragedy
like boys to suns or
gods to mortals,
doomed to part only to die second
or worse, we live in the end.
17 julliet 2020
8:44 am
ari Apr 28
a dream in which
i finally was enveloped in your arms again
being held tightly
the dreams are getting more frequent
with the idea that my one chance to see you this year
will be ripped away from me
i want to write songs with you again
i want to see your perfect smile
and listen to you talk about
your anxieties with me like i'm an old friend
why must you live so far
why must we be years apart

i miss you
forbidden love
You must be the devil,
My head knows you’re bad news but my heart still skips for you,
I know every kiss is blasphemy,
Every touch leading me straight to hell,
But I can’t get enough of your poison,
Desperate to feel your eyes staring at my skin,
You must be the devil,
And I’ve welcomed you in.
james Dec 2019
"surely we couldnt"
i think to myself, with you by my side
no. surely we couldnt
and i leave the room
and you dont follow
because you think to yourself:
we couldnt"
i lean into the cold
for i have found warmth
in forbidden places
james Dec 2019
your name weaves through the cool breeze
of a busy afternoon
and i pray that its bittersweet melody
never plays for me again
what would they say if they knew?
if they knew how it lingers on my lips
when i call to you?
what would they say if they knew?

rules arent meant to be broken
no matter how they break you
Aurora RW Nov 2019
Born on different stars
Destined to share the light in each other’s eyes
Traveling from galaxy to galaxy, for centuries at a time
Prophesized together since our world’s conception
Longing for one another, from one millennia to the next
Two souls, one beating heart
Yearning endlessly for the rest of our days
My soul, my body, my past, present and future
For the completion of my being upon every rebirth
I feel you always and forever.
james Nov 2019
we spent our lives on opposite sides of the same room
we spent our lives on opposite sides of the same coin
we spent our lives on opposite sides of the same war
these days i wish i could cross the threshold
these days i dont want you to die
when i met you, you were heir to the throne my father wanted
and the one my mother didnt deserve to lose
since we were eleven, i was meant to **** you
but i hadn't expected you to be so *kind...*
Aramitz J Durant Sep 2019
there was a girl at friedrichstrasse station
she waved
through the barrier
with dainty hands and gentle eyes of kindness
and i smiled at her carefully making sure
nobody noticed my face
the gleam in her eyes doe-like and sweet like she cared
even though she didn’t know me even though
she was supposed to hate me
even though it’s been hours days weeks months

years i still think of her
those shining eyes that smile that changed me
the westerner that i should not have looked at
wanted craved
for so long even while my friends kissed
boys at midnight under the stellar stars
in alexanderplatz
my mind still returned to her loyal
the way a dog returns to its master
forever thinking of the girl at friedrichstrasse station
Aramitz J Durant Sep 2019
a woman like her—
the kind of woman you dream
about on lonely nights,
your hand spread across the cold
side of the bed, missing someone
you never even had, a
woman, dreamlike, you made up,

a pretend fantasy.
you’d have your hands cut off if
you dared to think aloud; hung,
drawn and quartered; burnt on the
pyre for nothing short of treason
if you so much as opened
your mouth, thought too loud. so you

don’t think, don’t speak, don’t
look at her. especially
not like that. because no-one
can ever know how you feel.
not when she’s the queen. but the
secret you both harbour bobs
up and down, weathers the storm,

unsinkable, you
and her, and your child surviving
despite the odds deposited
in front of you by the count’s
lust and manipulation.
his desire for her does
not overpower her honesty,

her integrity,
steadfast. powerful anne. the
queen. and you survive, guilty
but alive, hurting and breathing
with all you have left to breathe.
you turn away, nothing left
to give but your loyalty

to your god, and
the fragile promise that your
son will be safest never
knowing the truth about you,
and you will be safest away
from anne, away from temptation
that could get the two of you

hanged. but your faith
holds out for you — god always
does — and the king dies. the king
dies, and she, crowned and ultimately
powerful, holds her hands out
to you and promises a
world of together. of a

queen, and her minister.
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