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Harry Roberts Jan 13
Turned off the gravity to lessen the weight of my shadows.
But did that ever work, or was the melt down what follows.
Trying to focus on anything other than me,
Maybe that made it easier when it was I who undid me.

You can live in a dispassionate, destructive state,
You can keep adding worries and doubts piling up your plate,
Darkness falls like an avalanche moving at an exponential rate,
Its not 1 into 2 but 1 into 3 then 3 into 9,
Then when every part of your persona is taken apart by its design.

Who is left and who am I?
What is left when the birds won't fly.
Who will care when the clock strikes 12,
When the day is over and your down on yourself.

When the world has had it's pound of flesh but still wants more.
The fatigue is suffocating expanding from my core,
It fills me up until it leaks like tar from my pores,
Muddles my mind twisting 1 thing into a 1000 thoughts.
Harry Roberts Nov 2022
Droplets speckled across thick green leaves,
The moon riding high almost at her peak,
The ground was soft and dewy,
While the grass entwined my feet.

There was  a time when I'd feel the beat below, the steady heart of the Earth.

Breeze wing beaten to my face by the wide wings of the Sky.

My aura was alight with Fire and my Spirit was adrift like flotsam In the Ocean of my Soul.

Felt like I was stranded, salty, searing in the Sun.

Like a tree that has been petrified by lightning.

My mind a forest bowed by gale force wind.

I was raw, undone, unraveled while unravelling more with reckless abandon.

But think of the forest, think of the woods, think of creation and the nature of all things growing.

I need to remember the Moonlit Grove.

Nature so suple, divine and in spaces evergreen,
Life was a simple fragment made wholly meaningful In this moment,
I'm In awe of this complex marriage between living, growing and giving life after your own.

Where the doplets were speckled across thick green leaves,
The moon riding high - climaxingly luminous at her peak.
The ground was soft and dewy in it's rejuvenating embrace
While the grass entwined my feet and the moonlight kissed my face.
Harry Roberts Sep 2020
Estrangement and resentment kills like pentobarbitone
Respiratory arrest for a fractured spirit feel like an anodyne
The broken bits of soul can return to the ether and make itself whole
While I become all in the dirt with the soil

Arrangement to derangement in disorder I toil
Peace in the darkest night against the midnight I coil
Velvet in it's embrace I find tranquility in the infinity
Lost my whole life before I returned to the divinty.
Harry Roberts Sep 2020
Hold me like you miss me soothe my worries as you kiss me
Sorrow bittersweet while my eyes are feeling misty
Tomorrow is unwritten except for the bottom of a bottle of whisky.

If this is where we part then I might reclaim my heart
I can't relinquish my love and let all my joys depart
I can't walk one way while the chaos of life restarts.

I'm supposed to say goodbye but it feels like you won't go
It had always been the edge of temptation how did something grow
Tomorrow I'll see if our patterns change and what the changes show.

Hold me like you miss me while you soothe my spirit it's risky
Change sometimes doesn't happen even when life gets grisly
Tomorrow is unbidden but I won't face it miserably.
Love finds a way even when it runs through Hell.
Harry Roberts Sep 2020
One wide split right through the middle
Frightening fighting while I stay hidden
A war between reality and feelings
The path my feelings follow aren't always appealing.

I've invested my energies in endeavours proven destructive
Fed the essence of my aura into a river that's been occluded
All the sentiment sediment with the pressure becomes eruptive
Seems like the fallacy inside me had always been corrupted.

Imagination and my devastation have I always been deluded
Dichotomy so clear yet the opposing parts keep feuding
They create a perfect storm as if these factors colluded
Adding to the mounting anxiety making matters more confusing.
Harry Roberts
Harry Roberts Sep 2020
My chest is half full
Shimmering with love
Spilling compassion by the heartful.

My mind is my own
These voices are mine too
Threads of thought tough like sinew.

Unravel the knots so people can find you
Chaos can hinder weaken and blind you
Remember yourself be kind and be gentle.

Remember yourself and your morals be mindful.
When the glass was half empty
Hurting with its absence
Perception is everything
Even when its harmful

Harry Roberts
Harry Roberts Sep 2020
Body to body I breath him in
Tasting like home I can't begin
Hands in my hair his lips against mine
Dancing to the music of the divine.

I just wanted him to hold me for a second more
His arms around me like armour I'm shielded
Wrapped in his scent for a moment more
Before reality sets in and this wild idea has yielded.

I remember the first touch as clearly as our last time
Lips bruised eachother when we touched it was sublime
But the vehemence behind the passion was nothing short of wanting
I just wanted him forever now my memories are taunting.

Have we been entangled since the start of time
Spirit to spirit making a soul with two spines
Theres something about you it's like déjà vu
Compliment we complicate in everything we do.

Body to body I breath him in
Tasting like home I can't begin
Hands in my hair his lips against mine
Dancing to the music of the divine.
Harry Roberts
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