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I remember the last time we ******,
It was hateful and thick with unspoken words,
I remember meeting him and thinking nothing,
But I guess nothing became something for you.

Maybe I'm bitter but jealousy died,
**** on that ***** I hope he's a ride,
You know I don't hate you I hate that you lied,
I would have taken my leave while retaining my pride.

But you didn't respect me enough
To tell me you found a new love
It would've been **** but I'd have picked myself up
I found out by seeing you deep in him... ****.

I could've cried for a day but I didn't,
I took my stuff and waved good riddance,
I could've disappeared for a year and hidden,
I wouldn't give in to weakness... that is forbidden.

I've seen you together in town,
You're a team and i cannot frown,
Swam from my feeling 'cause I cannot drown,
I'll find my one or I will be found.
Harry Roberts - Moving on (good bye)
I've been left feeling like life has lost its meaning,
I know I'm not dead but it's me that I'm grieving,
Everyday I wake up and fall from the ceiling,
Everyday I fall but the truth I've been concealing.

I don't want you to see my when I'm weak,
I'm awake more than I'm asleep,
I don't answer to what I need,
Life feels slow but time is gaining speed.

I'm getting high while falling low,
The waves keep hitting with undertow,
Rip tides rush we end where they flow,
Depression follows wherever you go.

I can't keep grazing the sky while kissing the ground,
I'll stop gazing at stars because I can't astound,
I let my love go and now it's unbound,
Drifting like ash so it cannot be found.
Harry Roberts - Grazing the sky while kissing the ground.
Narcissism is a Hydra in your heart,
Confront one head & three others sprout,
Can't reach the end when it's just the start,
You take all you can and only leave doubt.

But I still love you and I'm part to blame,
When I'm with you I'm hugging my shame,
Love is a liar it turned into games,
Or it is as it was but now I see flames.

So I must stand strong and use my resolve,
Turn from what burns me and learn to evolve,
If I can be wiser then I'll break your mould,
Keep my eyes wide while I aim for my goal.
Hydra In Your Heart
His hands are gripping at my tail,
**** born demons on my trail -
He thought he could bind me.

An angel in the sky
& I cannot align -
Wrought with confusion it just blinds me.

I cannot contain the pain is bursting from the frame
Man I hope that you hear this,
I still call your name when passion scorches rain
& I could almost be near bliss,
Then I'm well aware of the emptiness I share -
My bed it was made for a pair.

The man with golden teeth shares a soul with the Beast,
He sent me to a **** dressed as Heaven.

I confess that I compressed my whole soul with this stress,
Once a mess of pure distress a ***** flame I coalesce,
I turn into an inferno and I burn who dares caress,
I can heal and be better but first I must regress.

I'll forgive myself and say
That sometimes life goes this way
Maybe it's better not to stay
'Cause surely love finds its prey.
Harry Roberts - **** Dressed As Heaven
Harry Roberts Jan 29
I won't go back to that place little reaper don't grin,
I won't plead or demand no I won't let you win,
I've locked down my mind I won't let you in,
All you have taken has worn me so thin.

I said no I said no I say no till I scream,
The scariest thing because I cannot dream,
The monsters the same it's the monster in me,
I can't quite reconcile this internal dichotomy.

I am now stronger than my weakened youth,
I could slam a door now to pull out a tooth,
Hindsight will teach but not show you the truth,
Search thoughts and feelings 'cause memory is proof.

Boiling inside its internal despair,
I cool it with water like it wasn't there,
I pretend I don't care & I know it's not fair,
How I built myself with pieces left spare.

I won't go back to that place little reaper I win,
I'll let down my hair see it flow in the wind,
I'll take off my clothes 'cause I glow with my sin,
I could never invite you so now I rescind.
Harry Roberts - Little Reaper I Win
Harry Roberts Jan 29
Breaking a leg to make the cast,
Nobody said that gold was brass,
A **** show tarnished not to last,
A circus in truth so wild and fast.

Climb up to fall off then wallow in tears,
"Overcome" now your back and your buried by fears,
A new storm forming when one has just cleared,
A cycle of chaos from the core interferes.

No intermission or lies by omission,
Depressive episodes have become a tradition,
Darkness multiplies it's beyond addition,
Stuck in a bog and it dulls cognition.

You should be happy you play a key part,
You pay all your taxes while breaking your heart,
Slaves to a system from your kids you depart,
Thought you could finish well here's where it starts.

They've spent your whole pension,
They want you dead did they mention,
It's a form of preemptive intervention,
This society is one that breeds apprehension.
Harry Roberts - Apprehension
Harry Roberts Jan 16
Cosmic Mother Our Queen Of Life,
Give Us Strength To Stride Through Strife,
Cleanse The Way When Night Won't Fall,
Give Us Grace When We Want It All.

Holy Jesters Making Mockery Of Our Pain,
The Sky May Look Green To A Man With No Brain,
The Grief & Compassion These Animals Fein,
Don't Listen To Closely 'Cause Sentiment Stains.

The Truth Is Shown In Their Disdain,
We're Made To Give So They Can Gain,
Have You Not Seen This Political Game,
Divided So Broadly When We're All The Same.

Cosmic Mother Bring Us A New Day,
Let All The Angry Wastage Waste Away,
All Of The Awe In This World It Can Stay,
But Take Out The Trash & To That We Will Pray.
Harry Roberts - Cosmic Mother
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