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Kai May 2
There in the flowers
another watches
writing on petal pages
attentive and fascinated
by the poet that lays
Just expressing the fae loving part of me.
Jules AA Apr 4
the faeries play
around ancient oaks
on the mushrooms and
little toy bridges
hidden in the bramble.
dancing drunk
in the late afternoon sun,
they sing but no one hears.
plastic can’t speak, after all.
Tee Morris Mar 5
The tears
The fears
    The lies
The cries
    The pain
The fame
    The jokes
The smoke
    The drugs
The blood
    The sweat
The regret
    The sadness
The blindness
    The cloudy skies...
The one's who die...
Toni Dec 2018
The cobbled stones, awash by moon
The drunken laddies that sip and swoon.
To gaze upon the midnight beaut
Would parish ones will to that of Newts.

Thus lady’s hair does fall much like
A waterfall of pure moonlight.
With eyes of jewel and crystal light
Sets ones soul ablaze and heart, bright.

With opulent lips, does she possess
Such voice of tinkling bells distress.
With wisps of silver at loves cheeks
Gold flecks do twinkle at brows peek.

To tame such beauty is hopeless venture
Too many a drunk lad, sweet and tender.
To gaze upon midnights supple dream
Is to be more than merely heard, but seen.
I’ve been reading so much about the Fae, their feet keep tapping their way through my head!
Kit Scott Dec 2018
Remember your nickname
It saves you from the dark things
(don’t let them know you)
But if you must face them
Slit their tongues, peel away their pelts
Wear them as your skin
Rosalyn Urquhart Oct 2018
The honeybee delights in her perch
Crooning ageless songs to the tussore silk petals
A low thrum in the sweet saffron ****
A brush of honey around her entrance
She is the fae
Moth, too
Stumbling to reach the pendulous light in a drunken merriment
Dancing shadows over dry walls
A thin imitation of butterfly
Who is fae, too
Centipede and silverfish
Body full of a thousand darting eyes
Cautious, careful, carried
On the tips of toddler's fingers
Crawling, cradled
In the impregnable hands of a careless child
Wingbeats like a dreary applause
In the dew-soaked trellis
The labyrinth of gossamer thread
Arachne is prideful.
Escape, escape,
There is a minute sound of a spider weeping
Dry, Like sand through an hourglass
As she wraps the children in viscid cloth
Drier still are the ghosts crackling as tiny feet
Navigate the cicada grave
Skin grows tighter and tighter
Summer is over now
Just a thought about bugs
Harry Roberts Sep 2018
When I Traversed The Spirit World I Attempted To Wake The Dead.
The Dead Only Slept So On I Did Move, Moving Through The Spirit World.

When I Traversed The Spirit World I Tried To Play With The Fae.
But The Fae Only Dine On Fruit & Red Wine, They Tried To Circle Me To Dance For All Time, But The Dead All Stayed Dead So On I Did Move, Moving Through The Spirit World.

When I Traversed The Spirit World I Was Spotted By It's Demons.
They Hung In Packs, Slobbering For Snacks, Rearing Up To Attack,
But The Fae Fought Them Back, Im Not Their Kin But They Don't Relax.
On I Can Move With The Fae On My Tracks.

When I Traversed The Spirit World I Saw A Sight, A Giant Tall, Sat On Mountains Watching All. I Ask The Giant Where I Am, Death He Said Its Where I Began, To Wake The Dead & Free Those Scammed,
Like Myself Be Released From The ******.
Harry Roberts - Traversed The Spirit World
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
Women of the Spring
Sitting on the vast Floral Hearts
Wings flutter gently
Walking past a field of flowers! I noticed that a few butterflies were
resting on them, too.  They look so beautiful when they fly away in the sun.
Need to pop down to the shop to get a few things!
Gonna use the time to plan out my free-verse too;
I've got the theme down at least.
Be back soon! ^-^
Lyn ***
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