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May 2020 · 514
Last Days
You may not,
Know me that well;

A relic from your past,
Trying to find a way;
Back, into your heart.

However long,
It may take you,
To open your doors:

I just want you to know,
That I have loved you,
Since the first day.

And I want to love you,
Till the last.
Mar 2020 · 178
Once Again
I don't know,
When the news would change.

Or when the streets;
Would no longer,
Be empty again.

But I know the first place,
I'm gonna be:

As soon as its safe,
To hold you,
Once again.
Mar 2020 · 856
Your Next Message
I don't care,
About the other messages;
Popping up,
At the top of my screen.

I just want to stay here,
And wait;
For your next message,
To come in.
Feb 2020 · 385
Every Day
I don't know,
If what I feel is love.

All I know is,
I will never tire,
Of seeing your face,
Smiling back at me.

On every day,
The sun rises.
Jan 2020 · 136
Happy New Year
Happy new year.
I wish you the best,
For the year ahead.
I hope the year is full of bliss,
Full of joy.

I hope you find love,
I hope you find the one.
I pray you find happiness,
And all you have ever wished for.

May this year be the best,
Of all the years you have lived.
And may it be the first,
Of many more years to come.
Dec 2019 · 199
Glowing, In The Sun
The sun is shining,
Casting a glow,
On this summer day.

We could be making love,
Or dancing;
Till we're too tired.
To do anymore.

Playing games,
Or just laughing loud,
Till the neighbours,
Hear our noise.

We could do anything.
But I'd rather just hold you.
Hold you close.

Enjoying this glow,
Till the sun is no more.
You can get a copy of my book, 'The Two Sides of Love' at the link below:
Dec 2019 · 298
Come; Closer
Into the night.

Step in.
And see what awaits;
What lurks in the dark.

The sun is going down,
The light would soon be out.

For I shall not;
Wait, all night long.
Dec 2019 · 571
The Blood Moon
The sun sets,
As the sky burns,
Crimson red.

Red mist in the air
A warning to all.
Hide, run.
Shake, and quiver with fear.

The blood moon shall come.
Come for us all.
And it shall only bring,
Tears and blood.
Nov 2019 · 166
I Will Stand
I'm standing outside,
Looking through the glass.
Hoping, wishing; crying,
For another chance.

Another opportunity.
This time,
I will get it right.

The night may be cold.
The skies may be pouring.
But I will stand.
Stand, for as long as I can.

Until you give me;
One last chance,
To make you mine...
Nov 2019 · 251
'I Love You So...'
The wind is blowing,
Gently, on this cool night.
As we overlook the city,
Shinning bright, with lights.

The roof is empty.
Nothing but our silhouettes,
Moving, in the darkness.

You come close,
Standing on a tiptoe.
I look into your eyes.
And then I know,
Deep in my heart,
How much, I love you so.
Nov 2019 · 482
The Ledge
Sitting on the ledge,
Admiring the view.
From the thirteenth floor,
Where everything seems so miniscule.

Breathe in and out,
Take in the sights.
The wind blowing,
I might just take flight. . .
Nov 2019 · 288
The Moonlight
Come, let's go.
We ride!
In the night.

On the hills, high.
With joy in our hearts,
Lips, draped in smiles.

Our troubles behind,
Into a future;
As bright,
As the moonlight.
Nov 2019 · 267
'I'm Yours...'
The look on your face,
Is prize enough.

The smile from your lips,
Is the cherry on top.

The day is,
Anytime we touch.

My day becomes,
With every step,
You take towards.

I always feel,
Whenever I realize,
That I'm yours.
Oct 2019 · 1.1k
You are Peaceful.
Your ways, gentle.
Your looks, wonderful.
Your eyes, magical.

Your smile, humble.
Your body, My temple.
My joy, My Eye’s apple.
My love, My Angel.
Oct 2019 · 336
Do Anymore
Baby, come back to bed.
Come back to me.

Come back into my arms.
Let's just stay within,
And forget the world without.

Let me hold you close.
For as long as you want.
Let me make love to you.
Until we are too tired,
To do anymore.
Oct 2019 · 242
Carpe Diem - Seize The Day
Yesterday is gone.
Tomorrow isn't sure.
Today is a present.
Don't let it past.

Seize the day.
No matter the challenges,
The present presents.

Seize the day.
Whether tomorrow comes;
Or not.
Give it your all.
Oct 2019 · 333
In the stables, or in the wild.
In the winter, or in the summertime.
In the shadow of the sunshine,
In the darkness of the cold night.

The Stallion must ride.
The Stallion must ride. . .
Oct 2019 · 1.4k
A Beauty
The night is still;
Punctuating the silence.

In the dark,
I see your silhouette.

A beauty,
A Goddess;
Heaven Sent.
Sep 2019 · 307
In pursuit of happiness,
Or some semblance of it.

From the pain and sadness,
But I am trying to cope with it.

Away from the darkness,
And any thought of it.

For that slice of goodness,
Or just a fraction of it.
Sep 2019 · 235
'Love, Undying. . .'
You can't live without me,
You said.

You used to preach,
That life without me,
Wasn't one worth living.

So, tell me.
Why do you still draw breath?
Why am I on my own?
And you're not here!

I thought we would be together.
For eternity.

In this life and the next.

I miss you so much.
Why aren't you here?

I'm all alone.
I need you, please.
I can't do this by myself.

I know you have a new life now.
A new beginning.
A chance to start afresh.

But the day you decide,
To take a trip to the next life.
And be with me;

I will be waiting,
Right here. .  .
Sep 2019 · 1.3k
Take My Hand
The night is dark.
The path is long.
The monsters are out.
In the shadows, they lurk.

Take my hand.
Let us find our way home.
No matter what comes tonight,
I promise to never leave you alone.
Write a story, she said.
You have a way with words.
Write a story just for us.

Write a story I would like,
A story that would make me smile.

Write about our first night.
That magical night.
A night of passion,
Pleasure, and delight.

The night I made you mine.
The night you made me, yours.

Kissing me in the right places.
Lingering, at the right spots.

Your touch,
Sending the right messages.
Oh God, my heart wouldn't stop.

That night was great,
One like no other.
The moon has come out to play,
Let us make this another.
Aug 2019 · 202
Over There
I saw you over there,
Across the street.
A beautiful angel,
With a smile,
Even more pretty.

I glance your way,
I can't help it.
I trip,
I almost fall,
But its totally worth it.

You saw me looking,
Catching my gaze,
Holding it.

My heart races,
My body starts to sweat.
I look away,

I take a moment,
To act like I wasn't looking.
Eyes darting around,
Like I was looking for something.

I gather up the courage,
To look at you once again.

I turn my head to you.
And all I see,
Is an angel,
Smiling back at me.
Aug 2019 · 171
The One
This could've been us.
Laughing, smiling.
Happy beyond our dreams,
With no care in the world

But you broke my heart.
You chose another one,
Instead of me.

How could you do this to me?
I gave you everything.
But for you, that wasn't enough.
I loved you so much.
What the hell did I do wrong?

Was I too nice,
Or I wasn't playful enough?
Was I too aggressive,
Or did I tease you too much?

Tell me what I missed,
Please, I don't understand.
Just tell me something.
Talk to me.
I can't take it anymore.

**** this!
Why does love hurt this much?
I thought you were the one.
I thought I had it all.

I don't know what I did.
To make you walk out the door.
I can't help but think.
That it was all my fault.
Write a story, she said.
You have a way with words.

Write any story.
As long as it's yours,
I will always read it.

You can write about our first kiss.
Under the moonlight,
Candles lit.

Lilies on the table,
Rose petals on the floor.
The band was playing our song.
We danced all night long.

You held me in your arms.
I felt a warmth like never before.
You whispered into my ears.
Saying all the right words.

You looked into my eyes.
I looked into yours.
You smiled at me.
But I smiled first.

You leaned in,
I reached up.
The sparks were flying.
My body tingling,

Then again, you looked into my eyes.
And I looked at yours.
Then we kissed some more.
All night long. . .

Enchanted (#SheSaid - Chapter 1) -
Write a story, she said.
You have a way with words
Write about us.

The day we met.
Under the sunset.
On the water's shores.
Overlooking the ocean.

The day I saw you over there.
We caught each other looking.
Our eyes met.
I shied away.
Giggling, as I turned my head

I looked again,
And you were almost there.
Walking up to me,
With a smile on your face.

Before any words were said,
I was already, enchanted.
Jul 2019 · 172
Perfect Isn't Enough
I'm so sorry
I never meant to hurt your feelings.
I tried and tried.
I tried to tell you so many times.

But always waiting for me was a smile.
Breakfast in bed, at the right times.
Always there, to kiss me good night.
Never faulting, ever the gentleman.

Your company, always a delight.
The host with the treats,
The guest with the gift.

You were always happy,
Always kind.
The nice guy.

I didn't want to take that away.
I didn't want to make you cry.
How do I tell you I don't love you anymore?

You remember the dates,
You always put me first.
You do everything right.

So, How do I tell you that 'perfect' isn't making me happy?
That 'Mr. Right' isn't enough for me.
It hurt every single day.
I just didn't know what to say.

I'm sorry.
I never meant for you to find out like this.
I know I messed up,
Please, forgive me!
This poem is a response to an earlier published poem. See link below:

'Under The Tree' -
Jun 2019 · 212
Under The Tree
You never had time for me
But you went to see him.

I called for weeks.
Hoping to see you,
Even if it was for a minute

But you said you were busy.
Had things to do.
Things that could not wait.
Things that were more important,
Than anything.

Imagine my disbelief.
When I saw you under that tree.
Holding his hand; smiling
Laughing, bearing all your teeth.
Touching his face, affectionately.
Leaning in, going for a kiss.
My God, I couldn't believe it.

I thought we had something.
I thought you said it was just me.
I thought you said I was your everything.

I'm not even mad or angry
I'm only sad,
You never looked at me.
The way you looked at him.
This is the first part of a two-parter, titled 'A Conversation Between Lovers'. Enjoy.
Jun 2019 · 217
End of Time
Blank canvas
Paintbrush in hand.
I don't even know where to start.
How will one paint a beauty so fine?

How many colours will I mix,
Just to get your shade right.
How many times will I try,
Just to make sure I get that smile.

For yours, is a beauty that can't be painted
A beauty that can't be described.
A beauty that won't be seen again.
Till the end of time. . .
Jun 2019 · 392
Let Me. . .
Let me trace the contours of your skin.
Follow them wherever they lead.
Let me see the hidden parts of your body.
And bring them out of hiding.

Let me find the spot.
The one that takes you there.
Let me kiss you all over your body.
Pausing, lingering;
At all the right places.

Let me part the way.
So I can knock on your wall;
Each tap speeding up;

Let me take your breath away.
Set your heart on a race.
Let me make you come.
Over and over again.

You don't have to do anything.
Let me. . .
Jun 2019 · 409
I Love The Way. . .
I love the way you say my name.
Whispering into my ears.
Calling out gently, softly.

I love the way you touch my skin.
My breath vanishing.
Spine, tingling.

I love the way you kiss my lips.
Playful, teasing.
Biting, licking.

I love the way you take me there
To the shores of pleasure,
And to the gates of excitement. . .
Jun 2019 · 589
My Everything
You're the oil in my engine.
The flow to my rhythm.
The foundation of my building,
The one that keeps me from falling.

You're the helium in my balloon,
The fire to my Zeppelin.
Without you, my shape can't be sustained.
You're the medicine to my pain.
In my heart, your love is forever ingrained.

You're the light to my darkness,
Brightening up my day with your every/very presence.
You are the spark, the inspiration.
With you in my life, there are no limitations.

You're the rain to my seeds,
The one that makes them grow.
Always coming in calm drizzles.
Never a storm, always the perfect dose.

You are the air that I breathe.
The oxygen, the one that keeps my fire blazing.
You are my everything.
If I have you, I have no need of anything.
Jun 2019 · 154
A Haunted Place
Don't ever imagine;
That you know what's going on in here.

This place is evil,
Bereft of happiness;

Dark corridors, hidden.
Behind a brimming exterior.
Soulless, and sad.
Yet, a smile.
In every appearance.

Don't assume. Don't guess.
Fight your own demons, instead.
Jun 2019 · 302
Gone So Soon
The days we spent together,
Were much too few.
We had so many moments,
But they only feel like a handful.

Even though you're gone,
I still long for you.
I would give anything,
Just to spend more time with you.
May 2019 · 1.1k
If I was shy,
I would come out of my shell.
Just to talk to you.

If I was evil,
I would slay the devil.
Just to catch a glimpse of you.

If I had a genie,
I would use all my wishes
To have you in this life,
And any life after that.

If I had all the riches,
I would trade them in a heartbeat.
Just to be with you.

For you are;
May 2019 · 219
The Brewing Storm
The clouds are darkening
Withdrawing the sun; concealing

The lighting is striking.
Glowing, electrifying.
The thunder is clapping.
Scary, deafening.

The air is dampening.
Cooling, moistening

The wind is howling.
The dust is rising.
The fires are dying.
The trees are shaking.

Roofs, flying.
Doors, slamming.
Windows, shutting.

The storm is brewing.
The people are running;
Hiding, retreating.
For the rain, is coming.
May 2019 · 2.7k
Black is beautiful.
Toned, smooth. A miracle.
Black is a treasure.
Golden, by any measure.

Black is an inspiration.
A shining light, a beacon.
Black is awesome.
A touch of magic, and then some.

Black is precious.
A gift from God, unique.
Black is sumptuous,
Enticing. A wonderful treat.

Black is cool.
Hip, Fun.
Black is free.
Hop, Soar to the top.
May 2019 · 232
I am Okay
I am okay.

The world is heavy,
but I don't feel the weight.
The body is weak,
but I don't feel the pain.

The tears are dropping.
My worries are many.
The sky is falling.
But I will not be fazed.

I am okay.

The lies are plenty.
My fate is shaking.
My heart is hurting.
My soul is wavering.

I am not okay.

But yet I keep fighting.
I am not okay.
But I know that one day,
I will be okay.
May 2019 · 181
Waiting for You
I'm waiting for you,
On that bridge, we met.
I hope we meet again,
No matter how brief the moment.

I will be here,
No matter what the heavens send.
Just to see your smile again,
In the shadow of the sunset. . .
May 2019 · 267
Sadness, gloom and sorrow.
Tales of the future. Tales of the 'morrow.
A loss expected, a doom foretold.
Still, why does it hurt so?

It could be any day now, the doctor says.
The sickness has reached its final stage.
There's nothing more we can do.
Than to make the patient comfortable.

The day is come.
A loved one is lost.
Death has made its call.
Cancer takes another one.

Just because there's a reason,
That doesn't make it hurt less.
Just because you know it's coming.
It doesn't make the pain any different.

Pain is pain.
Don't slice it another way.
Help a friend. Help a loved one today.
Give them comfort, Give them solace.
May 2019 · 174
Not All The Time
I love you.
That's a given.
Why do I have to say it too?

It's how I feel.
It's not a greeting.
Why do I have to keep saying the **** thing?

I say it today?
I say it tomorrow?
Tell me what matters more.
Showing you I care.
Or just telling you 3 words.

Trying to make you smile.
Or just saying what you want to hear.

If saying it will make you happy.
Then, yes I do.
I love you.
More than you can ever imagine.

I will repeat it time after time.
I will shout from the rooftops,
Sing it you all night.

But if I forget to say it,
Do not be angry.
I'm only scared,
That the words may lose their shine.
May 2019 · 410
The Question
I'm down on one knee.
In the background, good music.
Floor, littered with roses.
Perfect lighting, candles lit.

The love of my life.
Standing, in front of me.
A picture of beauty, stunning.
Beaming with joy, smiling.

I promise to make you happy.
To give you peace, for eternity.
To put you first, above anything.

So, I'm asking.

Will you make my dreams a reality?
Make me happy,
More than I could ever imagine.

Would you be my partner?
My lover, my significant other.
Would you be the one I wake up beside?
For the rest of my life.

Will you marry me?
May 2019 · 128
Let Me In. . .
I feel you pulling away.
The distance widens every day.
Growing; stretching at a scary pace.
Just tell me what it would take;
To see you smiling back at me again.

Was it something I did?
I don't even care what it is.
Please, I'm sorry.
I can't stand us being like this.
Let me just try, I'll do anything.

I promise I won't hurt you.
Give me a chance, I don't want to lose you. . .
This silence is killing me.
Say something.
I'm begging. Please,
Let me in!!!

I'm losing my mind.
I don't know what else to say.
Just know that I love you.
And I am not ready to give up on you.
May 2019 · 393
One Last Kiss. . .
I wish you were by my side.
So I can see you smile.
I wish you were in front of me.
So I can give you one last kiss.

I wish you never left.
I wish you were still here.
Please come back.
I'm losing my mind.

I would do anything.
To hold you in my arms.
Just one more tíme.
Apr 2019 · 129
This Love Thing. . .
What is this love thing?
Why is it so hard to reach?
I keep chasing,
It keeps on eluding me.

I keep trying.
But now I see,
That there is no limit.
To the heart's pieces.

At this point,
I'm not even choosy.
I just want someone,
Who can make me happy.
Apr 2019 · 153
Just for Once. . .
If only for a second,
I want you to feel, the way I feel.
To dive into the depths of my thoughts.
And see how much of you I adore.

Just for once,
I want you to see.
That my love for you is real.

Just this one time,
I want you to smile.
Knowing, that I am the reason why.
Apr 2019 · 432
The Cool Night. . .
The night is cool.
The skies are open.
The weather is perfect.
I'm all alone, under the blanket.
I have everything else.
The only thing missing, is you.
Apr 2019 · 284
Tell Me You Love Me. . .
Why can't you tell me you love me?

Why is it so hard to just say it?
You say you feel it.
You don't have to say it.
But I want to hear it.

You say you don't want to be forward.
Please, take the jump.
Into my arms, you will fall.

You don't want to say it all the time.
You don't want it to lose its shine.
**** that! I want you to give me some peace of mind.

You don't want to say it first.
Fine, let me take that step.
Let that burden be lifted.

I love you like fish love the sea.
Without you, I can't breathe.
I will stare down the sun, I will go to the moon.
Just to hear you say, you love me too.
Apr 2019 · 216
The Night King's March
Who will sit on the iron throne?
Will anyone outlive the doom to come?
For the winter forewarned,
Has reached our shores.
The threat scantly believed,
Is here to wipe out all that breathes.

The Night King is coming.
A dragon of ice in tow.  
To conquer Westeros,
And all that lay claim to the throne.

The wall will fall.
Innumerable lives will be lost.
Who will endure, to rule it all?
Only the Three-Eyed Raven knows. . .
Apr 2019 · 486
The Forge
The birthplace of weapons.
The backbone of wars.
No sound but the throes of steel.
In fires that burn, unending.

Shaped by the beating of the blacksmith.
Each stroke, manifesting his will.
To forge the weapon of prophecy;
The sword to lead us to victory.
Bathed in the blood of its enemies.
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