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You may not,
Know me that well;

A relic from your past,
Trying to find a way;
Back, into your heart.

However long,
It may take you,
To open your doors:

I just want you to know,
That I have loved you,
Since the first day.

And I want to love you,
Till the last.
I don't know,
When the news would change.

Or when the streets;
Would no longer,
Be empty again.

But I know the first place,
I'm gonna be:

As soon as its safe,
To hold you,
Once again.
I don't care,
About the other messages;
Popping up,
At the top of my screen.

I just want to stay here,
And wait;
For your next message,
To come in.
I don't know,
If what I feel is love.

All I know is,
I will never tire,
Of seeing your face,
Smiling back at me.

On every day,
The sun rises.
Happy new year.
I wish you the best,
For the year ahead.
I hope the year is full of bliss,
Full of joy.

I hope you find love,
I hope you find the one.
I pray you find happiness,
And all you have ever wished for.

May this year be the best,
Of all the years you have lived.
And may it be the first,
Of many more years to come.
The sun is shining,
Casting a glow,
On this summer day.

We could be making love,
Or dancing;
Till we're too tired.
To do anymore.

Playing games,
Or just laughing loud,
Till the neighbours,
Hear our noise.

We could do anything.
But I'd rather just hold you.
Hold you close.

Enjoying this glow,
Till the sun is no more.
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Into the night.

Step in.
And see what awaits;
What lurks in the dark.

The sun is going down,
The light would soon be out.

For I shall not;
Wait, all night long.
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