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May 2019
I love you.
That's a given.
Why do I have to say it too?

It's how I feel.
It's not a greeting.
Why do I have to keep saying the **** thing?

I say it today?
I say it tomorrow?
Tell me what matters more.
Showing you I care.
Or just telling you 3 words.

Trying to make you smile.
Or just saying what you want to hear.

If saying it will make you happy.
Then, yes I do.
I love you.
More than you can ever imagine.

I will repeat it time after time.
I will shout from the rooftops,
Sing it you all night.

But if I forget to say it,
Do not be angry.
I'm only scared,
That the words may lose their shine.
Fọlábòmí Àmọó
Written by
Fọlábòmí Àmọó  24/M
     Crazy Diamond Kristy, L B and Harper
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