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promises to you are promises to me

to love and to cherish
I promise
to nurse and to heal
I promise
to laugh and to tickle
I promise
to see your true colors
I promise
to never break you and us
I promise
to forever and after that
I promise
Eleanor Apr 10
Please answer me this
Mr Pence,
Why can’t I wear a white dress?
Why can’t I claim innocence?

My mother always told me,
When I was young,
That one day I could get married  
And it would be such fun.

That if I truly loved them
We would have our special dance.
So please Mr Vice President
Why won’t you give me that chance?

My grandmother always told me
That true love was precious.
That it would pause all other emotions
Whether angry or jealous

My father always told me;
That to love was to give it all
And if they did the same
That’s how you knew to fall.

So why Mr Vice President
Can’t I give my love the world
Why don’t you want me to marry?
Is it because she’s a girl?
Written at the request of a friend
Tommy Randell Nov 2019
Yes, organic ice creams from Vans at their wedding
And a phone-free zone to eat them in
The sign said 'No Carbon Heavy presents, please...
Do use the paper cups & plates for recycling.'

Guests brought pie and baskets of fruit
Chemically free to make whole pulp smoothies
The Bride wore... Thrift, the Groom... Utility
There was homemade wine and local cheeses

Old mix tapes were played of romances past
Naughty Jokes and Texts read were out loud
Sketch pads and crayons lay on every table
For a record to be made of this day of vows

They were trying to do it... their way.

Then, a full month's honeymoon in sunnier climes
Champagne & Strawberries on the beach
Silk kimonos & chocolate lying neatly on pillows
A Cabin Steward for Room Service never out of reach

The great and the good as their fellow passengers
Posh evenings and bingo with luxurious prizes
A galaxy of Stars for entertainment every night
And not a word spoken of the World and its crises

A sauna, a massage, a cornucopia of oils
Delicacies of seafood, fine wines and liqueurs
If you are going to do it then better do it right
Weddings like this, well... you need to make them Yours

And that's what they did... Their way.
We went to such a wedding as this of late - The sheer waste of 'good organic food' left over at the end was, well, traumatic! But I have exaggerated slightly - Merely for poetic effect, of course.
Pearson Bolt Jun 2019
every white wedding is exactly the same.
kitschy mason-jar centerpiece displays,
thirsty flowers in ornate vases,
lace-trimmed tablecloths and country-pop
songs blaring from the stereo.

welcome to cookie-cutter suburbia,
copy-and-pasted from half-a-hundred
Pinterest boards depicting
indistinguishable scenes
of smiles stretched paper-thin
on spray-tan painted faces.

my tongue is a skipping record,
regurgitating the same vapid
conversation ad nauseam,
stutter-stepping through
an indistinct refrain:
“how’s school going for you?”
“oh, really? an English degree?”
“and just what do you plan
to do with that, exactly?”

bourgeois blather follows flagrant patterns.
drunk uncles splutter racist rants
at this posh reception, but i’ve been told—
no matter what—don’t stir the ***.
avoid any and all discussion
of the current president’s
child concentration camps,
the war on immigrants,
or the escalating tensions
with Venezuela and Iran.

i am sick
to my stomach
of self-indulgence:
watered-down punch bowls, patriarchal
vows to god and government. “i do,”
an endless ******* feedback loop
droning tediously until my ears bleed.
sing the same hymns over acoustic guitars
while vocals peak in microphones.
reread 1 Corinthians 13:13, beg your deity
to bless the BBQ pork and beans.

dance along to the Cupid Shuffle
and be sure
to always follow the rules:
birth, youth,
college, marriage,
work, death.
I'm down on one knee.
In the background, good music.
Floor, littered with roses.
Perfect lighting, candles lit.

The love of my life.
Standing, in front of me.
A picture of beauty, stunning.
Beaming with joy, smiling.

I promise to make you happy.
To give you peace, for eternity.
To put you first, above anything.

So, I'm asking.

Will you make my dreams a reality?
Make me happy,
More than I could ever imagine.

Would you be my partner?
My lover, my significant other.
Would you be the one I wake up beside?
For the rest of my life.

Will you marry me?
more and more couples are opting
to wed in unconventional places
they're not into those old fashioned
churches or registry office spaces

just to-day an American pair
did exchange their nuptial vows
inside an airport terminal
near the baggage area's trows

these types of wedding ceremonies
are gaining a greater supporter root
for they've added a new dimension
to the whole matrimonial hoot

we can expect to see weddings being
performed in a different location
so don't surprised if one happens
outside the international space station
Peyton James Feb 2019
Instead of a wedding ring,
Give me a collar
With a name tag
That states
Who this *****
Belongs to.
I'm not the biggest fan of weddings and all the other ******* that they include. Don't know if you can tell?
As I grow older
it seems I attend more funerals
than weddings
it’s quite confusing sometimes
trying to distinguish between the two
Bewildered at the love I gave,
knowing I got none in return, while pouring more,
anesthetic ****** at times.
Elevated at times when I discovered someone new,
oh easily I give my heart to.
The damage is when my true self melts away
and I forget.
While no love lost, no lost found
Romantic gestures in a relentless fashion,
conscious in every moment, closing into
enlightenment, blooming to boundless
edges, like the lotus, newly found love,
from a starting point of fulfillment.
Finishing on something beyond conception.
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