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Texting is conviennent when you really want to talk to someone but cannot see them in person, and are either too lazy to call or just don't like the sound of your own voice enough to do so.

The thing I don't like about texting is that, there are only so many options to choose from and so many ways to mess up.

How do you properly display accurate inflection of voice by choosing between a strategically placed comma over a finite period.

How do you show emotion with typed words, save with  ALL CAPITAL LETTERS or an ! or even :) .

How do you choose between sending long paragraphs of text or short phrases with scattered abbreviations that look like you are either tired, up-to date, or just don't care enough to type the whole **** word.

You see, texting pulls back yet another layer of anxiety, stress, questioning, even self-loathing, but we suffer nonetheless and do what we can to stay connected with the amazing people in our lives.
Evie Jun 2
(im sorry. ill send her a message)
(and let her know how u feel)

                                                                                                  [oh. u guys still]
(i sent it)
(i miss u)
you never answered my question
shes the reason this went to hell in the first place
and you claim you're trying to be better so you can have me back
you've got a funny way of showing it
Leia Spencer May 19
The thing about us English nerds
We know the sappy lines
The snappy remarks
The ones that sting just right
Or heal a cut deep in your heart
So watch out for us
Because you’ll never know
Which is which
Real or not real
Cutting or healing
Loving or hating
For it’s the actions that count
In a day and age where we communicate
Through words we see on a screen
It’s dangerous for people like you
Who listen to those who cannot be seen
Because girls who read books
Can right you anything you want.
And you won’t be able
To tell the difference.

S Bharat Apr 9

I waited
for long time.
My hope will

changes clime,
When you will

I asked for.
Some bliss
To me.

I desired
Not a life nor
You just miss

You become
And express

Felt some
And confess
The heart leap,
Your aptitude,

The heart keep
And in solitude

S. Bharat
Jaede Bayala Apr 5
i don’t think you
have the same
r e d  h o t
the ones
with dopamine &
cinnamon sugar

I don’t think you
the same
e x c i t e m e n t
when you hear your
from across the

I don’t think
you’d describe your
h e a r t b e a t
like they do in a 90’s
rom com,
that it
so f a s t
that you feel like
your chest is going to
     x      l      d
e      p      o      e

I don’t think
this way

-I don’t think I know you, but I don’t think I know myself either
allison Mar 4
him: love you forever
her: love you always
him: til death do us part
her: promise?
him: promise.
him: forever & always
something i came up with because of a book i'm attempting to write
Callie Zeph Feb 26
We talked again tonight,
Not talking - messaging,
It's like people forget how to talk to one another nowadays.
Rarely such a thing of picking up the phone and calling a friend or an interest
We type, type, type, giving varying degrees of attention
It makes it so easy to misinterpret how interested the other person is
Every little thing is expected to have ten times more meaning than intended
And people wonder why relationships in younger generations often don't work very well
Modern relationships are pieced together like the modern Prometheus, with mixed intentions in all the right places but with conflicting commitment tearing it apart
Strange how my mind wanders this way
Naoki B Jan 19
I ******* hate texting
Because I can’t tell
What you’re wanting from me
Your words carried a hidden messaging
you had to send
the heart emoji
like jeez
are you trying
to give me a heart attack!
thwacked into this weird
situation don’t know
you thaaaat well
like bro
I just gave you my
number 2 days ago
Dude seriously
i know patience is key
but you’re late texts
are really getting to me
should i say hey
with two y’s or just one
not afraid of guns
but send the wink emoji
and i’ll run away as fast i can
begging for mercy
has a brain with
limitless capabilities in learning
but when is brought in conversation
never seems to be working
Academically discerning
Socially yearning
for a chance
to be apart of the group
i don’t care if i get 5000
at least ill have some
for my gratification
there is none such a letdown
then coming back from a trip
and being drown
in all 3 messages
from my mom
Friend i need you
to respond before i
my own problems.
a week
of wait
is just a prolonged
period of time.
kind of you
to say how’s it going
even though I know
you rather go
without knowing
what’s really going on
so I respond
with an empty nm u
slipping into
small talk
walking away
from unresolved issues
unspoken i miss you’s
held back in unsureness
purposely waiting to
answer not cause i
don’t care
but because i don’t fare well
with words
being surprised with time
sensitive texts don’t give me
they give me hummingbirds
but in the end it’s worth it all
cause god knows what i would do
if someone gave me a call.
by Chara Ward©
joren's Jan 9
I'll be stuck on you until I'm put to
Look into the future just to see my
Lying here lifeless now I know I'm
Lying here crying waiting for your
I'll be doing this till my final
Will I ever get better or just die
A mess
People want people cause people want
But I knew there was more from the day we
Cant take back the tears and the time I
I loved you and didn't know what it
Give ops please
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