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Nicx Oct 2021
Tiny screens hide big feelings.
Tell me you love me so I can breathe.
Sweet words wrap around my heart.
Constricting until I'm high
And can't feel the fear anymore.
I need to know what's real.
I know it isn't all lies,
But I can't find the line.
Blinded by electric energy,
Coursing through my limbs.
I love this and I hate this.
Convenient and damning.
The warmth of emotion permeates,
But it can't reach my core.
The anxiety and pain are rampant there.
I don't want to feel them.
I don't feel safe.
But I can't bring others down with me.
I need to face myself empty handed.
Let the emotions burn through me.
I know that I am fire proof.
So when the flames flicker to nothingness,
And I'm alone with the darkness,
I will be most simply
And most purely
SelinaSharday Sep 2021
Tired Of Texting U
I've been audio and texting ya for a while now well just feels like..
I mean what can I say...
Feels like many days due to the deep rich tones of it..
Gravel toss tirelessly shift.. reality uncalmly wanna lift..
waves crashing emotional sweets gifts roping..
Throws Thirsty Craves.  
searching..  longing.. like tidy bow tied falling.
Soon the feeling to Shift Lanes.
And  roast toasty words of flames..
Lets get ugly like realness and reality...
As of now we are teasingly..
and it's wearing on me and I want to find a way.
Or Just
Put on my church shoes and preach a sermon.
After the deeds are spoken and people have had their fun.
Fatigued is occupied and limited by time.
Being stimulated by what we find.
Show me your hidden Juggling hands.
Behind the scenes calming down of the fan.
I'll show you how I sort through my minds confines.
When I grow weary of the limitations and burst free of lines.
Sharday's Soul.
water falls
and then down ta 5 sec drips
tiny sips..
that went quick
a bitter sweet end..
A bond between friends.
May that never end,.
MsRobota Aug 2021
You don't have to reply
I know you're trying, fighting to stay above crashing waves
And avoiding perilous rocky coasts

How do you feel today?
I just wanted to reach out, and make sure you're okay

I'll be your lighthouse
Standing on rocky cliffs
Dancing on the sandy shoals
Forget your shame and your strife
And come dance with me for a while

You don't have to reply
I know it’s exhausting, holding onto an invisible raft lost at sea
Avoiding dangerous shallows

How do you feel today?
I just wanted to reach out, and make sure you're okay

I'll be your lighthouse
Standing on rocky cliffs
Dancing on the sandy shoals
Forget your shame and your strife
And come dance with me for a while

I know you're drifting past everyone
feeling distant from everything
I know you're feeling strange
But this isn't your first time sailing
And I'll always be waiting at harbours and bays
Like I always do to make sure you're okay

I'll be your lighthouse
Standing on rocky cliffs
Dancing on the sandy shoals
Forget your shame and your strife
And come dance with me for a while
grace Jun 2021
I’m the most stereotypical teenager you’ve ever met.
I spend all my time with my friends.
I like frappuccinos and I’m obsessed
With my social media pages.

I fell in love with a boy;
And, when he broke my heart,
I sobbed on the floor for weeks
And then dyed my hair blonde and moved on.

I wore a pretty blue dress and sparkly heels to prom.
I graduated at the top of my class,
President of the honor society,
Friends with everyone.

I’m your stereotypical teenage girl.
I’m the main character in a Disney channel original movie.
I have everything, I think.
Why can’t I sleep at night?

What they don’t tell you in the movies
Is that when I’m not with my friends, I feel lost and alone.
When I was heartbroken, I fell apart.
I’m successful, but at what cost?

The stereotypical teenage girl gets 3 hours of sleep a night.
I spend most of the night doing work,
But I also spend time texting my friends and flirting with boys.
When I’m alone with only myself, do I still fit the stereotype?
photovoltaic Mar 2021
its cold outside and i can't sleep because of you
keep me addicted to my phone, lonely but not alone
its 2am for me, because of these **** timezones
letters against a bright screen, squint my eyes against the light
my eyes are burning, i think im slowly going blind
hopeful messages promising to one day meet up
slip that engagement ring onto your finger, a binding promise
to find you, see you, kiss you, hold you in my arms, in person

not knowing if the other is perfect

~risking ruining your perception of me

because here behind my screen you think i'm everything

~but im bound to disappoint you like i always do

i want to marry someone ive never met

~is this something i'm going to regret?
i started dating this boy online ive never met irl
idk how this is going to work out
but i want this to last... is this an impossible fantasy or no?
Luna Maria Feb 2021
every time my phone lights up
I hope the notification says your name.
you make me smile more than I would like to admit
Sydney Dec 2020
The end result of talking to someone who has their read receipts on is the nagging feeling that whatever you said was not worthy of a response.

Your message is just one of many unanswered notifications that when added together equal a red bubble on a screen that gets ignored and forgotten.

Regardless of the meaning behind it - you feel ignored and forgotten.

So why do you still try.

Each message you send is like an arrow shot with no ending destination hoping to land near something that resembles some sense of stability before shooter loses their balance.

Each moment between messages drags longer and longer while think, “please turn from delivered to read”

You know they’re just busy.

So you wait a few hours, no response in sight. So, like a fool, you cast out a new arrow, as if you have an endless supply.

And you watch within minutes their name hits the screen, because your existence is remembered. So you quickly respond as to hold their attention that you have been craving all day. But that’s all you are going to get.

Because as much as you want to think you are someone special

You’re just a blip. Nothing more than a name on a screen that just gets swiped away. Just a number in a little red bubble waiting to be remembered.
Luna Maria Dec 2020
I've been staring at the word
under your contact name
for the past hour
its staring back at me
I'm desperately waiting for a reply
i let jealousy take me over
because I know you're texting her
instead of me.
you're both online and i'm just here crying.
Strying Dec 2020
Coming back
As if nothing changed

Texting me
As if you didn't stop

Using the same language
As if we're on the same terms

As we were
Back when I fell in love.
this dudeeee smh
Ace Loren Apr 2018
Heads bowed
Respect is due
Mindless slaves of prayer
Fingers tap a dedicated chant
The sounds of life fade

Life itself fades

Necks bent
Forever craned
Eyes worship the light
Don’t look away from the light

Screen shattered
Gravel stained
3477 sacrifices per day

Three thousand
Four hundred
Seventy seven sacrifices
Per day

One tap for likes
Two taps for loves
Three taps for Rest In Peace

Picking up the pieces of
Windshield, heart and phone screen

Three thousand
Four hundred
Seventy seven sacrifices
Per day

Heads bowed
I’m sorry for your loss
Respect is due
A moment of silence for
Mindless slaves of prayer

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