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Skye Jul 31
In another life,
We would've lived in a house with a red door,
And lemon trees outside the window

A girl with a silver hair and dark brown eyes
Another with dark curls and amethyst eyes
A boy dreaming of swords and being a knight
Would be running around
Chasing horses

But we were born in the midst of clashing kingdoms
In a world run by betrayal
Families strengthened by treason

Still, in spite of all the impossibility,
Two worlds collided
But this frigid harsh place,
Its icy-cold people
Ceased the fire out

So in another life,
Ice and fire will soon meet
Duty and honor be ******
This time, love won't accept defeat
Sorry, I kept thinking of the house with the red door I used it in two of my poems. Can't believe I wrote two poems based on GoT in a day, someone please get me a life, lol
Skye Jul 31
The power, the title, the throne, the crown
All means nothing without you to keep me warm

The glory, the war, the army, the victory
Still, your heart was the most precious I’ve won

The cold, the grief, the numbness, the pain
If only you have come to ease a little of them

Don’t you know, my love?
I would’ve walked away from it all,
Would’ve stayed a thousand years far from here
If you had only asked

A house with a red door, lemon trees outside
The mundane things I have long desired

But you stood on my downfall,
Yet I have looked at you
As if the sun shines just through your eyes

You, the one I have loved and chose,
Have failed me the most

A bit of hope, a lot of love
Gone were they
When a dagger was pierced through my heart
This is my second Game of Thrones-inspired piece.
(Here's the first one, it was so cheesy though:

I am still deeply wretched about the ending and I do not know how to cope, lol.
AceLione May 29
We hailed Robb The King in The North
He was the leader, who led his army forth
Everyone admired his strategic mind
After the battle of Oxcross he found something he thought he wouldn't find.
A girl who's name was from the faith of the seven
Robb thought that he'd find his own heaven
Only little did he know, his friends had distrust
Roose played it safe and Walder frey thought robb cared only about lust
At the wedding at the twins, the people were having a feast
Little did they know that they had angered the lion and other beasts
Devastated Catelyn would cry as Robb falls
Now the rains weep o'er The North's Halls..
A poem in ode to my favorite game of thrones character
Lawrence Hall May 13
I have never been one of the slacker drones
I have never been one of the sheep-y clones
I have never eavesdropped on lovers’ moans
I have never seen Jesus in traffic cones


I have never watched The Game of Thrones
Your ‘umble scrivener’s site is:
It’s not at all reactionary, tho’ it might be drivel.

Lawrence Hall’s vanity publications are available on as Kindle and on bits of dead tree:  The Road to Magdalena, Paleo-Hippies at Work and Play, Lady with a Dead Turtle, Don’t Forget Your Shoes and Grapes, Coffee and a Dead Alligator to Go, and Dispatches from the Colonial Office.
To this day
I will relish
The look on your face
When I took you down
With nothing more
Than a quiver of words
That struck truer
than dragon glass
than Valyrian steel
My surprise when
You didn't even shatter
Just fell to the ground
Because no matter
How badly
You wanted
To be my monster
Acting as though
You were indestructible

It turned out
You were nothing more

Than a very large

By a very small man.

And you will burn all the same
Inspired by GOT, obviously lol
Fọlá Apr 14
Who will sit on the iron throne?
Will anyone outlive the doom to come?
For the winter forewarned,
Has reached our shores.
The threat scantly believed,
Is here to wipe out all that breathes.

The Night King is coming.
A dragon of ice in tow.  
To conquer Westeros,
And all that lay claim to the throne.

The wall will fall.
Innumerable lives will be lost.
Who will endure, to rule it all?
Only the Three-Eyed Raven knows. . .
I met a girl in Winter
She said her name was Spring,
Eyes as green as meadows,
As sleek as any sapling.
She danced beneath the snowy trees,
She sang of warmth to come,
She wrapped me in her soft embrace
And played me like a drum.

In later months I lived a dream
My poems of Summer skies,
Sowing seeds and visions
Through pastures warm and fertile
To the song of Nature's blessing,
Hand in hand with Spring,
I quickened to the Jig of Life
In tune with every living thing.

Autumn brought me Riches & Death,
A virtual harvest for the Soul,
A duet of sky and forest soaring
To a breathless tremolo.
The Chorus, then, of the Year of Life
but doomed to die in cold and stone -
A ballet of the Heart on ice,
A Commedia dell'arte, a Mundane of Thrones ...
Inspired initially by a Poem of Don Bouchard 'I Met A Girl', a poet I admire very much. This poem however has other intentions ...

Opera Cornique - Is a type of French opera wherein instead of singing, the lines are spoken. In its early form, it was satirical but would, later on, have serious storylines such as Carmen by Georges Bizet.
There’s a lot of primal loss,
blood, tears and adversity
that went in to ensure
your sovereignty

They fought rivals with rifles,
‘cause Blood Tears And Uncertainty
meant War for your solvency
Annie Apr 2
A white cloak for the kings guard
The men without hearts
A shining armor for his knights
The dark guards of spite

But any wore it like a burden
And the white enhanced his eyes
Dark and black they seemed,
But burning
Watching all my tears and cries
Covered in white

What pain give the hands
Of a knightly dressed lord
With no strength to defend
Against any strike and word

But he refused any order
And he whispered in my ear
Strange advice he gave,
But careful
Perceiving all my pain and fear
Covered in white

What ugliness reveals
A fair and pretty guise
Of a blackness deep sealed
Well hidden by blue eyes

But within my weakest hours
He appeared beside my side
Burned and broken,
But protecting
Lying in my lap that night
Covering me in white
To the controversial, but fascinating relationship of Sansa Stark and the Hound. (Game of Thrones/ SoIaF)
Öüi Nov 2018
You are a strange kind of beautiful
The type that not all men can handle
You are fire and ice, something spiteful
But I am attracted for reasons I cannot tell
You are a mess of contradictions
But I can see something beautiful
Something that others cannot see for some reasons
But I know that what awaits me is something wonderful
And if I would be so bold
I'd ask you to trust me and show me everything
Show me all your imperfections and I will never fold
Show the beauty within you and I will love you with my everything
I'm ready to fight in the front line
I'm willing to lay down my life for you
I will keep you safe all the time
And never let anyone take you or hurt you
I'll be your soldier
I will fight until the war is won
I'll be your lover
And we will write a story of our own
First poem. IJVS
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