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Aug 2019
This could've been us.
Laughing, smiling.
Happy beyond our dreams,
With no care in the world

But you broke my heart.
You chose another one,
Instead of me.

How could you do this to me?
I gave you everything.
But for you, that wasn't enough.
I loved you so much.
What the hell did I do wrong?

Was I too nice,
Or I wasn't playful enough?
Was I too aggressive,
Or did I tease you too much?

Tell me what I missed,
Please, I don't understand.
Just tell me something.
Talk to me.
I can't take it anymore.

**** this!
Why does love hurt this much?
I thought you were the one.
I thought I had it all.

I don't know what I did.
To make you walk out the door.
I can't help but think.
That it was all my fault.
Written by
Fọlábòmí Àmọó  24/M
     psykhe and Fawn
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