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I saw you over there,
Across the street.
A beautiful angel,
With a smile,
Even more pretty.

I glance your way,
I can't help it.
I trip,
I almost fall,
But its totally worth it.

You saw me looking,
Catching my gaze,
Holding it.

My heart races,
My body starts to sweat.
I look away,

I take a moment,
To act like I wasn't looking.
Eyes darting around,
Like I was looking for something.

I gather up the courage,
To look at you once again.

I turn my head to you.
And all I see,
Is an angel,
Smiling back at me.
My Type Aug 2017
"No, let's not exchange notes..."
"It's not okay to compare our love for each other," I said.
"What are you scared about?" He questioned.
"Scared of you losing...
When she first saw him, he came fearless wearing red
She was uncomfortable, in her usual black
And by that
Anyone could say they didn't match

Although they got along
It was clear that something would go wrong
A mischievous boy
Falling for a broken heart girl
Who would dare to believe that from it
A love could grow?

The girl didn't know how bad this boy could get
And she had confidence to let him in
Like with somebody else she never had

He stabbed a knive at her back
While saying "I love you,"
"I don't why you always so sad"

One day the girl realized that she didn't deserve to be treated that way
She wasn't able to save him from his demons
'Cause he wanted to be bad anyway

Didn't take long
To the boy realize he was wrong
And so he got hit by the epiphany of all the bad things he had done
All the pain he caused, he felt in his own guts

And with this sad ending
They part from each other
Now the broken hearted,
As so deserved, was him
colzzmacdonald Apr 2017
I see the pain behind your eyes
Drowning your hopes for tomorrow
Love will wear many a disguise
To find a way through your sorrow
You feel you’re lonely everywhere
The world to you seems so unkind
All this time no one seemed to care
Your heart will show the light, you’ll find

The truth of your soul comes your way
The mind will only deceive you
Just when it seems you’ve gone astray
You know your troubles will leave you
Call my name I’ll be there somehow
Remember the love you found here
Every day when you need me now
Through the spirit, we are bound here

Falling like a star from the sky
Falling like an autumn leaf does
By your side, till the day I die
This is how falling for you was
You can hold me deep in your heart
You will remember true love’s place
When your world seems to fall apart
Think of me just stroking your face
Our true love is deeper than deep
It takes you from the burning pyre
With a little work, you can keep
The truest love you most desire
Damienn Apr 2016
I seen you in the hallway
And at the shoe store
The other day
Each day I wanted more
Knowing you couldn't feel the same way

I was broken, downed,
I seen you around
And our story continued
And my heart started to pound

It was raining
I stole a kiss
The night was waning
Why can't I hold all this bliss
Your lips left me wanting
Styles May 2014
Stranger; looking away.
    Smiled, then she walked away.
    **** hips shaking as she walks a way.
    Stranger; looking a way, as she walks away.

— The End —