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493 · Aug 2017
Concrete Jungle
Seema Aug 2017
Green forests eliminating
The wildlife extincting
Bulldozering, man machines
Look how the heartless cleans
Big factories, more pollution
Activist hailing for solution
Yet, enjoy the shopping malls
And watch sunsets over the walls
More diseases in the air
I guess nature is being fair
Using all the forest lands
Now a concrete jungle stands...

492 · Dec 2017
New Years Eve Confession
Seema Dec 2017
I loved you
And I love you still
I will not beg you
But I will wait for you
To see if you live up to your promises
Yes, the ones you've been making
None fulfilling
I gave you multiple chances
Yet you demand more
Am out  of your league but my silence will break,
Once you prove your promises true
I do confess, I loved you and I still do
But I want those words to be real

From you...

Happy 2018 :)
490 · Feb 2018
Murderer In Mask
Seema Feb 2018
All I could hear was knock knock
Anyone in there
Then blank mind block

The smell of smoke
The raging anger in the blood shot eyes
The ill feeling
Made me choke

It was all well and a happy day
I set down to pray
A beautiful shopping day

In my room I sat writing as usual
Out the window I saw something unusual
A masked man peeping in the other apartment
Without thinking I called out

Not long when I heard a shout
Perhaps the masked man caused harm
I ran to the phone but the line was dead
Foot steps raised an alarm

Slowly I moved into my room
Locked the door
And then I heard a loud boom
No escape from my room

The masked man jammed the door from outside
And here I was scared, locked inside
I screamed, shouted but no one heard
Smoke slowly filling the room

I moved to the corner of my room
I prayed, I prayed hard for rescue
But none could hear, only smoke just smoke
Hard to breath, room heating up

I felt it was my end
My heartbeat felt slower
My lungs gave up and I fell on the floor
Eyes blurred with tears, face grabbed all fears

Knock knock I could barely hear
Someone call
I was laying beside the back wall

After few hours I opened my eyes
Looked up to see the ceiling not the skys
I was alive
Saved by the fire fighters

Yes I could breath fresh air again
Out of the smoke filled room
That was almost my doom
I was glad that I was still sane

But I could feel the pain
In my head, in my chest, in my veins
The murderer successed in killing Mr.Rein
His escape was in vain

Laying here in the hospital bed
Trying to control my tears
As I faced with the most unusual fears
I still remember all, even its been years

Spilling imagination. Fictional write.
484 · Feb 2018
Life Cycle
Seema Feb 2018
Everything that exists, has a life cycle,
Once lived the life span, there is no recycle,
We live, we wither than we die,
However, some still wonder why,
Some have short life, some have long life,
But who knows whose stabbing you from behind,
Many have grudges but pretend to be kind,
Come in our lives, rule our living than destroy our mind,
As time changes so does our surrounding,
Once we live, later find ourselves grounding,
Beneath the soil where no light touches,
Only we lay there waiting to be tortured,
By creatures to decay our lifeless body,
No one to see the life cycle of nobody...

Spilling thoughts.
482 · Apr 2019
Back to Life
Seema Apr 2019
From the depth of my soul
And sins of my heart
I compel the pains that
Bound my energy
To a level to repent
So my spirit can
Regain trust
Back in life...

Spilling thoughts.
480 · Aug 2017
My Souls Keeper
Seema Aug 2017
My life isn't drowning
With grudges of past
I withhold my powers
To see, what comes last

Night brings in fear
Of being tortured again
Still I continue to live
As long as I am sane

I am strong willed, alone
Not a coward as you may think
My heart has become a stone
It lets all my feelings sink

I may die one day
Without even your touch
In a deep sleep, unwaken
I know, you don't care much

Alone, I was born
Then I was raised
Later got torn
Others were amazed
Brimed to the top
With your beautiful love
Then my wings, you chopped
And let me fall from above
You showed me light
In the darkest hour before
Now, you prove wrong, right
Consuming me in your internal war
I am not weak to fight
We can still talk it out
These chains are tight
But I will not scream or shout
If death chose, you as my reaper
So enjoy you grateful deed
Lord is my souls keeper
He will deliver my prayers, indeed!

479 · Feb 2019
Withering With Time
Seema Feb 2019
And forth came a glimpse
Of a withered face,
In the broken mirror,
That stands behind the curtain lace
Grey, messy hair bun,
Wrinkle filled sunken eyes
A heavy set of, glass rests
On the nose, pointing skies
The fresh mint tea brew
Excits, the twitched lips
Oh, dear I miss thee -
Thy soul that rips
Guide these trembling hands
To thank in a prayer
The lousy back won't help
For my walker, has lost a pair
Dragging one leg by other
As I sit by the fireplace
Sipping the fragranced tea
Rocking my chair in a pace
Thousands of memories
Rail down my alzheimers head
So many years gone
Now, it's just me and my empty bed
Tears fill and spill by its own will
I got to pack up, for I to, have to leave
Leaving all memories behind
In a slient place to grieve
A small room, I am spared to
At the golden age gardenia
I am almost gone from myself
Just few threads, hanging near...

Recently, visited the Golden Age Home. So many old and left alone people with sorrowful eyes greeted. Inspired.
479 · Feb 2018
Ringtone These Days
Seema Feb 2018
Suddenly woken from my nap...
I heard the running tap...
Heart pondering, with sweat rushing...
I jumped up moving nearly crashing...
Ouuch, I think I hurt my knee...
But forgetting the pain I searched for the key...
Alone in the house where can it be...
Remembering the place I tracked the key...
Opened the door to see which tap could it be...
To my astonishment, I couldn't see...
I chilled myself relaxing on the couch...
Holy mother, the sound came from my pouch...
Reaching to see what it was, then realized...
I bought a new phone with features customized...
Ringtones set as water splash inside...
And here I assumed evil running sitting outside...

Scribbling thoughts.
475 · Aug 2017
Her Flowery Grave
Seema Aug 2017
He was a lonely boy
Always fixing a broken toy
Dirt covered his face
Old shoes with no lace
But he wore them today
It was his sisters birthday
And he was fixing her doll
Someone gave a sudden call
Which left him in tears
Then came his darkest fears
His mother's voice shouting
Crying, his sense undoubting
He pretended not to hear
It was a special day of the year
He was going to see her
At the foot of the hill, afar
She lived there alone
In the cold, under a tombstone
Last year, he planted flowers
When bloomed, he sat there for hours
Today he's got her another gift
Her favorite doll that came adrift
By a narrow creek nearby
He always wondered why
His beautiful sister got taken away
Far to be buried, where she lay
Alone, along the plain meadows
Where lived now the shadows
Of those dead, buried in ground
Where huge raintrees surround
He picked her favorite flowers
And walked towards the stone towers
There a flowery grave waited
To be visited and weeded
After done with clearing
He sat there grieving and tearing
Telling her stories of his life
How often he's threatened with a knife
But with a smile, he promised to be brave
As he curled up, beside his sisters grave...

Can you picture this :)
475 · Feb 2018
My Wrecked Ship
Seema Feb 2018
I am a small boat in a big ocean, all alone tugging along a wrecked ship...

Nights pass with heavy loads and day breaks with hardwork, yet I tug alone my wrecked ship...

Many storms come along, with tide so swift that I nearly lose my grip on my wrecked ship, lightening so bright and thunder roars gives me shivers of doubt that I might not make to the shore with my wrecked ship...

With a high aim and certainty, I tug along with my wrecked ship...

Days go by and I still see no land, will I be able to safely shore my wrecked ship...

Sometimes I see land but my sight has gone so blurry that even reality passes my sight...

Thinking I was taking the right path to the shore but the waves sway me in all directions, it's hard to tell which direction I am in now...

It's a big ocean and am all alone tugging my wrecked ship...

It becomes rather challenging when you are looking after a loved one going through a severe stroke and Alzheimer's. A mother is a mother, her love cannot be replaced by any other.
472 · Jul 2017
Seema Jul 2017
The wind blew the hair off her face, revealing the naked scars. She quickly undid her hair, so to hide from the walking stars. The beauty of her character was unmatched with anyone. Yet, she kept silent and always on a quick run. But today was different, something she never imagined or thought. She had a longtime admirer, a guy...a rich guy, very simple. Humble yet stubborn, smart looks with a dimple. He knew about the scars on her face, he knew about her silent treat, he knew about her beautiful heart. For he longed for her beautiful soul in his lonely life. So he proposed her this day, to be his one and only wife. She was nervous and tried to hide her face but he kissed on her scars as her tears began to race. Good days also come by, to angels with scars, broken wings and scaled skins. For some souls are way too worthy, that their world spins. Late, but that someone comes by with a compatible heart,
and becomes your lifes most important part...

472 · Nov 2017
Leading My Heart Nowhere
Seema Nov 2017
It seems I have known you for long
Cause everytime I here this song
You seem to appear next to my soul

Yet I don't know you well
But seems you have cast down a spell
I can close my eyes and tell

This night always sways in silence
My lips won't utter, it also follows the night
This silence, now giving me a fright

What flows in my heart, glows in my eyes
Even the birds rhythms, when I watch the skies
This is love or just my illusions of lies

In this so called love, I have chosen to walk
Leaving behind the chats and talk
Yet my mind ceases and starts to mock

Each beat wakens a dream
Each dream takes me down a beautiful stream
Then I wake drowning in my own scream

How unreal dreams get
You meet someone, whom you never met
With theses thoughts, that play as in a set

A fantasy painted into a dream world
Every emotion and feelings gets called
But when I see in reality, my heart is all walled...

471 · Mar 2018
To Die, Peacefully
Seema Mar 2018
To die peacefully at old age
Is a fortunate privilege indeed
It's quite heartbreaking to see
The suffering, as the purries we feed
When soul snatchers are summoned
To collect the soul
Their arrival does alarm
There are no bright lights but clouds of coal
The heartbeats jump and ****
At times the eyes open too wide
When it's time to go,
You can not repel or hide
I wish they go silently in their sleep
The much torture of the epidemic diagnose
And the so called cure antidotes
While everything is fed through tubes in nose
The nights become much darker
To welcome the path to the death valley
How I wish, we could give our lifelines
To the ones we are so close to very
Just for them to live a bit more
How I wish, I had a genie lamp
To grant the wishes for green health
And erase all that is meek and damp
Here I sit in the hospital,
By my mom's bedside
Out of five critical admits,
Four have lost their loved ones side
Tho, the life seems numbered
It is my mom that got through the night
Tears after tears I break silently
So long for the will to fight
I pray hard and ask God
To spare her for sometime
Just a little more
To see her precious everlasting smile
I don't know how I will pull through
As I am just a small canoe
Trying my best to shore the wrecked ship
O' there is so much, left to do
The night owls hoot over the roof
Not a good sign I guess
As I dismiss the negative feelings
Coz within me, my brain is a mess
There are many more things going on
Everywhere in this world
Time flies, and loved ones gone
Expiry their dates, and so are called...

469 · Aug 2017
Feeling Irritated
Seema Aug 2017
I dare not share
So you can stop your stare
I really don't care
For my feelings are rare

I am here with an open mind
For the hidden treasures I can find
But your attitude is so unkind
Stating many others are lined

It seems you are confused
Or you think you've been used
I am not here to be accused
So piff off ****, am not amused...

469 · Jul 2017
Counting My Beats
Seema Jul 2017
I envy for that, forever sleep
That comes up naturally
From which I wish, I do not wake
In which I lose myself totally
So deeply drowned
Even a thought can not reach
My brain a frozen vacuum
Nothing to it, you can teach
But these eyes do not sleep
The doors to my brain,
Are always active and awake
Only to watch these eyes rain
The aches and pain soothes
My delicate, withered body
A touch brings me shivers
But with me, there is nobody
I crave for that everlasting love
That oneday I'd be an apple
In the eyes of somebody
But it seems it's too late
To takecare of my own body
Weak and paralyzed
Covered in shroud like sheets
I hear the whispers of death
Far beyond,
...............counting on my beats!

463 · Sep 2017
Self Obsession
Seema Sep 2017
I lead if I am right
I admit if I am wrong
I mean no harm or fight
My values are quite strong

You confuse my words
Misunderstand my actions
Push me to fall on swords
Then smile at my reactions

The presentation is rude
You show no remorse
Your ethics turned crude
Everyday you get worse

You are not possessed
Yet claim yourself as God
You've grown mentally obsessed
The goodness you can't afford

That's why, mirrors don't lie
See through your reflection
The one in the mirror is naive and shy
The reality has dead affection

You steer in an imaginary ocean
Without fearing on invisible surprise
Feeding on some man-made potion
Thinking death may never rise...

463 · Dec 2017
Pure Love
Seema Dec 2017
Love is pure
Are you sure?
The hearts get lured
But not insured
The feelings get broken
When love finally is woken
One sided love sick
But the other has their own pick
A handsome fellow or a wealthy chic
Love is no longer pure
It's just a bait to lure
Then left out for sure
Most of us would agree
That love comes as free
So we all take it
Cause love doesn't grow on trees
It's a freebie token
You get tossed once you are broken...

Fictional write. Just few thoughts in. I'm sure we all have our own perceptions.
461 · Oct 2017
Jalte Diye/Burning Lamp
Seema Oct 2017
...Is kadar jale the hum
Jayse jalte hain diye
Khamosh thi nigahein hamari
Suntey rahe badnaami tumhari
Logo ne mujhe ilzaam diya
Ki maine tumse wafaa kiya
Lekin tumne mujhe daga diya
Abh bhujh rahein hain ye diye
Bas tumhari hifaazat kafi hai, mere liye...


...I burn in such a way
Just like the earthen lamp
My eyes and feelings all quite
While listening to the insults and rumors
People taunted me of being too faithful
But you betrayed me
Now this earthen lamp is dying out
Just your well being, is enough for me...

Diye jalte hain..phool khite hain.... Happy Diwali
460 · Jul 2018
A Thousand Goodbye
Seema Jul 2018
Walking with you, talking
Smiling, hand in hand
I recall those days of ours
And how it all came to an end

You'd never known my heart
The million things it had for you
But soon came the day, I realised
My love was not enough for you  

A peace breakup, was a great deal
That brimmed my eyes with tears
Pierced my heart with infinite thorns
Gone are the days, and so has the years

Just mist of faded memories linger
With time and again gone in flames
Nothing of feel is left to feel
Burning down, kissing flames

Dancing on thorns, it tickles my veins
No more pain is left to endure
Eyes drained, like draught of rain
I am out of breath to ensure

Living is no regret or sly guilt
Moments come and pass by
Lifting my spirit once more
I bid you, a thousand goodbye...

Fictional write. Spilling imagination.
459 · Nov 2017
Hungry Eyes
Seema Nov 2017
Hungry filthy eyes
From every corner
It spies

Lustful desire ignition
Hardly any blinks
Sparks temptation

The growth of hunger
On youthful body
Deludes my anger

It hunts upon everyone
Especially the feminines
Carrying a gun

Streets pollute such eyes
Some cross, some straight
Most full with lies

Each day my eye meets
Such perverts
With viciously lustrous greets...

458 · Feb 2018
Seema Feb 2018
Tempest triumph turmoil tomb
Seeketh life or seeketh whom
Ashes, bones lay beneath me
Humble yourself, so you can see
A wide range of locus holograms
Pinched around like metal prams
Escape none to route a way
Knuckles grit, sinking everyday
Dark puffed, stuffed grey matter
Auction solidarity is no better
Speech of silence, clouds of rain
Piercing pledging pleading pain
Thy grace, I praise as heavens open
Not above but a voice has spoken
Walk the steps downs, the voices called
Come to us, you belong to our world
Pushed dragged and pulled a few miles
Clowned faces, greet with smiles
Mummified shrouds hang like dolls
Eyes spring out like the tennis *****
Dredged with stinkful skillful spills
Rainbow colored infinite pills
Wide-eyed blinks match the flurocent
Contour light lights up the magnificent
Bridges burn birthing ashes
Torn ripped ***** worn sashes
Two hands praying, Lord save our nation
Two legs walk, it's another fashion
Rotten forgotten the limpage lives
All hands stuck in the money hives
Online tariff tragic traffic terror
Highlights viral vital error
Known unknown captured in doubts
Strapped bodies spillage by mouths
Shots of needles through my veins
End of life, foregone with pains!

Spilling thoughts.
458 · Sep 2017
Blood Roses
Seema Sep 2017
Roses are red
The one's on your bed
I painted on your white sheet
Please come in, I request

I am laying over the other side
With an open slit wrist
But I decorated, while in hide
As a promise to you, I couldn't resist

You injected me with insanity
And overdosed with promises
You injured my mentality
And spit on me, instead of kisses

I called you, once I completed
But you never answered my call
I suppose my number, you deleted
That's when, I let the blades fall

You said, you loved blood coloured roses
You wished it to be decorated on your bed
I did as you said, and before my eyes closes
Here's a note, so please don't get mad

"...My love, you took as a joke
My existence made you choke
I always cried when you spoke
I am completely worn out and broke

Here are your blood coloured roses
I painted all by myself today
Now my eyes slowly closes
A last goodbye, I am going away..."

Fictional write.
457 · Apr 2019
One-sided Love
Seema Apr 2019
A weird world it is
To capture ones feeling
Of hope
The loath of living

I prospected to give
Of what I had
Giving up my all
Yet, not dead

Here, I sign and realise
Of lives worth
And there, he lives
And moves forth

All because,
Of one sided love...

Spilling imagination.
452 · Dec 2017
Beautiful Fate
Seema Dec 2017
My heart beats
Skips a beat
My mind thinks
Thoughts link
My lips smile
For a while
My eyes blink
Blushing pink
Your lovely eyes
Searches and spies
My eyes in the crowd
Music blast loud
Hands touch
As he watched
I walked by
Ignoring this guy
He stood in way
Pulled me away
So he could talk
I smiled, agreed for walk
He showed interest
I couldn't resist
Accepted proposal date
This was a beautiful fate
It's our 3rd anniversary today
We both smile as this day
Few years back how we met
Married now, and life is set...

Not my story. Inspired by my neighbor.
451 · Nov 2017
Green Not Gold
Seema Nov 2017
Your eyes are like beautiful emerald
A wink like a teasing herald
Each spark strikes my stoney heart
This must be your gifted art

The twinkle that shines so green
Shades my view within a screen
My heart is not made of gold
Rather ragged, torn and has grown old

Yet, I long to see you everyday
In my dream or in real either way
I think am fallen in love with you
But my love is coal and not new

I do not shine in anyway my love
Feeling like a humble dove
Yet, drowning in this green sea
My happiness, you are my life's key

Today you are here with me
It's not gold but you can see
My stoney heart has begun to shine
Your love has conquered this heart of mine...

Fictional write.
451 · Jul 2017
Why R.I.P?
Seema Jul 2017
Fights, terror, bomb blasts
The deafening sirens forever lasts
In the hearts and souls of many
Who confront such hurtful journey
Each day living and dying
Running to save lives, trying
But the inhumane are ******
Polished by government, well toned
How long will this war last?
How many more humans will fast?
With no food or water to feed
The women and children in need
News flash in on different channels
As media handsover the control panels
In the hands of those behind the curtains
Laying out the corrupt media patterns
I often get sad and wonder,
Why should we only "Rest In Peace"
Why can't we all live in Peace too!!

446 · Jan 2018
In Torn Pages
Seema Jan 2018
A myth untold
A torn page flew
A book, unfold
In the wind it blew

My thoughts, my write
I cannot seem to find
A gist of fright
No pages to bind

Why, my mind
You cannot think
Help me rewind
These eyes I blink

Instead you wonder
In the ruins here
A lot to ponder
If he was near

A writer, proud
I wanted to be
He did not encourage
Nor hoped to see

In these ruins found are pages
Ripped, torn lying naked
Its been long, its been ages
Piece by piece stuck forsaken

It was my fate
To have left you
Even if it's late
I'll still wait for you

From these ruins I oversee
The city where we used to be
Now I have all to give
In torn pages, here I live

Fictional write. Spilling imaginations!!
446 · Jul 2018
Once Loved Now Gone
Seema Jul 2018
Looking out from my house...
I see you and your beautiful spouse...
Holding hands with love and care...
Takes me back with memories which have become rare...
I feel happy as the sight has refreshed the moments I once had...
If it wasn't for that dreadful moment, he would still be here but it's just my bad...
Going down with tears and flashes of time spent...
I guess now it's just me and my lonely repent...
I wished to live the moments again...
But time has passed leaving nothing to gain...
Looking at people surely tears me in pieces...
O God, grant me courage till it all eases...

Fictional. Just few thoughts.
444 · Sep 2017
Unstable Mind
Seema Sep 2017
My mind is unstable
I don't know, if I am capable
To withdraw the gruesome feeling
Developing inside me everyday
I try to divert, to give space for healing
But the negatives crosses my way
I remain silent most of the time
Unable to fight, as my anger takes to prime
Voices inside my head start their taunting
I hide my head under a pillow for it to stop
My own thoughts has started haunting
I felt I was on a huge cliff top
Freely falling,
To what lays beneath the dark meadows
My own undigested cruel shadows
Cuffed up, smothering, while I struggle to get out
Even my voice stopped echoing my shout
I am completely consumed by my leverage thoughts
So many tangles, so many knots
I may never be able to free myself from myself
For I can not run away for what's unseen
Inside my physical head to oneself
But if you know what I mean,
then this place within yourself you've already seen...

443 · Jun 2017
Seema Jun 2017
His senseless touch awakes
My dead sunken emotions
Thrilling tingle it creates
Changing my physic motions

Passionate chill, grows within
Parting lips hesitate to speak
Brain clouds my thoughts in
As my senses surrender, I feel weak

A gentle kiss on my forehead
Assuring me, all will be fine
He sensed, I may be scared
So he whispered, "you are mine"

Slowly melting down in his arms
Watching the mesmerizing sunset
Capturing the cast shadow of palms
Finally ours lips, passionately met...

442 · Dec 2017
Seema Dec 2017

Your eyes twinkle in the night
Like the bright star sparks a light
I'm mesmerized by this sight
How do I express you this feeling tonight?*

440 · Jul 2017
Perry & Pieper
Seema Jul 2017
Perry and Pieper
Friends by far
Perry is a fruit lover
And Pieper is a Viper
Perry picks red cherries
While Pieper offers an apple
Perry bites on a side
As Pieper hisses away
Both happy and merry
Suddenly there's a sway,
The cherry basket falls
As Perry's skin turns dark
From her hand, the apple falls
Death has put a mark
Pieper hisses and hides  
On the apple tree, afar
Perry, perishes aside
Remembering, how Eve
Was offered an apple by
A snake - probably a Viper!

Fiction. Wrote this out of boredom.
434 · Dec 2018
Cut Piece
Seema Dec 2018
Everyone will watch you
When you fall
No one will catch you
When you fall

Saddened with sorrow
Tears of pain
Yet, another tomorrow
Will shine, after the rain...

People will laugh at you
When you fail
Hardly someone will correct you
When you fail

Memories may linger
Creeping through your veins
A cut on your finger
May ignite your pain...

The care will come from your heart
When you love
Hurt will also pierce through your heart
When you love

Fall, fail, love or pain
It all comes upon like a fairytale
An experience that we all gain

Spilling thoughts.
434 · Sep 2017
Inner Guilt
Seema Sep 2017
A point of guilt
In my heart sealed
Insanity gets built
No way to be healed

Yes, my life is reckless
Ugly thoughts linger
I feel so hopeless
Cutting off a finger

There is no pain
No cry, not a single tear
Nothing to gain
Ending this life, without fear

It's not a dare
To harm myself more
Life just ain't fair
My mind is at war

Standing on the edge
Just one leap
To face with death
My birth was cheap

Poison darts pierce my skin
Injecting daily addictives
All I've done is sin
No light no directives

End of life in a second
But a small hand begged
To stay till the end
A child of neglect, nagged

My reflection pulled me over
To face my inner child's cry
I looked at myself, closer
Why everything seemed a lie?

More thoughts purged in my head
Death was not my exit yet
When shows of life is led
I shall fight, until my goals are met...

Just a write.
433 · Nov 2017
Plea For Wildlife
Seema Nov 2017
I can not say much
Wouldn't matter anyway
Tell them, who have a say
Maybe they can find a way
Not to cut down trees
As they provide fresh breeze
Infrastructure development
Leading to wildlife extinction
Run out a petition
With people in position
Maybe they would listen
Maybe they would understand
Maybe they would care
Give it a go
Run the show
From high to low
Take help from the law
Let the wild paws live amongst the greenery
Its a very nice breezy scenery
I am sure something could be done
Or are there ears to hear none...

430 · Jul 2017
A Vintage Beauty
Seema Jul 2017
Upon seeing the dazzling eyes
I was transfixed for a while
Were they eyes or two cups of wine
That set ablaze with a killer smile

Do I call them eyes or two doors
Opened to the finest vintage wines
Or is it just part of my daydream
Where her beauty timidly shines

For one moment it all seems real
And in another, an imagination
A true interpretation of a lovable song
Her tresses spread like intoxication  

The statue of this Greek goddess
Full of youth and procreation beauty
Structured with a marble frame
She is known as Aphrodite...

429 · Aug 2017
Melting Down
Seema Aug 2017
You say I am a diamond
In the middle of the ocean
Least you know, about me
So take caution and precaution
For I am an iceberg
Steady in my flow
Harmless, but dangerous
Yet, I mean to glow
I shine
I welcome
I drown
I wreck

I am plumpy downwards
And just a little above the waves
So many hollows
And yes, I have a cave
Within me, I am no one
Not a spirit or a living soul
No one invited me, to come
As I somehow drifted from the pole
Alone adrift
Alone forever

When the sun shines
Tears of joy roll down
Making my head smaller
And I begin to drown

I am melting
I am melting


Exiting this realm into the next,
Rising the ocean
A level higher...

Sometimes I feel like an iceberg to, atleast some traits of it :)
428 · Sep 2018
Put To Rest - Memories
Seema Sep 2018
Another lonesome, night has passed
The same moon, gives random smile
Lost count of my sleep, being days
Memories rush in pile by pile

Thoughts linger of those left
The four corners of my room, cry with me
No one comes now for chats over tea
There is nothing left, in my eyes to see

Pale, flushed, dark begs hung by
These eyes have grown tired of blinking
Rush through these windows, O daring wind
And carry me away from this sinking pain

Take me to a place, where feelings don't exists
Away where I can forget everyone
Put me, then, in a deep deep sleep
Or just shoot me with a gun

Once and for all, these eyes would shut for good
Even my memories won't pile to project
Tears would no longer wet my pillows
Everything known, I'll just forget...

Spilling clinging thoughts.
427 · Mar 2018
Seema Mar 2018
A shortest smile bears the deepest impression...
The loss of sense draining in depression...
Talk about sharing thoughts with someone known..
But efforts fail as the talks become unknown...
Try and tried of putting thoughts together...
For the memories that render over and over...
Of what mind speaks hurts me again...
When heart seeks gives atmost pain...
Who shall understand for people live in vain...
Its almost peek of insanity nearly going in drain...
Keeping in mind that steady should remain...
Of what thoughts crash and what we gain...

426 · Sep 2017
Scenery (Tanka #55)
Seema Sep 2017
Quivering leaf, in
a small waterfall, dancing
to and fro fanning,
splashing water on the green
Crawling slippery algae.

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
424 · Oct 2017
My Writes Are Vague
Seema Oct 2017
I have been told that my writes are vague
Too vague that it sounds fake
The poem gets off track and basically floats
I do use symbols at times and quotes
But the message within my writes are unclear
It's ok, I accept the critics and I don't shed a tear
I apply a playful twist in my writes, some transparent, some translucent, some to the point and some with open queue
Whatever you might think, I actually like your view
The theme I choose are simple to one's mind
Yet, with fiction, imaginary and factual stories I bind
It's up to you to call it a pathetic write,
But I write to craft and I call this an art
Not to be perfect, as perfection is hard
One message could be interpreted differently
As the theme plays in my head structuring mentality
C'mon poets each write is a definition of our own creation
So read, smile and show your appreciation...

I am not judgemental, I just write coz I like doing so. I accept the critics :)
420 · Dec 2017
Seema Dec 2017
I saw her sitting quite
In a gown color white
The skin looked pale
Her efforts seemed fail
The moving chair stuck
She became restless
Pained and helpless
The wheels didn't move
Help was needed as prove
I walked over to help her
She had tears, I noticed from far
I got her wheelchair on track
The wheels got stuck in a crack
She became happy with joy
And hugged me thanking
Gave me her favorite toy
It so happened I was on roam
This old lady, in the resting home
Was left by her kids, heart of stone
To deal with her life all alone...

I am glad, I am with my mum who is a stroke paitent with complications like seizures and Alzheimer's. I never let her out of my sight. I love her same but my heart broke when I saw how this lady was treated.
415 · Aug 2018
No Reason
Seema Aug 2018
It never hurts until you fall...
Pick up the phone and give a call...
With silent crys you cannot talk...
Then,  why waste your time on morning walk...
People say, get over the sinking affair...
I dare not, cause it's totally unfair...
C'mon enough of this game you've being playing...
I've seen your play cards which is a shame...
If I were you and did the same...
God forbid, as I would never spoil your name...
I left you for many reasons...
Time has past and so has the seasons...

Spilling thoughts in words.
413 · Sep 2017
Seema Sep 2017
I've heard the gossips you've spread
I am hurt with the words and all these tears
Spitting venom to spin on threads
For the secret was buried for many years

The truth you twisted, so now I am characterless
But truth has always won hearts over heartless
For every mouth that speaks, wrong against me
Will be ******* on their own venoms, you'll see

As for you, a shameless trusted friend
I've always favored you in your down time
Now all has come to an untrusted end
Your deeds are no less than a childish crime...

412 · Dec 2018
My Child (Tanka #65)
Seema Dec 2018
Lazy as a sloth
Muddy, playful paws in shade
Throwing in tantrums
Playing hide and seek daily
My amazing little child

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
410 · Aug 2017
Vanquisher Of Obstacles
Seema Aug 2017
The remover of all obstacles,
O' Vighnaharta
I fold my hands and bow my head,
In prayer
You've always been my key pilot
O' Vinayaka
I come to you with all my heart
O' Lord of Lords
My knowledge comes from thee
In abundance, you've shed your blessings
Upon me
I offer my soul, my lifes all deeds
To thy feet
Hail O' Datta
I welcome you in my life everyday
At this Ganesh Utsav
I request you to visit me today
With your favorite dessert and flavouries
I've decorated a plate,
Sweet ladoos, modak, paan and durva
With this red velvet hibiscus garland and flowers
I am standing here waiting at the gate
In the temple, inside my soul
Where blossoms the energy to carryout my role
Dear Father,
You never disappoint your devotees
In this aeon of cycle, on this earth and beyond
You'll always be my protector
Coz my soul shares a devotional infinite bond
With you,
Ganpati Bappa Morya...

Lord Ganesh, is the elephant head God in the Hindu religion. He is the vanquisher of obstacles.
For those celebrating this auspicious occasion "Ganpati Utsav", May your problems subside and shores with solutions.
Please no criticism :)
410 · Sep 2017
Seema Sep 2017
Some say,
The high and low tide of life rises
Coz of astrology...
The good and bad, the power and obsession
The poor and the rich, the success and rejection
And all other happenings, from family to relationship
Good days, struggles and all the hardship
Coz of astrology...

In our culture, we have nine planets which rules the daily work course of life
Each planet, has its own pros and cons on a person
Behind the occurrence, there's a reason
Most in our culture believe that if good deeds are done with,

Clean heart
Clean mind
Kind soul

Then it's your good karma and thus,
The angry planets stay away
Some say,

Learning and knowing about each planetary god
Rises million questions, that it becomes hard to word
I myself, did bit of reading and research on these planetary gods
And all I can say is that, just keep doing the good deed
Help those who are in great need
If you can afford enough, cook to feed
Try to save yourself from envy, anger, jealously, greed, conspirator, expectant, obsessed mind
Always calm yourself and remind
Every life deserves happiness in any form
Such that it can heal that life from a storm
Be generous, be kind, be calm, be lovely, be helpful without expectation
And leave the rest on god without hesitation...

Believe or not to believe, just be a better kind soul.
409 · Jan 2018
Repaired Heart
Seema Jan 2018
My heart grows weak
When I see you
My thoughts speak
To be with you
My emotions seek
To love you
But you damaged my heart
Now it leaks, part by part
My veins start to bust
As I write your name on dust
Then I cry and sink in tears
And taunt myself that,
I couldn't console my fears
My mind is stable
But my heart is still weak
It's been weeks
Now I feel better
As there are no leaks
My heart is repaired
And I am ready
For that special one that I seek...

Fictional write.
407 · Jul 2017
Homicidal (Tanka #10)
Seema Jul 2017
The scorching weather,
weighs greatly on the hanging
scarecrow like figures,
in the corn fields of the King,
where laws are homicidal.

5-7-5-7-7 syllables
406 · Nov 2017
Similar Bond
Seema Nov 2017
There comes a wave of thunder
A quiver of lightening
As I block my ears to surrender
The images become more frightening

There is this tree covered with moss
On an unclaimed land, far beyond
Feelings chase me as I run across
The tree and I share a similar bond

Close enough to witness it all
The tree is in flames, just like my heart
Collapsed and fell, once stood tall
My heart weeps watching this art

As I prepare to leave, I look back to see
With the flames dying and ashes flying
The cremaition of this beautiful moss tree
I close my eyes to wade off from crying

This ain't real for it is pure imagination
How could I be at a place of such delusion
When it is my own world of creation
Running from my problems,
                       but today I found the solution...

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