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Timothy Apr 24
The power of counsel  
One not to be abused
A beautiful agreement
Yet not to be confused
With a heartfelt connection
That vulnerable synergy
Helping you is my addiction
But in the end, whats left?
Just me.
Advice is powerful
Derrick Jones Jul 2019
You have sung the body electric
Merging with my frequency
With the generator hum
Of my heart and it’s love

Our vibrations collided smoothly
The energy moved through me
We were amplified, energized
Electricity multiplied, synergized  

One and one is not two
It’s more than I ever knew
It’s me and, my dear, it’s you
With a pair of wings, we finally flew
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Cné Jul 2018

by a dying sun,
lovers embraced
the synergy of one.

morph into one …
to the
of the compliant

azure pools reflect
tie-dyed denim sky,
enchanted dreamers
their love with a kiss nearby.

stars confetti
emptiness of space.
as darkness descends,
swallow all of the light’s trace.

pauses …
time seems to stand so still
the depths of their very souls,
they swim.

Poetic T May 2018
Poetry isn't exclamation marks
            or full stops.
            its the words that's pour on
the page and mingle with emotion.

We all verbalize our words in ways
            that aren't to others contemplation
but the synergy of words doesn't need
            anything but the emotion of words.
Krysta May 2018

Silence is music to your eyes,
Stillness to your ears tastes just right.


The tick of the clock jumps through the souls of your hearts feet,
All times beat at once.


Done and to dos dance on your list
The cadence of the pen of life checks.


Your feet lie and your tongue runs,
Eyes run round and toes blink across the ground.

Sometimes it sounds like nonsense but it still feels right, so it goes right?
traces of being Apr 2018
synergy in the mist
of creations' breath...
multitudes croaking so loudly
drowning in eventide dew,

all the wind's timbre
is hushed;

by earth’s
communing symphony,
creations’ living
pulsing thrum..

alone in a crowd
the glory of now...

and i wishing
i were a frog,
and unalone
in the throng

such evolution
   as this—
   is reversing...

touched wondrously
by spoken wind,
i need to search
for an intimate kiss

another incarnation

that will turn me
   back into a frog—

a speck of stardust
in a sky full of stars
seems better than
feeling like stardrift

a burned out candle
by the gypsy choir

the call of the wild
sung in the wind

wild is the wind
©  march ― 2016

Note:   From the 1st days of spring  2016;
listening — hearing,   somethings don't change
just came in from a windy evening walk,
with a whelming sense of Déjà vu

note:   The Ouroboros often symbolize self-reflexivity or cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things such as the phoenix which operate in cycles that begin anew as soon as they end
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Driven energy,
Understanding silence
Familiar wavelength
With sympathetic threads
Invisible bond
A sense of prospective,
A fate of inclusion,
Synergy of trust
Moment of warmth
Bridge of communication
Law of equanimity
Seizing a moment
With a Joy without an end

Adventure of being alive
Worth of human connects
Celebrating a new time.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Seema Aug 2017
The strange song
Rings in my ear
Something's wrong
Why do I fear?

My body is cold
With sweat drops
My breath I hold
And then it stops

This unknown energy
Is trying to control
To create a synergy
And change me overall

Each day a different feel
If spoken, my words a lie
Lost appetite with my meal
I don't understand, why!

Its been few years
I am put on medications
Yet, my ears hear
The strange song with dedication...

Ok, I am not on any medication.
This is totally a fiction write.
Inspired by someone complaining to the doctor, that they hear drum beats in their ear.
Viseract Feb 2017
McKayla Rose, Tribute to her Love

(I helped)

"When I first looked into your eyes,
Each breath became a thousand sighs,
The air was filled with love bird cries,
That was the day I realized,

How much you truly mean to me,
Chemistry, our synergy
I want the world to finally see...
...How we love, in unity

Since I met you,
I have learned to love the light
You were my lamp in stormy darkness
The day that breaks the night

You showed me a mirror
And inside I saw glimmer
A small shard of hope
That with love began to grow...

...Now I want the world to know,
How I feel and and see where we go, Love swirling around like the blowing snow
Don't say a word just hold me close

And as the day turns into night,
Being in your arms just feels so right, The world is dark but our future is bright
But that's only for us to decide
A collaboration with former poet McKayla Rose. Without her this would not have been written
tumelo mogomotsi Dec 2016
i feel the synergy
when our souls connect
a sacred energy
that binds our love and our intellect.

i cant imagine any earthly force
that could break our soul ties
our emotional course
was mapped and carved by our spiritual knives

i feel the synergy
when our souls share a few tears
an empathetic energy
that cures our growing pains and fears.

a thousand love letters later, ive come to realise
ive written the word synergy too many times
but not enough times to emphasise
the synergy between your soul and mine.

- t.m
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