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You have sung the body electric
Merging with my frequency
With the generator hum
Of my heart and it’s love

Our vibrations collided smoothly
The energy moved through me
We were amplified, energized
Electricity multiplied, synergized  

One and one is not two
It’s more than I ever knew
It’s me and, my dear, it’s you
With a pair of wings, we finally flew
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Cné Jul 2018

by a dying sun,
lovers embraced
the synergy of one.

morph into one …
to the
of the compliant

azure pools reflect
tie-dyed denim sky,
enchanted dreamers
their love with a kiss nearby.

stars confetti
emptiness of space.
as darkness descends,
swallow all of the light’s trace.

pauses …
time seems to stand so still
the depths of their very souls,
they swim.

Poetic T May 2018
Poetry isn't exclamation marks
            or full stops.
            its the words that's pour on
the page and mingle with emotion.

We all verbalize our words in ways
            that aren't to others contemplation
but the synergy of words doesn't need
            anything but the emotion of words.
Krysta May 2018

Silence is music to your eyes,
Stillness to your ears tastes just right.


The tick of the clock jumps through the souls of your hearts feet,
All times beat at once.


Done and to dos dance on your list
The cadence of the pen of life checks.


Your feet lie and your tongue runs,
Eyes run round and toes blink across the ground.

Sometimes it sounds like nonsense but it still feels right, so it goes right?
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Driven energy,
Understanding silence
Familiar wavelength
With sympathetic threads
Invisible bond
A sense of prospective,
A fate of inclusion,
Synergy of trust
Moment of warmth
Bridge of communication
Law of equanimity
Seizing a moment
With a Joy without an end

Adventure of being alive
Worth of human connects
Celebrating a new time.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
Seema Aug 2017
The strange song
Rings in my ear
Something's wrong
Why do I fear?

My body is cold
With sweat drops
My breath I hold
And then it stops

This unknown energy
Is trying to control
To create a synergy
And change me overall

Each day a different feel
If spoken, my words a lie
Lost appetite with my meal
I don't understand, why!

Its been few years
I am put on medications
Yet, my ears hear
The strange song with dedication...

Ok, I am not on any medication.
This is totally a fiction write.
Inspired by someone complaining to the doctor, that they hear drum beats in their ear.
Jade Louise Mar 2017
I was raised on Military Time
I entered the Earth on England's time at 7 AM
I left the hospital
Then slowly became introduced to:

The Earth's rolling  purple mountains, and the aching bones holding up its ancient caves,
And I met the truth the sky tells us when it weeps and storms
And discovered the way the world circulates itself
Keeping itself alive and moving
Through its veins of water-running seas and channels

I thought I came into this World on April 21st
Except Alan Watts explained something to me
That rings true for each and every one of us humans in this world

"You did not come into this world,
You came out of it
Like a wave from the ocean"

We didn't need an invite to join
The sky or caves or rolling hills
We came out of these elements
We were present in them
Long before we know

If this is so
You might ask yourself
Why sometimes you might feel alone in this world
Like you are disconnected and isolated from it?

But this is never the case
It may feel the case, but its not true
There is a time,  00:00,  that nothing exists
And therefore in this void of nothingness
Everything is able to exist all at once
We are able become everything all once

I began to realize with my restlessness
At 00:00
Something strange and surreal begins

You will feel the moon pull you
Just a tad tighter
Hugging your closer
And the sky smile its sweet, open truth
Shedding just that much more glass clarity
Breathing clouds of love to you
Always wearing its emotions on its sleeves
- sunshine, sadness, foggniess, storms, snowflakes so chemically that gravity must work hard and slow to pull them to the ground
And you will hear and resonate, and connect
With your fellow earthlings
Awake,  connected to you
Staring each day at the same
Beautiful lit moon
That can receive light
Only from the fire-burning sun
As we know from Frankl
Light requires burning

You become one with the world

Our whole Solar System
As *one

Why this hour?

Well Time waits patiently
For us to
Depart from
Our cell phones and Ipads
The Televisions and Laptops
The To-Do Lists
And Tasks and Jobs and Careers
That aren't we do
And the roles we try so desperately to play and maintain

It waits until 00:00, where time and space
As Einstein once said
Becomes fluid and fuzzy concepts-illusory

If we allow it, and are open to receiving
The world begins to reach out and touch us
It tries to all day
But we brush it off with a pen in our hand
And a phone in our face
And forget we are connected with all the other humans and elements

Yet the truth is
We are so at one with each other
So profoundly so
That we spin perfectly parallel with each other
Without even feeling it
Because not one of us can even throw off
The physics of that synergy

A roller coaster can break
Or someone can fly out of a faulty harness
There's a height requirement and a warning

But when on Earth has gravity ever failed
To hold someone so safely to its core, to keep them
From flying off the edge?
Or required you wait just one second and grow just one inch taller
To be invited to spin 1000 mph? That's how fast we are moving right now.
Living has its costs, but not like a Roller-coaster Ticket

When has it told us we all must start our day at the same time?
A roller coaster must begin and end all at fixed times
But for our planet and humans to function
We are not required to do anything beyond exist

Just let the sun invite us to our day
And the the moon settle and lull us to sleep
When has it required we wait in line for our world to spin  (maybe the DMV)
And when does the sun and moon forget to trade places
Or bicker who's turn it is to lighten or darken our world
The world's chaos and realest roller coaster of all - is life

The wind tries to touch your hair
To remind you it feels your presence
Fog and mist try to kiss your cheeks
To show their love
The sky tries to cry and mourn with you
To show empathy when needed
The heat tries send your mind
Into a space of forced silence
Where all you can think about
Is nothing
Which connects you to everything

Making us realize
The Earth's elements did not invite us
We are the elements
Human Elements
Maybe missing from
Chemistry class's table of Elements
But we don't need that recognition
To know we are real

You may have been told
That you cannot make a difference
You are just one person

But with a heart that has endured pain and a consciousness that has awoken
With being brave enough to let life's losses, disappointments, heartbreaks and unfinished chapters
- crack your heart wide open and hold the ambiguity of the unknown
Your heart begins to grow in a way
Words cannot point to
From breaking and rebuilding
Like a muscle
You heart becomes big enough to contain the whole universe
And the universe becomes big enough contain your heart

You become something bigger
You are both water *and
You are the stars andyou are the other humans
And yourself
Never truly alone
The world just waiting for you
To realize and accept
You are the world

You see
Its always trying
To connect to you

See 00:00
Is the limbo that a
Minute of time and space stopped moving
Waiting for you
To become one with it

To disconnect from the noise of the world
That's not real or you
And its admittedly much easier at 00:00
When we are tired and don't feel the
Pressure of the sun to fulfill obligations

But at some point we may discover
If we are conscious and listening to the
Universe close enough
We need not wait until 00:00
Or even a second more to connect to or

feel the universe hold us

When we need holding
It will guide and hold us
When it becomes weak
And downtrodden
From human pain, war, mistreatment of our Earth, and suffering
It's not our comic-book- Superheroes in gear
That will have the strength to hold the whole universe

But the all-feeling, brave, wide awake humans
With chaotic and messy lives
And cracked and healing hearts
Instead of sealed armor
They are the only ones strong enough
To hold the whole universe
Because they are the ones that can feel
And just one person's strength
Just yours
Can hold the entire universe
Just as it can hold you

The way a mother can lift a car off of her baby child
A strength she never knew she had
But always lied dormant within her
Waiting to be awoken and ignited
And become conscious

See Superheroes are dressed like you and me
We don't dress like the movies
You become the whole world
You exist not in time or form
Your existence is with the stars
And the puckered egg-white moon
And the purple hazy mist and mountains
The world reaching out to touch and include you

Yes, at 00:00
When time knows it has its best chance of
Waking your consciousness and connecting you
To where you came from
To realize
You are nothing you thought
And everything you never
Could have imagined
All at once

You are space and time
And infinity
And you are the Maker's Creation

You are parallel even with our seasons
Not perfectly, but we all experiences the rhythms
Silver Autumns in which trees lost their most beautiful leaves to the ground, only to be followed by
Harsh White Winters where the cold swims to your skin like ice-water, followed by the relief of
 Clear Spring which heals like magic, its trees blooming, and then Sweating Summers that heal us with warmth and sunshine,  when  we decide its worth the risk
Of the outside making its way inside our immaculately sealed homes, because the possibility of cool air and even its creatures making their way inside makes that cool air and breeze from the River
More than worth it *

And just like how Seasons shed the growth of spring,  test our crops, crack our trees, and then heal our world with warmth, we run through the rhythms of seasons too.
The universe sheds our unnecessary layers so that the excess is left and only what may grow in its place is organic and true to our identity , and then the winter feels so cold when it cracks open our hearts with the tragedy it brings that we couldn't foresee coming, we feel like we are broken. But we aren't broken, breaking muscles does not mean we are broken. White Winters can't last. They never do. No matter the pain
They are necessary though because once
Healing begins and growth strengthens
It does so in a way that it never could have without the White Winter
Finally Hot Healing Summers wraps our wounds in sunshine thats rays touch us like the skies arms reaching in remedy and air that surrounds us like a blanket-  a season that we could never dreamed so magical.

Each day, your heart growing stronger
And each scar,
A mark of proof

*You haven't made it past a day you haven't survived yet, right?
And with this breaking and healing and connecting
You become the world's most powerful form of creature existing
Your potential is unlimited
Once you contain the universe
And the universe contains you
What's stopping you?
Unfortunately is, the reality being ourselves
Waiting for 00:00
Not realizing
We are our own time-keepers
We are socially conditioned, it just wouldn't be realistic that with our life-style we could live this way all the time, but we can try and practice and become self-aware, just for short spurts of the day.
Psychological time is necessary for our to day jobs and endeavors
But time and Space Exist only in the Illusory
Don't wait  for 00:00
Perfect moments and Superheroes are disguised extraordinarily in our world
Viseract Feb 2017
McKayla Rose, Tribute to her Love

(I helped)

"When I first looked into your eyes,
Each breath became a thousand sighs,
The air was filled with love bird cries,
That was the day I realized,

How much you truly mean to me,
Chemistry, our synergy
I want the world to finally see...
...How we love, in unity

Since I met you,
I have learned to love the light
You were my lamp in stormy darkness
The day that breaks the night

You showed me a mirror
And inside I saw glimmer
A small shard of hope
That with love began to grow...

...Now I want the world to know,
How I feel and and see where we go, Love swirling around like the blowing snow
Don't say a word just hold me close

And as the day turns into night,
Being in your arms just feels so right, The world is dark but our future is bright
But that's only for us to decide
A collaboration with former poet McKayla Rose. Without her this would not have been written
tm Dec 2016
i feel the synergy
when our souls connect
a sacred energy
that binds our love and our intellect.

i cant imagine any earthly force
that could break our soul ties
our emotional course
was mapped and carved by our spiritual knives

i feel the synergy
when our souls share a few tears
an empathetic energy
that cures our growing pains and fears.

a thousand love letters later, ive come to realise
ive written the word synergy too many times
but not enough times to emphasise
the synergy between your soul and mine.

- t.m
tm Dec 2016
john lennon and peace signs
mandela and african lives
jordan and twenty three
bob marley and marijuana trees
el chapo and ivory *******
courtney love and kurt colbain.

ive written the word synergy too many times
but not enough times to emphasise
the synergy between your soul and mine.

- t.m
inspired by the frank ocean song with the same name.
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