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Aug 2017
The clip slips from my lips onto the ripped carpet. In the dark kneeling to feel where it fell. Trying out the door but it's locked from outside. The clip was a hope to open as once I tried the trick at home. By now, darkness has engulfed the room, and there is no other escape route. It's quite chilly and too silent as where I am being kept. For almost two hours I am trying to figure out how I got locked here and where am I? Someone must have knocked me out as I am still feeling dizzy. My mobile is dead and my wrist watch seems smashed. As I try to feel around the room, I stumble over someone. I call out but no response. So very hesitantly I check on the pulse. DAMIT!! I am locked up with a dead person? I bang on the door to let me out, but who would hear me? Little do I know, that I am already sold out at a good price. Little do I know, that I am already being shipped to another country. Little do I know, that I am in the middle of the sea. Little do I know, that I am inside a shipping container and not some room. Will I be alive to even see and meet with my coming doom!

This is just a freestyle write.
Written by
Seema  38/F/Fiji Islands
(38/F/Fiji Islands)   
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