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Jay M Jun 2019
Here one lies
Stomach aching
Unknown reasons
Trying to sleep,
She grabs the sheets
Pulls them over her head
And hides
From the world
And it's cruel, cruel truth

So I say
"Make me feel better"
To my mother
She kisses my head
Tries to ease me
Yet all she can do
Is give me a pill
And wait

So I say
"Make me feel better"
To myself
Only, I reply;
"For you shall never be."

Here I lay
Aching in my stomach
And other little common things
But still
No matter how much medicine I take
That's not all the pain I feel
And none of it goes away.

- Jay M
June 7th, 2019
My country my home
We celebrate but suffering
At 60 we ain’t proud of home
Yet still we live and enjoy the suffering

What more can we do
When the Government turn us down
Where else can we go
Even when you’re up they’ll pull you down
The pains of being a Nigerian
A Aug 4
I don't exactly know who needed this today
But the trauma that you carry doesn't ever go away
In fact there's more, just wait
We're not all built the same
It's absolutely fascinating just how far that you have made it
Still too young to be enduring all this pain and scarring
Truly I am sorry & I do apologize for all the pictures in your head
I know the flashbacks make you mad
And nightmares seem real bad
Sometimes of sleeping you're still scared
But no, you're not better off dead
There's no getting over it, get through it instead
Start coping healthier, keep going forward
You're only still here cause you're strong enough
You're the survivor
Tell your stories with pride
Always keep your head held high
Be ambitious in a world that is so vicious
WJ Niemand Jul 3
When I looked into your eyes
A thousand battles waged
You were afraid to die
Yet not prepared to lie

Your words sounded the alarm
A world in peril
A body shaken
Your happiness had been taken

I wish I could heal all your wounds
Fend off the darkness that looms

But I am so far away
You are the night sky
As I am the day light
J J Jun 26
No accent better than broken-english
The country's a **** hole now though.

Hallelujah's dwindle the arcades like pendulous chasms

Chasing down the shadows only to end up with their tails

In their throats.

The silence was eerie. I was asleep half the day because

There was nothing to do when up

And far less to do when I was down

But I guess I'm just more use to the feeling of a sunken ship.

The bells and sirens are screaming now though;

The worst part is that no matter how much I improve myself

The biggest issues are circumstantial.

Devil watching the TV and grinning as if he'd snatched the souls
To mansons; I was too hung up on the risk to ever take chances

But I've grew sick of romantascing my struggles

Swear to God I've been dragging the same cold winter on my back

From like five years ago and I've just been letting it stack while I
Selectively snip the worst of it following one too many mistakes...

I've grown truly wise in a sense that I no longer rely on hope,

Been broken in the same way too many times to react the same as I had been.

We're all destined for the ground so I am going to stand mine while I still can.
Karly Codr May 7
My trial is over,
I have none left to give.
I've fought and I've fought
Why do I still live?
The darkness awakes me,
It haunts my soul.
My thoughts are uneven,
They've taken a toll.
My heart is breaking,
Pulled by a thread.
Pains in my chest,
Show that I should be dead.
The music inspires me,
You cannot die today.
I open my heart,
My thoughts do not stray.
I am just gonna keep writing my depressing poems and you guys can keep reading them and we'll all be great. :)
Senita beryl Apr 23
People don't even smile,
And it hurts for a while
They say it with a command 'keep it there'
But we don't think it's fair
Sometimes we land up in a wrong place,
Because of which we can't maintain the pace
We at times take the steps,
When we don't even have a bit of pep
While some take a jolly ride,
It is written on our heads that we must stride
And we are looking forward to the day,
When our pains will go away.
This poem addresses the struggles of delivery men. I got inspired to write this poem after watching a video by Doctor Ashwin vijay in which he addressed their struggles.
Apple juice Feb 27
Listen to me you’re better than
I so who am I to decide
what happens in life
who am I to say you’re to blame
who am I to know what you’ll never show
who are we to decide
what fait has in mind
for these weary eyes
honey what a prize to have by your side but you’re too arrogant to realize
Sigh those
Beautiful eyes
truthful lies
Hesitant cries
Deceitful ties
Tummy butterflies
Tasteful disguise
patronizing romanticism all for our god given life of prison
I’ve hurt many By my hand without purpose but it was never of spite it was never of rage
I am literally insane and I’m sorry for what I’ve done to all who’ve come my way in my path and stood by even tho It wasn’t right
Celil Dec 2019
be free my bird, fly
every pain shall fade away
one day in the sky

This is not a pretty unique poem as its content but I personally like how I made it concrete.
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