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Lyndsey Aug 2022
Start by wearing your heart on your sleeve.
You don't know any better yet,
up to this point the world has been good to you.
When your heart starts catching
on door knobs
and being battered against the black top,
you carefully tuck the gently scratched ***** in your pocket.

In your pocket,
out of sight
it's a little harder for the bruises to land.
Over time
the blood stain of time spent hidden
seeps through.
When the first blow lands
it knocks the wind from you.
You still don't lock your heart up.
You just move it back into your chest.

You don't sew yourself shut,
cracked ribs spread wide,
a tourniquet wrapped around one chamber,
the abused ***** still trying to beat
it's an erratic rhythm,
but it's a pulse.
It's not even shocking,
when daggers come from the front
or behind
and twist into the gnarled flesh.

Arterial spray,
broken pieces you've given away,
cover the walls.
Bones curl around
to try to protect you,
but you've never been able
to close yourself off completely.
The worst part is,
you sort of enjoy the pain.
For a moment,
the heart remembers
before the first bruises marred the skin,
before you built a cage to exist within.
Ogo Uche Jul 2022
She lived as she could
Like a human should
Love, trust, care
Was given, also received
Her strength like no other
My precious intense bolder
Your grace was unbounding
Your peace was almost sickening
Her living inspired
All that was near and far
Your food the greatest
Your love the best
Though she fell on death’s bed
She fought for life’s shed
The pain she could no longer withstand
She saw the hand stretched
For the sake of our love
She followed the one from heaven above
A many tears given
From the me that was left behind
My love. Missing you everyday
Has made me live in my yesterday
I will relinquish these feelings
To us, that is most appealing
So for now we will part
For us to meet in time at God’s path
Be forever remembered
In lightened embers
From all memories rendered
Thank you, for loving me
As I did you.
remembering is painful.
Dave Robertson Apr 2022
Have a care,
they said
if the wind changes you’ll stay like that

and I think I missed the breeze
that fixed me in place
in among the hurricane days,

but the aches and pains
don’t shift no more,
just there
to be muted
by whatever suits
and ties
The pain still linger
My feelings trapped
Can’t love any longer
Because my heart bled

Blood of my feelings
Feelings that brought trust
Trust of the past love
Love that never existed
Love hurt a lot
Emanzi Ian Jan 2022
The pain of being in pain and then you land into trouble
They slept on empty stomachs,and the next day,the son is arrested and locked up
He has been caught up in this,all in pursuit for a meal for himself and maybe some remainder to spare for home
The mother has no other source of income apart from doing small odd jobs on the village
The small wages she earns can hardly afford her all the basics
But despite that,she still has to take care of the family
And now she has to spare all of it to bail him out
And his siblings will have to skip the day's meals
The father left them,for he felt they were too much of a responsibility
And now the family situation is a calamity.

This other one drinks to numb her pain
The 'morning dose' kick-starts the day and she goes on through it
She sells her body to fend for the basics
Sometimes,she does it to just get a little something to quench her unquenchable yearning for the drink
But many a time, it's to fend for her 2 kids, whose fathers she's not aware of
Today,she just found out that she's *** positive

The Pangs of poverty
Bansi Adroja Aug 2021
We still listen to the same bands
Walk the same streets
And think about the same boys that broke our hearts
When the only thing that mattered was the next class we had
Or who kissed who by the bike sheds

When 3pm was the end of the day
And we lived for every mistake we made
Because it didn't matter that we hated this town
And it didn't matter who we let down
We'd become something bigger than
Just names etched into a desk
And all of the tears shed

We'd love and learn
And forget

The only thing is  
After a decade and some change
After miles away
And time for it all to fade

It's still all the same
Nostalgia at its finest
wizmorrison Mar 2021
The bags under my eyes
Can't support the weight
Of stress I carry everyday;
The bags in my eyes,
Can't carry the heaviness
Like my world is tumbling down;
When does my bridge fall down?
Retrieved from my Coffin of Thoughts in wattpad @WizMorrison
Peace Moses Mar 2021
Ain't I myself hero?
Reflecting in my mirror
with a deep smile on my cracked lips
Remembering the pains I've survived.
Oh my darling me,
walked through black mud streets
in painful legs to school
In just flip flop slippers on,
Not a sock worn
Just visible scars
Left seen by eyes the way they are.
I've been called fat a million times
how many things I've got to fight,
the strangling thoughts of body shape
feeling ugly like a certain ape,
Today I laugh at such words
and when unpleasant words comes by
I laugh or smile through it all.
GQ James Mar 2021
This was very unexpected,
The pain is a pain I've never felt,
There's nothing easy about losing a child,
The moment I found out,
I was drowning in tears,
I've wanted a child since I was young,
I don't question his doings,
I just take it as a lesson as well as a blessing,
God has something bigger in store for us,

This broke my heart deeper than you can imagine,
I felt like my heart was taken out my chest,
My heart stopped for a moment,
I'm trying my best to keep it together,
But truth be told it ain't easy,
The holy spirit is what's keeping me sane,
Without my faith I'll go insane,
Outside I look good but inside I'm in pain,

There's no one to blame,
Life will never be the same,
Me and my wife went through this together,
We will get through this together,
One day we will try again but not anytime soon,
My pain so deep you can't see it,
Keep my emotions inside,

God gives his toughest battles,
To his strongest soldiers,
So the battle hasn't began to begin,
It's far from over,
We are soliders so will fight to end,
Children are in our future.
Àŧùl Mar 2021
True comfort lies in
Infancy or in
Mother's lap,
True peace lies
only in Death
I know that
In death you
Are free from all
Pains and emotions,
Like I was in that
Comatose state
My HP Poem #1912
©Atul Kaushal
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