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TD Nov 2019
cold the crow sighs
his black eyes
squinting in the light
the scarecrow squawks

his talon's---straw feet
strands brushing tottering colors
nestled in haphazard piles

and below in icy chill
I sigh
my nose buried in time
whose fallen minutes lay

haphazardly in a pile
of autumn handkerchiefs
and ribboned breaths..

leaf(v)ing much to be desired
Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 10/7/2019

O scarecrow, dressed elegantly
- in worn-out shoes, ragged old hat,
on which black crow sits in dignity
and stares off into this distance where forest sad

- you certainly dream about traveling
into these wheat fields, grasses adorned with flowers
that you could lose your scarecrow's soul
running happily towards the horizon...

But you stand here, alas, forever lost in thoughts,
unable to understand where the restriction comes from,
with your straw heart always split
between both powerlessness and want.

Funny thing, my dear scarecrow - to have
so much on your own and not to.

Przemyslaw Musialowski 10/01/2008
Only poems that I've ever tried to write myself come from a time when I was 22 or 23 years old and there are only a few of them. Enjoy!
Aenri Sion Jun 2019
I am a little scarecrow, standing in the farm all day
Made out of straws, twigs and hay
When the crows come, I made them go away
To protect the farm where I stay.

I am here all along
All day and all night long
Guarding the farm, firm and strong
While listening to the bird's song.

The crows that flies within the farm
Keeps on landing in my arms
Preventing them to do any harm
By using all of my charms.

For my job is a hard one
Always under the sun
But once I get my job done
It feels fulfilling and fun.

This is me
This is what I'm meant to be
Come to the farm and you'll see
Or you can also play with me.
Yağmur Kaya Dec 2018
on my own
Just me
and my thoughts
this person
Its feelings
and nothing more

in my world
They don't,
hear me
'Cause I'm just,
on my own

punching the walls
No one comes
'Cause i'm at home,
with me
and myself
Doesn't ring,
even my phone

this and that
Why are you,
so ******* bad?
I don't,
even understand,
why are you,
so ******* dead?

your ******* eyes!
There's no one,
who can realise,
that you,
******* exist!
That's why,
you want to end it,
So you can be,
in the dark,




Star BG Dec 2018
Scarecrow stands in wait
watching cross fields of florets.
"Beware birds of black,
begone and don't come back.
For I am mighty scarecrow.
Standing guard catching breeze in hat."
StrawJack , intoned to crow brat.

Straw man stands in wait,
taking job seriously in straw abode.
With pride loving his Mother Earth,
he dances with wind in mirth.
He's Friend to all who bloom
and bells that croon.
Spending company with
passing clouds and moon.
inspired by Tadios Yeab Thank you
SR Nirmal Kumar Nov 2018
Arms akimbo
Danielle Jun 2018
I’ll be...
Your scarecrow?
Soft touch.
Something that is...
Whispered prayer.
Kept silent, still,
In what mind
Might be left.
Playing around with character poems.
Danial John Feb 2018
Bone marrow
Life’s path
Too narrow
Hidden wrath, because I’m a scarecrow
All I want is a heart
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