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Martin Boško May 28
Sssstranded and ssssuffering
I wassss ssssentenced for your ssssin
Sssseen assss a sssslut by the goddesssss I wassss sssserving
It'ssss ssssad how different my life could have been

Asssssaulted priesssstessss
It wassss not my choicccce
You defiled the ssssanctum of my misssstresssss
You have taken me by forcccce

Posssseidon, be ******
You desssstroyed my life
To world of monssssterssss I wassss ssssent
For not being sssstronger than you in our fight
I cast the muse into the sea
to wake her from a peaceful sleep.
This poet’s quill is void of ink;
it needs her words to strike the page.

She’ll fight the waves Poseidon sends
til Sirens drive her back to shore
to sip an oleander brew
and hoist the cup of Socrates.

Bring wolfsbane and a death morel!
Bring nightshade and curare too!
We’ll fatten her with woe and pain!
We’ll ready her for war and hate!

She’ll writhe and quiver, seethe and foam
until she spews her putrid verse
upon the blackened sands of time
from which men’s darkest dreams are built.

And when the gods are satisfied,
when Ares’ sword has slashed and burned,
this poisoned pen will rest at last.
Calliope shall sleep once more.
Mark Parker Sep 2020
Woe be to the lady of seasons!
Persephone and Demeter argue.
As neither can forgive dear family,
we are lost! We are sunk! Polar icecaps
melt to the tension of their bickering.

Poseidon’s domain increases ever more!
His power does drive our beaches and shores
higher! Higher! Higher ever more!
I’ve lived my life in a fancy with the Greek gods. Just recently, they erupt when I write.
Ffion Jones Jun 2020
Carry me gently
Over the lilting waves
Towards the Spanish sea;
Let my moonlight skin
spark the water around me and
guide my floating body to where my
soul shall rest.

I let the tide take its course,
Trusting Poseidon to grant me mercy and
pull me to my heart's crying need before it
bursts and spatters the
ocean's clarity.

Bobbing up and down like a seagull
I can taste the salty spray - it
tempts me further towards the
island of my dreams, and the
bitterness on my tongue will
transform into the sweetest nectar of
the gods, when I wash up there.

It is not the laws of men which
carry me gently over the
lilting waves, but the
buoyant love within me that
keeps me afloat and
full of hope.
This poem is about how I want to be reunited with my boyfriend who lives in Ibiza. We haven't seen each other since March due to the pandemic and the fact I may be able to see him next month makes me crave him even more.
SA Szumloz Mar 2020
As I plant my feet into the soft sand

Peace offers me her hand

And I am guided to the cool waters

That remind me of my father

The god of the sea.
Greek mythology is so cool!
Liam Labbe Jan 2020
up down
trapped in churning waves
pulling you under
thunder chrashes and lightning screams
you reach for the surface

it breaks

the sea is calm
you can float
gulls sing
the sun glistens
you rest
your finger tips making patterns in the waves

is it worth the storm?

the sun turns hot
you sheild your eyes
it's not enough
the sea boils
you scream

and get pulled under

things are calm
the sea is dead and cold

and is taking you with it

you hear a rumble of thunder and close your eyes

you wait for the calm
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2019
A Byzantine world upside down

starts by praying for time

Then climbing over everyone
and everything

Going top to bottom, blow to blow
with a common fear:


We struggle with life
as much as we struggle with death

Where will we be
when the water rises?

With heart in our hands
or with hands at our throat?

Hail the lifeboat, captain
one of us is about to break through the hull
Miles Feb 2019
i am reluctant
to face this ocean’s mass
i fear the waves of the past will devour me
if i pursue this seaside quarrel

nevertheless i persist
i must endure this passing tide
watching it rise and fall
the current washes over me

i succeed through it’s finale
after shock of Poseidon’s wrath i remain
the aftermath is serene
a sense of calm exists within me

i have survived this weaponless battle
i have attained this sense of victory
Prompt: Include as many of the following words (or variations on these words) as you can: reluctant, ocean’s, quarrel, serene, victory Also; Refer to a classical deity
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