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Zack Ripley Jan 16
Someday, I may start moving on.
I know that's what you'd want.
But I need you to hear me when I say
"I ain't going nowhere."
I may grieve, but I'll never let
the memories leave. I'll never let the music die. And when times get tough,
I'll never forget I have an angel on my side
Descovia Aug 2021
Without you I am incomplete

Without you I am a misery.

Without you things been hitting differently...

Without you, I wonder if there's any hope for me.
Life feels different without you Grandfather. I do not roam in anguish, for it will not bring peace to my son's wishes, mine or yours.
Zack Ripley May 2021
There's room to live.
There's room to love.
There's room to hate.
There's room to forgive.
There's room to change.
There's room to grow.
There's room to breathe.
There's room to believe.
There's room to grieve.
There's room to run.
There's room to have fun.
There's room for everything
And everyone.
You just have to make it.

WISH She could live again, fixating, in the air seeing her face on the front page of the mind space. A soul whereth cometh the poet's hearth. You ever wished for a dearest lost dead to relive again? Grieved, in-on the heart, severe pain.
She never dies. Pondered hard how mother had to die and offspring breathing, she never dies she dwell in-on us replacing herself. 🍏 Wish she should live again. REST IN PARADISE MOTHER.
degzvdg Jan 2021
We are linked with the hope of yesterday.
Like hearing noises filled with decay.
I still embraced us, only to find us in dismay.
Why must your trust be always in display?

Having enough of you is all I wanted.
But created only you wanting more of what lasted.

As the twilight sets in, I only see what's ahead.
Lines breaking, thoughts wrecking, grieve pressing.
You, and only you should know that you are missing.

I may not be for you, but in time you will see.
that an Impostor will steal from what you guarantee.

Should you find this, I hope that the ink filled in this page reaches you in time.
Like a light giving brightness to the unsure tomorrow.
Know that you will be fine.
GQ James Dec 2020
Them flashing lights give you that PTSD vibe,
Many lives lost at a young age,
Every time the phone rings it gives mama the chills,
That late night knock at the door,
You never know what to expect,
When you're use to losing someone,
Everything becomes real for you.

Identifying the body of a lost one is never easy,
You never wanna face the lost of a loved one,
You have to face the truth,
Don't hide behind the what IFS or lies.

When you're hurting don't silence your cries,
Cry out loud and grieve the ones you lost,
No one can begin to understand your pain,
Life will never be the same,
You'll forever be changed.
lover Nov 2020
inconsolably empty
a glass half full
my life left dull
the failure to grasp, the loss of your touch
as if to my demise
I sometimes long to choke a little longer than I breathe
forget I have a throat that allows me to speak
for every word wish spoken can only come from your lips
to speak no words and listen to those unspoken
maybe I should trust the hallucinations
call it a living nightmare
remembering only our fantasy
it's like the anguish of misplacement
recovery without finding the resolution to what you cant find
and what you never meant to lose
one out of two the number of wounded,
I shall speak to the sky
and hope you hear me
as holistic as the moon
I'm not satisfy neither am I happy
Saying goodbye to you wasn't really my intention

You caused me sleepless night of worries and tears
Unbearable pain and countless heartbreaks

Intially,  we were the most talk about couple
Our moves and steps got people calling us sweet names

You stole my heart and ran
Broke it into pieces and threw it right on my face

You betrayed me with hurtful words
Saying that you and I ain't compatible
You used me and dump me without any regret

I trusted you
I loved you
I did everything for you

This is how you could repay me
I'm totally a stranger and absolutely nobody to you

I got to let you go
I have hold onto you for long
Seriously, that has killed me numerous times

I'm sick of dieing a death that is worthless

Goodbye 😭😭😭

To those pleasurable moments
The calls, sms, visits & hanging out

Goodbye 😭😭😭

To 'I love you'
I miss you'
'You are my joy'
'I can't live without you'
'We were meant to be together'

Goodbye 😭😭😭
To everything
Most especially you
At times the expected turn to be the unexpected. Life is full of uncertainty!!
Paul Idiaghe Nov 2020
snow spills
like stars shredding onto soil.
suddenly I’m sinking,
& the world weighs like a wound
wrapped in the white, wet wool of winter;

autumn appears in amber, already
pulling out my pieces—
again, it aches;

death dawns in darkness
& I dance, drenched of the desire
to dream—breathing and breaking
bonded before, now they birth
a boundless burden;

nests its nails into my neck;
& I’m bone-broken, body-bloodied,
sprawling scarlet across my skin;

eclipsing with you,
I lose my light, looking for love,
& all of my colors cease to conceive;

sun sits
on the saffron spine of summer
but the melancholy doesn’t melt away,
dreams do;

skies spout
my sorrow in spring—
garnished with green grounds, I grieve.
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