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Jul 2017
If you rock me down from a mile,
I'll still be smiling like a crazy fool
It might hurt me for a while
Coz I am not made of sheep wool

The hatred you flare from your gaze
Shows your inner most reflection
The invisible flames that blaze
Has burnt all my forward affection

Chuckles a voice, only eyes could read
From behind the screen
Someone has planted a poisonous seed

I can feel the evil smiky grin, hissing
And your eyes fixed reading the fake
I purely feel your emotions, missing
For you've been long awake

The delicious words spoken in tongues
More like a ******, pretending to be God
The enmity loads darkness in tonnes
And slithers you, with a lizard tongue sword

I've never seen you in such a state
It's now visible whose behind it all
You're just one of its bait
It's just fishing, from the otherside of the wall

The attraction is quite magnetic
As the devil now, sounds more like God
Making lives his slaves as pathetic
It doesn't seem, like it's bored...

Written by
Seema  38/F/Fiji Islands
(38/F/Fiji Islands)   
         ---, Aditi, Born, Ramin Ara, Leena Beddawi and 8 others
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