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Carlo C Gomez Dec 2020
Moonlit angels keep turning the wheels of the universe

In conversations with God, they placed the Sun precisely in the centre

Alarum and escapement keep the gear train moving forth:

Astronomical clock, armillary sphere, lunar phases in sidereal time

All patterns of evidence -- releasing our impulses, advancing our hands

Jaede Bayala Apr 2019
i gaze over, &
see how
his veins stretching all the way through his
they wrap around her hand
their atoms never making
contact with each other
but i still feel as though the world has stopped turning.
the stars weren’t aligned,
there simply wasn’t enough cosmic energy. the
space between us an indefinite
black hole
the constellation of my heart wants
you to scoop me up &
hold me close,
but your heart isn’t the big dipper,
& you're just a pisces drifting in the wind.
SelinaSharday Feb 2018
IS THERE A y.o.u!

Confidently waiting
Confidently hiding. comfortably chilling..
waiting On Nothing but Y.U.O to come along..
I'm relaxing in a tub filled with caressing roses.
Me soothingly preparing me!..
Enjoying me and this time getting to enjoy this new me and
who I've come to be.
Working with dedication, personally I'm sure your relating.
As your working On you too. And laboring hard day after day.
I'm not wasting this time till we are found.
Love waiting to unfold.
Its wanting to be released and be yours to keep and hold..
I'm here and sometimes I do feel that lonely.
Knowing your not holding..Me!
Yet I am enjoying this new Me!
I'm confidently enjoying.
I have my family and my friends and them I'm enjoying.
But can't wait to laugh and smile and be loved by Y.O.U.
Wondering thinking of what would it be like to touch on Y.O.U.
You..You.. You.. Feel the touch of you..
In my heart sometimes I have conversation with Y.O.U.
Thinking what If I never be found by you.
Then I'll be content to live imaginatively with you.
My perfected Y.O.U. Soul mate in you..Perfect for me kinda you.
Blessed to be tapping my fingers musically because of you.
Desiring.. confidently praying.. silently hoping there is this Y.O.U!
By SelinaSharday S.A.M. TM 2018
waiting on H.I.M THE most compatible love..
Seema Jul 2017
The wind blew the hair off her face, revealing the naked scars. She quickly undid her hair, so to hide from the walking stars. The beauty of her character was unmatched with anyone. Yet, she kept silent and always on a quick run. But today was different, something she never imagined or thought. She had a longtime admirer, a guy...a rich guy, very simple. Humble yet stubborn, smart looks with a dimple. He knew about the scars on her face, he knew about her silent treat, he knew about her beautiful heart. For he longed for her beautiful soul in his lonely life. So he proposed her this day, to be his one and only wife. She was nervous and tried to hide her face but he kissed on her scars as her tears began to race. Good days also come by, to angels with scars, broken wings and scaled skins. For some souls are way too worthy, that their world spins. Late, but that someone comes by with a compatible heart,
and becomes your lifes most important part...

Àŧùl May 2017
Oh my lover, oh my lover!
We are two bodies with connected lives,
We are the desires of the same heart.
Oh my lover, oh my lover!

I surrendered my body & soul to you,
Nothing remains that I call mine.
The love I hope to get from you,
Even God can't fulfill this hope of mine.
Since the day we belong to each other,
We know nothing about the world over.
We are the desires of the same heart,
Oh my lover, oh my lover!

They narrate that in the world of love,
Two hearts are seldom compatible.
If they are compatible somewhere,
Even shadows of others don't enter there,
Even shadows of others don't enter there.
What situation now meets our lives,
Lest I name it or just remain amazed.
We are the desires of the same heart,
Oh my lover, oh my lover!

My lover, our this union,
Is as if is Ganga-Yamuna's union.
The truth has come to fore,
The dream has passed before,
The dream has passed before.
This land belongs to humans,
We are nothing else but humans,
We are the desires of the same heart,
Oh my lover, oh my lover!

Oh my lover, oh my lover!
We are two bodies with connected lives,
We are the desires of the same heart.
Oh my lover, oh my lover!

My HP Poem #1532
©Atul Kaushal
K Balachandran Mar 2016
She is cottage cheese, not yet aged
her mad lover, I am  ready to go great lengths
in any which way that suits to enhance
her taste, making her variously pleasing to the palate .

I'll be fruit and sugar or else salt and pepper,
all I want is to blend and bond completely with her,
if she is good with granola and cinnamon, why not?
have no doubt, I am that in a minute, an all weather partner.
Janine Jacobs Aug 2015
We are similar. You and I.
We are layers of secrets
Chaotic intertwined emotions
A thousand thoughts colliding at once
We are lost within ourselves
I know what we are
I also know what we are not
Similar but not compatible
Fish The Pig Jul 2015
I run cold
you run hot
let’s get together and make a storm
for Nava
Janine Jacobs Jun 2015
you found the crack in my wall.
all of you has made its way in me.
beneath the well polished surface,
amidst the chaos and howling storms.
you feel at home.
comfortable in this awkward mess.
relating to my weirdness.
our demons nod in recognition.
we discover our compatibility
in our brokenness.
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