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2.9k · Jul 2021
The Creepy Doll
Michael Jul 2021
The eyes just stare, those two black *****
from the fabricated sockets of a lifeless doll.
As if it sleeps entranced in place,
with an eerie glance from its porcelain face.
Shivers creep beneath the skin,
at this creepy toy's disturbing grin.
Hearts are stopped at the sudden shock,
when it blinks its eyes and starts to talk.
2.1k · Apr 2023
Mystery Meat
Michael Apr 2023
Mystery Meat

You'll find it sometimes
in what you eat.
What it is, you might ask?
It's Mystery Meat!
Smells kinda weird,
and looks just like ****.
I don't want a dollop.
No, not even a scoop.
I don't even want it in Mystery Soup.
What would Gordon Ramsay say?
1.5k · Jun 2021
The Goomba Blues
Michael Jun 2021
I just hate bein a goomba, if you couldn't tell.
I get stepped on all the time and hit by koopa shells!
Bowser's always yellin at me and telling me to go,
but he can't even stop that Super Mario!

King Koopa's laughin high up in his tower,
as he's pointin down at me.
Here they come with Fire Power!
Super Mario and Luigi!

I could'a been a man eater,
or even a koopa troopa.
Might'a  been a bottom sea feeder.
I just hate bein a goomba.
1.3k · Apr 2021
My Night Time Remedy
Michael Apr 2021
Night time, where whispers in my mind
make it hard to fall asleep.
Inclined, it's Time I seek to find.
I've left so much behind.  I'm in too deep.
Shadows dance and keep my glance,
as I lay here wide awake.
Tossing, turning in my bed.
All my thoughts hiss like a snake.
Counting sheep to fall asleep
just doesn't work for me.
With all these whispers whispering,
the rain's my remedy.
  My soothing melody.
1.1k · Dec 2021
What Lies Beyond the Seams
Michael Dec 2021
The Universe is constantly expanding.
We are here, in one spot, and they say that we've only
observed but 5% of all that's out there.
Planets to be discovered, wonders to be seen.
The Milky Way itself is a beauty more than dreams.
But what lies beyond the seams, of this magnificent night,
that goes on through days, passed the sun moon star light.
There at the end, who stands there all knowing,
loving and watching this Universe growing.
1.0k · Apr 2021
Michael Apr 2021
In the end it is known,
we are one with our bones.
What we have is right here.
It is now.  It is real.
In seven days this all was made.
In less than one our temples' laid.
It doesn't matter how we feel.
I'm afraid.
996 · Apr 2021
First Time Addict
Michael Apr 2021
I'm not a huge addict.
I'm really only addicted
  to one thing...
The first time.
953 · Feb 2021
A Quick Escape
Michael Feb 2021
Wash your face in the water.
Close your eyes and think.
You're gone somewhere
  to a far away land.
You're not at the bathroom sink.
948 · Oct 2022
I Only Want Real Lemonade
Michael Oct 2022
I want Lemonade.  Fresh squeezed Lemonade.
I don't want Minute Maid!
I only want real Lemonade!
Oh sweet Lemonade, I'll sit right here and serenade!
And sing songs all day of Lemonade.
Only songs of Lemonade!
And one day I might even trade
this song for fresh squeezed Lemonade.
There'll even be a big parade,
for the ice cold drink I always crave!
The sour sweet kick in the cooling shade.
I only want real Lemonade.
I don't want soda.  I don't want tea.
I only want my very own grown up tall lemon tree.
Ah sweet fresh squeezed Lemonade.  Pucker up!
934 · Mar 2021
Eyes to the Heart
Michael Mar 2021
Eyes to the Heart.
What I see is burnt.
What I think is heard.
What I know is learnt.
843 · Apr 2021
Clouds of Tranquility
Michael Apr 2021
Soft as clouds of tranquility,
flowing with notes of sweet melodies.
This pipe of mine's an escape from reality.
Music never sounded so heavenly.
Dreams are exhaled from the life
     of my lungs.
Faintly they're heard, in whispers they're sung,
with the chiming of bells, distantly rung.
My heart know's the words.
    It just can't teach my tongue.
832 · Apr 2021
In My Reality
Michael Apr 2021
Not a fantasy.
It's reality.
Is it really
as we think it to be?
To me, what I see
and perceive,
isn't enough to
make me believe,
there's somethin' else
that's happening.
In my own world.
My own everything.
It's my own fantasy,
in my reality.
827 · Apr 2021
The Wooden Slip 'n Slide
Michael Apr 2021
The tread on yer shoes aint there.
The tread on yer shoes aint there nowhere.
Worn out beyond compare, the whole pair,
so you slipped off yer **** and fell down the stairs!
Ya hollered and yelled the moment ya fell,
but no one came to help!
A loud KABOOM, but no one in their rooms
could even hear ya yelp!
It rained that night ya stepped outside
to a nasty tumbling blunder!
Cuddled up, cozied up in our beds
cause we all just thought it was thunder.

Stomp Stomp Stomp like an old wet mop,
you was mad as a hornet's nest!
Had to sit through what happened to you,
and you made sure of it!
Said you was out there just a cryin for help,
while everyone just stayed put.
You reminded us again of what happened to you,
then bent over and showed yer ****.

Not sayin that this matter is a funny disaster.
But seein that yer fine, don't mind the laughter!

Better go get new shoes today,
or this might happen again.
Land on yer **** like that, I say,
and you might just break yer chin!
785 · Aug 2021
I Won't Have
Michael Aug 2021
I'm not ready for the path that I've chosen to end.
Where I'm heading I'll have to descend to ascend.
No pretending to comprehend.
My heart understands,
even if I won't admit my consent.
I'll adapt to whatever happens,
and try to keep my balance.
Something shines at the goal.
An award it might be?
I'm alive im my souless soul within me.
What is it I want?  I ask endlessly.
I won't know 'till it's gone.
I won't have 'till I'm free.
761 · Feb 2021
Ola Crappola
Michael Feb 2021
Ola Crappola
Ola Kazoo!
I have a bowl a
Crappola for you!
What do you say when
you're feelin' a stew?
Ola Crappola
to Life's Number Two!

Crappola Crappola
needs to be freed.
Then comes relief,
and pain's history!
So Ola Crappola
Ola Kazee!
Do you have a bowl a
Crappola for me?
When life happens, get it off your chest.  That's what friends are for.  At times, they'll share some Crappola with you.  But at least we don't stink alone!
701 · Apr 2021
Small Things
Michael Apr 2021
Sometimes bad jokes can make a big smile.
Sometimes the tears don't come for a while.
Some seek to find.  Some strive to give.
Some idly hide.  Some try to live.
As gravity pulls us down to the earth,
we're all connected in some way from birth.
Some of us find this to be beautiful.
We all lose our minds eventually, though.
Long while this world's problems are piled,
sometime's small things can make a big smile.
651 · May 2021
Under the Storm Clouds
Michael May 2021
I've sailed over the oceans,
under the storm clouds I've been.
To prevail should be your first intention.
Don't give up, but try it again.

The waves come and push you all over,
and there's nothing you can do but wait.
Time tells of false and true lovers.
Sometimes the hour is late.
Michael Aug 2021
Safety Man with the steel-toe boots
had to walk into the water.
His hard hat fell when when he heard
someone yell,
He dodged a falling heavy-*** cord
by four inches, maybe five..
Doesn't matter that much cause 'O My Lord,
that cable it was live.
Know your surroundings.
631 · Jul 2021
Michael Jul 2021
Escape from this busy life if for just one day.
Have some fun, do something good.
Go out and play.
Hit the pool 'till you've had enough.
Get some sun in a game of golf.
Just get out and take a breath of life,
it'll be okay.
629 · Apr 2021
Um Pow
Michael Apr 2021
If one man stands that can't be defeated,
it's Um Pow!  Um Pow!
Even with his hands tied to both his feet,
it's Um Pow!  Um Pow -
He battled many men in a great big war,
and now he's even stronger than ever before!
If one man stands that can't be beaten,
it's Um Pow!  Um Pow!

It's Um Pow!  Um Pow!
Smasin bashin everything he can,
it's Um Pow!  Um Pow, right now!
He'll take you down with a flyin punch!
Karate kick you in the stomach,
make you lose your lunch!
O My holy cow!  Look out -
It's Um Pow!

"Um?"   POW!!!
621 · Feb 2021
Michael Feb 2021
Once, I had a vision.  I knew I would change.
I knew that the voices were more
than just voices.
They were a calling.

I don't know where they've come from,
these feelings of the dread.
Like demons scorching me,
as these voices in my head!
People in my shadows.  To those I give my trust.
What they say behind my back
is just as good as dust.
Though I know this, I'm alone,
yet I feel this obligation...
It's as if I hear their voices,
cursing me with degradation!

Still, I am afraid.  And still, I don't know why.
"It is as we choose to be, the voices never lie."
What the voices say, all badness in my head.
I can't escape this inner hell,
these feelings of the dread!
Each day and night I'm trapped
as I think about my friends;
Of where our paths shall lead us,
when this road should come to end.
These thoughts that dwell inside me,
these voices in my head;
All wicked and such dreadful thoughts.
When will all this end?

I stir and wake within my sleep,
this nightmare as it haunts me.
The voices in my head grow more,
cursing as they taunt me!
With rage that boils deep inside,
sometimes I just break;
As my eyes go red, my mind berserk,
and common sense is blank!

It's been a while since that's happened,
since that day I went insane,
when I'd blocked against my father's hand
and sent him back some pain!
That memory, that vision, that nightmare
in my head!
That  VOICE  that keeps on calling me
with these thoughts so full of dread!
I can't break free, my soul is tied,
though I know that I must live.
I don't know why, I mustn't die.
I've something I must give.

One day, someday, maybe soon
I will not think as much,
and waste away this life I have
on small things of the such.
At times I see, at times I don't,
the life that I am missing.
Just flush away the life at hand,
with all this time I'm *******.

It angers me to know and see,
and still to take the bait;
To escape for just a second more,
and forget the things I hate,
but wait...
For a short time had it lasted,
to be free of all this stress;
At times I still feel good inside,
but still I am a mess.

The voices grow in number,
calling me to die;
To see the darker sides of things,
spewing forth their lies.
The voices taunt and whisper,
showing me the bad.
They recall of my insanity,
and of my poor old man.

For as long as I have love,
and as long as I have hope,
I will fight to block them out,
and with these feelings cope...

"But what's the point in loving,
for feelings all depressed?"
spat the voices with their badness,
I shall never find my rest...
Yet the voices cloud away
as I smoke another bowl.
I've been high as hell all day,
but I haven't reached my goal.
God bless my mother and father, who helped me to be better than I might have been.  Without poetry;  Without a way of expressing myself, I'd be lost to the fleeting voices of my screaming mind.
Michael Mar 2021
Eight legged critters
and eyeball fritters,
in a soup I made for two.
I'm going to have a bowl for me,
and you're going to have one too!
You'll sit right there and have a guzzle!
Try to resist, I'll get a funnel!
Don't try to untie that rope!
Stuck to the chair are we?  'O dear!
Stuck to the chair, so HERE!!
Probably more suitable for Halloween, but I couldn't resist.  Hope you find it as fun to read as it was to write it.  Thanks!
606 · May 2021
My Soul Still Prays to You
Michael May 2021
Glory's who you are.
It's not what I'll achieve.
To be close to you, not far.
Will I ever find you finally?
Though you know what it is to be.
I'll only have one destiny.
Will I keep on walkin blindy,
till time takes hold of me?

Fear lives in my heart.
For my mind sees a coming dread.
My soul still prays to you
through the thoughts of my crowded head.
Please forgive all the bad I've done,
and the things I said.
596 · Feb 2021
Life & Love
Michael Feb 2021
Life is like hanging off a ledge
above an endless drop,
and I can't stop looking down.
Love is the gravity that kills.
558 · Apr 2021
Knock-Knock Man
Michael Apr 2021
The Knock-Knock Man.
I'm the Knock-Knock Man.
When you're upset I can lend a hand,
cause the Knock-Knock Man is who I am.

When your luck's gone down,
and got you feelin' blue,
I'll say "Knock-Knock."
and you say, "Who?"
You'll get the joke once you understand,
no one ever laugh's with the
Knock-Knock Man.
An ode to bad knock-knock jokes.
541 · Nov 2021
The Water
Michael Nov 2021
The Water's been polluted and the Fire is high.
The Earth has been consumed and the Spirit is nigh.
The Temple Door is open, but no one is there,
with the source of Living Water with no one to share.
They'll say that the building is the only place,
to get a glimpse of perfection from the Ghost of His Face.
But the Truth of the matter is not easy to grasp,
with the Hissing of Lies like a Poisonous Asp.

Insanity and Vanity, every day.
For just a Whisper of Truth is all we can pray.

"Walk into the Desert, get closer to Me,
I'm not in a building if that's what you believe.
Sheltered in division is not what I will.
The First True Word was said atop of a Hill."
508 · Jan 2022
While Love Exists
Michael Jan 2022
While love exists with hate, love cannot be at peace.
While hate exists with love, hate cannot be absolute.
493 · Jul 2021
Michael Jul 2021
An eagle calls on the dawn's sun rise.
As the living waken from their beddy-byes.
The hunter waits and sits and pries,
and sneaks to even skip surprise.
Feathers fall as the thunder strikes.
The crows, they caw at the bird's demise.
Michael Sep 2021
The walls are closing in.
The ceiling's falling down.
The room is growing thin within.
No exit can be found.
The bricks are piled high,
closing all around.
Crumbling grinding stones
make a loud and unpleasant sound.
Dreams are interrupted as
I spiral down a nightmare's hall.
Whispers hissing with their laughs,
mocking me as I fall.
Towards the bottom I'm recklessly sped
from the fluffy clouds of my cozy bed,
into the darkness glowing red,
where creeping shadows of utter dread
somehow creep into my head again.
Spinning frightful webs to wrap me,
these shadows fight to trap me.
They relentlessly attack me,
with the eyes and legs that grab me,
jabbing me, stabbing me, making a snack of me.
Scrambling desperately to untangle this snare,
I fall into the darkness's coldest dark air.
Towards the monsters I fear, they collect far beneath,
grinding up bones with the gnashing of their teeth.
461 · Mar 2021
The Seven Headed Dragon
Michael Mar 2021
Higher than their towers as he stands upon the sea,
in the final hours of all humanity.
With seven crowns of power he's ruling as their king,
and with the False Messiah, they'll try and ruin everything.
A lion known to some, he's roaring mighty loud,
and all the ones who follow him can hear no other sound.
This Dragon often told before will scale the world round,
and gather them together to battle for the crown!

Those who look for signs won't see them,
if they don't believe.
The False Messiah will mislead them,
if they're quick to be deceived.
And the Dragon will be laughing at all he holds in vain,
devouring their souls, 'till nothing else remains!

Over all the water, ruling over all the lands,
over Babylon the Great the mighty Dragon stands!
His seven heads are crowned with the kingship over Man,
with the nations at his feet and the world in his hands.
As a serpent in the garden, he'll trick you to forget
the True Messiah's coming!  There's no reason to repent!
As the Father to the Lie, his only compliment's
a world cursed to die, as that's all he represents!

Those who look for lies will find them
if they don't realize,
the False Messiah, he will guide them
to the desires of their eyes.
And the Dragon will be laughing as they all cry his names,
for their torments everlasting, they'll cast on him their blames!

Over all the lands of a planet called Earth,
over all its waters, over all its dirt.
There stands the Seven Headed Dragon, as foretold in the Word,
that many didn't care for and very little heard.
As a leader into death, he'll lead you to war,
and though you won't understand what you're fighting for.
If we live by the sword, we must be prepared to die by the sword.
For even the Dragon's a pawn, by the hands of the Lord!

Those who look to live as if
they'll be dead in the morn,
they live just for today
because their future's are torn.
And the Dragon, he is laughing as he's breathing his fire
into their hearts, all their burning desires!

One head crowned with authority.  It's name is herald, "LUST!!
Another one with the name, "GLUTTONY!!" is looking down on us.
The third head staring down right at me, I hear the name of "GREED!!"
"COME TO ME ALL YE WHO SLOTH!!" calls the fourth one evilly.

     FOR I AM WRATH!!"

And there are some who run and hide, but still get eaten up
     by the jaws of "PRIDE!!"

Seven sins in all of Babylon, standing proud up until it's gone!

pled the words of the Man that they nailed to the cross.
And the many more martyrs of His Great Name,
died for saying things that He'd preordained.
They died for saying that their Majesty came,
     and that He would return again.
          He will return again.
And though the Dragon will be laughing, he'll know his own time's come,
and he might try to fight, but it won't last too long,
when the Lord of the Lords and the King of the Kings
returns with the Father of Everything!
So as the Dragon, he was laughing, he was only a fool,
     as was everyone,
that gave their soul for a second to roll,
a loaded dice.
     The deal was done...  Their towers' gone.
450 · Mar 2021
Beautiful Horizons
Michael Mar 2021
I remember once when I was young, looking out into the sunset
and thru the sky a long stretched line was spread, the tail of a jet.
Beautiful.  Purple.  Orange.  Red.
I remember staring off, trying to imagine myself standing on the horizon's edge.
I thought, what magical wonderful things could there be beyond the end?
Is there anything beyond the horizon?

Now I'm older, as I see that line's been like a rainbow to me.
It still reminds me it's here.
Fades away when I get near.
It's not as beautiful, regrettably so.
Guess there's something sublime about things we don't know.
Perhaps life is that way, when the horizon is gone.
We just can't see, but it also goes on.
Michael Sep 2021
If Santa Claus snuck up on you,
would you be ready?
Don't look so haughty,
cause if you get caught bein naughty
Santa's gonna get you good, buddy.
Better shorten that list sonny.
He ain't much for greed.
Ask for a **** pony,
might get the whole stampede.
What would you do
If he snuck up behind ya,
leaned into your ear and whispered,
Better be on your best behavior.
Bein good should be your goal.
Don't think your slick.  You best be careful,
unless you like bein given coal.
Look at you bein all ornery,
fussin and yellin, duckin and dodgin.
You ain't foolin no one but yourself by
sayin, "Santa ain't watchin."
You already know he's gonna write that one down.
Man, Santa's been watchin all year round.
But you did what you done, just know that he's knowin.
Welp, at least you'll be able to keep the fire goin.
There's still time to get on the Nice list.
427 · Jul 2021
One More Minute
Michael Jul 2021
One more minute.  One more hour.
Seconds, time, as sand is poured.
Days are shortened, seasons fast.
Though Winter months seem to last.
We wait and shiver out the cold,
for warmer days our spirits hold.
One more blizzard.  One more frost.
For in the Spring, those days are lost.
That clear rain's tapping keeps me in bed,
dreaming of Summer's fun ahead.
For three months walking on the sun,
will seem so long, until it's done.
An endless journey, time won't stall.
Seasons turning, returned to Fall.
Planting seeds forever growing.
Time is going, ever flowing.
We keep on going, never knowing
what we're owing till it's showing.
One more minute, for one more hour.
Time is what we pay.
And all that's in it, and all that's ours,
is only ours today.
424 · Feb 2021
House of Red
Michael Feb 2021
Statues shining ever bright
over walkways glowing white,
with souls that walked into the light,
bound there in forever night.
Statues show their daunted gaze
and keep their eyes 'this haunted I'm led,
towards the distance, passed the graves
to the House of Red.

Shadows follow as I walk,
and I feel their hands behind me.
I pray these demons that I talk
should never come to find me.
Though, when they do I'd pray be dead
that I may not know when;
for through the gates of this House of Red
I know I'll come again.

Footsteps follow towards me
from the House of Red,
as footsteps go on from me
to the doorstep where I'm led.
Following I wonder,
Am I already dead?
Perhaps I'm resting underneath
this unhallowed House of Red.

Statues keep their eyes on me
as I walk up to the door.
There's fainted laughter echoing
from those that laugh no more.
This house is empty I can see
and it feels my soul with dread,
as I open up the door to be
inside the House of Red.

But lost inside I wonder,
What'd I leave behind?
It can't be that important
if it's no longer on my mind.
Perhaps I could've gone
another way instead.
Either way I'd come again
into this House of Red.
423 · Dec 2021
Christmas on the Hill
Michael Dec 2021
The scene opens with a single snowflake falling onto the top of a large sturdy tree.  The vast open valley spreads far and wide, as this beautiful tree stands on a hill next to a soft and quiet stream.  Surrounding its trunk and ground digging roots are twelve little saplings.  They sit next to their mother, as if listening to one of her tales of long ago,
of years long gone by of an earlier snow.

The snowflake just settles on a leaf at her top,
and followed by more so gently they drop.
There's an old house not far 'cross the stream's other side,
filled with music and lights and sweet fragrance inside.
The voices are carried with carols of joy.
As momma tells to her children of their history.
A seedling like them a long time ago,
loved and enriched, nourished to grow.
She told of the tales of their home's Christmas Tree,
on a hill where she stood.  Part of one big family.

"Momma, tell us that story again.
We'd love to hear it forever.
Cause truly this story, it hasn't an end,
'long as we remember eachother."
Merry Christmas, and if we can't be together, we can be in our thoughts and prayers.
422 · Nov 2021
Beware of the Spider
Michael Nov 2021
Beware of the Spider who crawls in your hair.
Better shave yourself bald 'till nothin is there.
Be scared of the Spider who creeps in your head.
He's there right beside you as you sleep in your bed.
He sneaks in your socks, he'll hop in your shoes.
He hides in the mops, and waits in the brooms.
So goodnight my friend, and sleep tight as you can.
You might just wake up with him in your hand.
387 · Feb 2021
Hopefully a Happy Face
Michael Feb 2021
When you're happy your face is bright.😃
When your'e cryin, it looks a fright.😫
When you're angry, your face gets tight.😖
It makes a look like it's goin to bite!😬
This was inspired by my 6 year old nephew.
Such a cute face...  when he's happy.
371 · Feb 2021
More of Me than One
Michael Feb 2021
More of me than one mind.
More of me than one heart.
More of me than one soul.
Less of me, just one part.
Love is good.  Love is bad.
I can't decide if I'm happy or sad.
If there's more of me than one,
than perhaps I'm just mad.
Crazy to think I could finally find sanity.
I lost myself looking.  I'm my own enemy.
Who I am now is just a darker version,
of the man I once was...
Another person.
Sometimes I hate you,
and others, I don't.
I think I love you,
but I really don't know.
Sometimes I'm split between myself.
368 · Jul 2021
Desperate Heart
Michael Jul 2021
The desperate heart in need of love,
to be loved by anyone.
It's a nightmare to be lost,
to believe it's loved by none.
366 · Feb 2021
Window Peeper
Michael Feb 2021
A window peeper.
'O who could it be?
A window peeper.
Are they peaking at me?

I walk into a room and suddenly,
'feels like someone's eyes
are staring right back at me!
'O who could it be?

A window peeper!
But why should I care?
A window peeper!
Just go on and stare!

I hide myself and look,
and then I see
somebody's out the window
staring back in at me! ..
with a *******?

Oh, wait a sec!  Crap!
Am I the Window Peeper?
I don't even know.  I just wrote it based off an experience years ago.  While riding shotgun with my friend, my seat belt got stuck, and I was stuck staring out my window.  Someone thought I was staring at them, while I just couldn't turn around.
Michael May 2021
"**** stupid raccoons!"
An angry man, ****** at everything in the moment
fiercely kicked his dumped-over trash can into the street, as he stared enraged at the mess of thrown out crap that laid open
for all to see.
A neighbor seeing his crazy fit of rage jested,
"You know, trash cans have feelings too."

To which the angry man replied,
"Yeah!  And they should feel like garbage!"
349 · May 2021
That's Not What I Wanted!
Michael May 2021
I wanted to shut myself off from reality.
To escape from myself most definately.
But be careful you don't end up like me,
or bill collectors will sue you eventually.
295 · Feb 2021
Dungeons & Dragons
Michael Feb 2021
Dungeons and dragons and horses and wagons.
What you imagine is your fantasy.
Adventures of magic.  Some happy, some tragic.
Whoever the hero, it's your time to be!

in  D & D!  Let us go play an RPG!
Let's forget about reality!
No responsibilities!

No chores to do here,
we eat and drink brewed beer;
I have this scepter you call a broom.
Don't look with your eyes dear,
O' just open your mind clear;
Open the sky wide, take flight from this room!

in  D & D!  Let us go play an RPG!
Let's forget about reality!
No responsibilities!
293 · Mar 2021
War Flames
Michael Mar 2021
Again, as I wonder what life is about,
it'd seem the fighting never ends.
The war flames keep burning, inside and out.
Over, all around me they ascend.
Here as I'm crying out, with a heart sick with hate!
Do you still see me as your friend?
Time is running out and I cannot just wait!
For against myself I can't defend.
274 · Feb 2021
Luck, Lucky Number 3
Michael Feb 2021
Lucky, lucky number 3.
Put a 1 in front for misery.
If it's 7 7 7, must be heaven.
If it's 6 6 6, get your crucifix.
273 · Dec 2021
Not in Neverland
Michael Dec 2021
Peter Pan.
They say you can't fly off your feet.
To grab a ticket and take a seat.
That we are not in Neverland.
But to them, Magic is just anything
that can be displayed on a screen.
They've forgotten everything.
We are not in Neverland.
I imagine once when I met my shadow,
I chased it endlessly.
Never to think that shadow
had always been sewn to me.
253 · Jun 2021
The Wrong Way Brothers
Michael Jun 2021
Wrong Way Andrew and Wrong Way Mike,
will misunderstand you but that's alright.
You have a great big chasm you wanna get across.
They'll get you over it, but they'll also get you lost.
Got you on a boat, but that's okay.
This time they said they know a faster way.
Guess these two are finally on the ball-
Whoops!  They led you down a waterfall!
Splish Splish Splashin!  You fight with all your might!
An alligator's comin as you stare at it in fright!
But Wrong Way Andrew and Wrong Way Mike,
split before the gator even got its first bite.
Two clumsy leaders
252 · Feb 2021
The Squeaking Chair
Michael Feb 2021
Help!  Help!  Please!  Leave!
Get up!  Get up!  I can't breathe!
Your gonna break all four of my feet!
I'll burst and collapse right under your seat!
I can feel my structure getting weak!

"Man, this chair sure does squeak!"
244 · Feb 2021
She Dances
Michael Feb 2021
She dances in the glory.
She dances in the light.
She dances in the morning,
and all throughout the night.
In the glowing of the ballroom,
the angels even dance
with the Mother of Creation,
made by the Father's hands.

She dances in the starlight.
She dances for the moon.
She dances 'round the sun,
as it brightens up the room.
She dances in the glory.
She dances in the light.
She dances in the morning,
and all throughout the night.
235 · Nov 2021
You're My Kinda Friend
Michael Nov 2021
You're my kinda friend.
My kinda pal.
We've both been through suffering.
We've both been through hell.
We'll always have eachother,
now ain't that a fact.
I got yours if you got my back.
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