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Nigdaw Nov 2023
I scream at the demons
pushing over indiscriminate objects
tripping me through clear doorways
knocking things from my feeble hands
laughing constantly in my head
like evil clowns
without context
it will
be impossible
   to tell if
your eyes
are red
as a result
being upset
   until you cry
an eyelash
   in your eye
   from hay fever
or that you
poked yourself
in the eye
while putting on
your glasses
Michael Apr 2021
The tread on yer shoes aint there.
The tread on yer shoes aint there nowhere.
Worn out beyond compare, the whole pair,
so you slipped off yer **** and fell down the stairs!
Ya hollered and yelled the moment ya fell,
but no one came to help!
A loud KABOOM, but no one in their rooms
could even hear ya yelp!
It rained that night ya stepped outside
to a nasty tumbling blunder!
Cuddled up, cozied up in our beds
cause we all just thought it was thunder.

Stomp Stomp Stomp like an old wet mop,
you was mad as a hornet's nest!
Had to sit through what happened to you,
and you made sure of it!
Said you was out there just a cryin for help,
while everyone just stayed put.
You reminded us again of what happened to you,
then bent over and showed yer ****.

Not sayin that this matter is a funny disaster.
But seein that yer fine, don't mind the laughter!

Better go get new shoes today,
or this might happen again.
Land on yer **** like that, I say,
and you might just break yer chin!
Khaab Jul 2020
She felt like the defective product
being compared to the
flawless ones.
Everyone was perfect around her...but she...
how did she feel?
vega Jul 2020
i’m so clumsy
i’m so full of
gasoline, and
stupider still as
i let you in
i let you win
and i let the
phosphate feel
like loving
when you sing
when you sting
i found it too
one more strike
before you begin
and you’re clumsy
oh, so clumsy
you’re so full of
broken things
and when i burned
i never knew
that i’d also become
a part of them.
Inspired by the song Clumsy by All Time Low.
Andrew Parker May 2020
Clumsy Gazelle Poem

Dear Dad,

The last time we spoke, was spent walking down the sidewalk together in some metropolitan area.  There was a tunnel up above, I guess we were in what you would call an underpass and a giant graffiti'd dumpster was awaiting our passage.  You pulled on my arm with strong resolve and guided me into the street, as if the cars would dissolve in front of us as we inched farther away with our feet.  I felt like a modern day Moses, it was magical.  Once we reached the other side of the Chevrolet sea, you pointed out to me that our sudden death match with the traffic was a tactical maneuver.  There was a gang operation being run no sooner than just beyond the trash bin... I woke up from that dream and immediately knew what could have happened.

I took a trip to Chicago this summer, the first of its kind.  I felt like you were watching over me, keeping me safe the entire time.

I can't recall too many words you've said to me, but I have quite a few for you.  Like to start, here's two.  I'm gay.  I wonder all the time, if maybe you already knew.  You always called me by the nickname Cool.  You told my mom that when I grow up I would be a ******* and a big drinker too.  You got one-and-a-half of those right.  

I inherited your hair and your goofy smile too.  Neither of those are all that great, but I guess they'll have to do.  I've heard the story from your poker pals about the time you won at pool.  You got up on the table and in your most graceful pose and poise, the pool stick struck, and as the 8 ball sunk, gravity grabbed and you fell.  Once you stood up, you addressed the **** up and said, "Like a gazelle."    

I've made my own leaps too, but every gazelle has its gaffes.  I've fallen in front of friends but made it out of every situation's extremes. It seems that when gravity pulls me down, all I can do is laugh. I'm glad I got that from you - I'd rather be a 'clumsy gazelle' than a 'graceful giraffe.'
danial Jan 2020
on the loneliest of nights
the cicadas filled the silence

and when they go away
the thought of you sinks back in

love is clumsy
love is loud

and if this isn’t love
why can’t i hear anything else other than you
Meghan Jul 2019
I’m sorry I’m so clumsy
Some days it seems like the world is fighting me at every step
And I’m losing the battle
I stumble over every stubborn staircase
I trip over my tongue like an uneven rug
Every new set of walls is a labyrinth I get lost in
Every move I make is disjointed and uncertain
My fingers and feet flail when I’m carrying precious, fragile things
And before I know it I’m sprawled on the floor
Surrounded by shattered fragments
Bruised and aching
Burning with humiliation and frustration

But I’ll try to be careful.
If you will be brave enough to trust me
I will try to keep my steps in line and my path straight
I will try to find the rhythm in the song of my surroundings

I will try to see beyond my limitations
My faults, my failures, my frequent falls
I will try to look up and see the beauty in the world
Instead of staring at my feet in fear
I may trip at times
But I will not be trapped in trepidation

I ask for your patience
I am trying to be patient with myself too
My best is all I can really do
And I will do what I can to be the best for you
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