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Feel the time
When the person who
Appreciates you
All the time
Is no more
And you try to pretend
Nothing matters

Feel the time
When the person who
Have better intention
Towards you
Is no more
And you have to
Stay silent

Feel the time
When the person who
Saves time
Just to be with you
Is no more
And you have
So many things to share

Just do it

Just do it

Just do it
Genre: Observational
Theme: Dreams and Dreamer
Alex Jan 2018
Tonight was the night you said
The words I've repeated in my head
Tonight my heart dropped
Exploded like a balloon popped
No fixing this injury
Why the hell didn't you listen to me!
I told you to stop, that the words really hurt
You said everything forgetting that I still love you to the moon back to earth.
I couldn't keep it in, at 2:13
Blood rolled down my arm,
Looking like a **** ****** scene
Arcassin B Dec 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Sweet dreams at the dark end of the hall reminds
me of a day when I get close to you.

He was never good with confessing his feelings But
I can show you better than I can tell you.

When he leaves and I walk in,
thinking you're alone , you say its complicated.
when theres no more love to give, I'll be waiting for you,
Its the same scenario.
Its the same scenario.
Its the same scenario.
Its the same scenario.

Love doesn't want to come that easy when you
reach for the top.

Love yourself for the moment cause in reality thats all you got.

Don't be the line cast into the water while the fishes go below.

See reality for what it is in this life and don't end up in the same
sushma madappa Apr 2016
I often wonder if I would ever run into you.
If I do, how would it play out?
So, I imagine a scenario where Iam shopping at a supermarket,  walking down the aisle,  pushing my cart,
looking for some mundane little thing and there you will be,
next to the cereal aisle, holding your favorite brand of cereal.

What would we do?
Will one of us lean in for a hug,
smile awkwardly at each other or
behave like strangers?
Would we exchange numbers,
With a promise to catch up soon or do
the most natural thing in the world-
go to the nearest cafe or pub and
have coffee or a drink or two together.
Share our stories, wish each other well and part as friends.
I hope that's what we'd do.

I would love to walk down that aisle with you.
I look for you in every supermarket in the world, I step into.
Pauline Morris Mar 2016
In the hole
Only the darkest of thoughts flow
In the hole
Only the worse scenarios go
In the hole
Only the coldest winds blow
In the hole
Only the demons patrol
In the hole
Is where you lose your soul
Pauline Morris Jan 2016
She set the scene
Like they do for the movie screen
Very thing she did had a meaning
She cleaned the house till it was gleaming

She tried to pretend she hadn't planned it for months, for weeks, for days
But everything she did has something different to say

She had ordered a surgical scalpel online
Praying it would come in time
It arrived a few days ago
And today would be her last show

She put on her favorite dress
The wrinkles out of it she gently caressed
She added rose petals to the bath water
A reminder of all the loved that had faltered
A couple of candles, for the light
That in her eyes no longer shined, her soul was as black as moon less night
She put on a little makeup, there would be no tears to smear it
They were all dried up, her life was ****

She slowly lowered herself into the tub
She didn't want a mess, it would contain her blood
She took that surgical tool, Determined to end all that was cruel
She didn't have to press to hard
She was dealing death's card
She made the slits down her wrist
Watching all of her life's blood flow out filled her with bliss
The water soon turned a crimson red
She just relaxed, there was no dread
The candles like her life soon expired
She had gotten what she had so desired

The iron smell of her blood soon filled the room
It's aroma was a forbidding doom
Her face despite the makeup was ashen white
But a smile creased her lips, she was done with life's fight
She looked so peaceful, so at rest
For her tourtured soul has no longer imprisoned within her flesh
Pauline Morris Jan 2016
Sitting in her empty room she took another long drink from the bottle of whisky
She knew drinking alone for her was quit risky
But she was far beyond caring, far beyond giving a ****
She thinks back on her life, she could see it was all a sham
No one looking in could see
Her life lay among the debris
Of what should of been but as time had showed would never be
Pure agony in diffrent degrees

She looks around her room in the closest hung her clothes
Most of them for work, thats the only place she goes
The stereo on a table
The music is her escape when she is able
In the corner the tv
She stares at but what's playing she rarely sees
Her big comfy bed with lots of pillows
Where alone she cries and bellows

Yes at a quick glance it all looks normal, but take a closer look
It's easy to see like all the stacks of books
On the walls nothing hangs
They are blank, there plain
No posters, not one pictures, no happy memories to look back on
Yes look close enough you can see something is all wrong

She's finally had enough liquid courage
To finally end all her troubles and worries
She goes to her closest reaches up on the top shelf
Takes down her revolver and clutches it to herself

With shaking hands she retrieves the bullets from the dresser drawer
Every inch of the barrel her fingers explore
She loads one bullet into the camber, clicks it back and spins it
She's going to let the Gods and fate decide if she is fit

She raises the cold unfeeling gun to her temple
Her hand is now steed not even a tremble
Very slowly she pulls the trigger
Stopping she didn't even consider

No one heard the boom
That resounded inside that lonely room
Over was all of her agonizing delirium
She didn't feel any pain as that bullet tore through her cranium
Her walls are no longer pitifully plain
They are now beautifully painted with her blood and her brain
Pauline Morris Jan 2016
She takes a walk out among the trees
She's desperate to feel the cool breeze
The leaves make a sharp crunching as she walks on them
Even with the reds, oranges, and yellows, of her favorite time of year are not enough her thoughts are grim
The day on which her mother died is coming up soon
Another empty spot in her heart's rooms
She just had to die on Halloween day
Two things at once taken away

The woods she so enjoyed romping around in now she trudges through
The are tainted for she was ***** and this is where he dragged her to

A cold drizzle starts to fall
And in her head is deaths call
The bottle of pills in her pocket rattles
Reminding her of all her hard fought battles

Just days ago she was in love
Happily thinking of things to come
After thousands of messages proclaiming he's feelings
It only took one to show his true dealings
It left her heart bleeding

With everything taken away that gave her a small ounce of a smile
She decided to come out to her woods and think for awail

She sat down on the cold mossy ground
And took a good hard look around
Visions of hatred, love, loss, and invasion
Made her feel like her head was caving in
Her heart ached so bad within her chest
She couldn't take any more of what life had left

She took the bottle out of her pocket
Took off his locket
Took two mouthful of pills
Getting rid of her ills
She washed them down
Laying the necklace he gave her on the ground

She sat and listened to the song birds tweets
Here in her wooded retreat
She slowly got tired, she leaned against the tree
The autumn colors was the last thing she would see
But there was a smile on her face
As her spirit slipped silently away out into space
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