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Sophie Mar 2022
A child, a witness,

and far away, too far to hear
close enough to see

blurred lines of
dark cement
****** sidewalk, and
silver pain that glides in swiftly,

Light that shines brighter than
all else behind
neon OPEN sign

flickering above
a man sleeping, and leaking into the gutter.
this one is for readers to guess what kind of scenario i am writing about
Michael May 2021
"**** stupid raccoons!"
An angry man, ****** at everything in the moment
fiercely kicked his dumped-over trash can into the street, as he stared enraged at the mess of thrown out crap that laid open
for all to see.
A neighbor seeing his crazy fit of rage jested,
"You know, trash cans have feelings too."

To which the angry man replied,
"Yeah!  And they should feel like garbage!"
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
Today I consulted
And referred to you

You gazed me
Head to toe
Probably found nothing
Then referred, me back

I put myself on
Mindset Therapy
And ensured to rest in time

"No need of follow-up"
"Heal by yourself"
Pretty harsh advice, that way
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Get Well Soon
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
🍁When i left my eyes🍁
🍁Too see skies🍁
🍁I see moon and stars🍁
🍁Miles away from my heart🍁
🍁I found that🍁
🍁Stars peeping me like my mother🍁
And moon gaze me like my hero father
Just an art to write my Felling in such way..i'm glad after writing it i feel so much amazed.You also feel like the same...
But parents are like tree which give shade us..
Thanks for reading.
Simon Jul 2020
The past circumvents the future simply because the past is again, simply trying to catch up with the future. Only because the future goes beyond the past’s own horizon (which is obvious to say the least)… …But nonetheless, has a greater beneficial outcome to sort out an input’s (β€œoneselves”) future events when the β€œpast scheming scenarios” comes back and either β€œhit’s you” when you need it MOST, or calmly assorts the different factors into something you were NEVER aware of…until it was already too late to bear yourself suitable against!
If your own (trying too hard) "circumventing" past tries to feel the mere guilt of such a challenge for change, then ALL is not lost.... Your simply just trying to make up for the ample amends of a desperate scenario that doesn't "taste" like everyday life. Which solely doesn't fit with today's standards about how your future is (somehow) always looking so bleak!
Nylee Dec 2019
I dreamt it
The worst scenario life
I was alive still
Even when I should have.

It is magical
The world so darkened
every beat metal
with my surprising survival.

ferns and thorns
no roses survived long
the sun came down
The eyes are forever sullen.

every good was bad
And bad had taken a worst turn
the sweet was sour
And bitterness had different level

I wanted to end
The dream and both
I'd like to finish
Before it ever starts in real.

Smiles remained
But devoid of slightest joy
voice pained
scratchy and weak.

the steep sleep
And the restless awakening
the sun was up
but eyes remained swollen.
Mystic Ink Plus Apr 2019
Feel the time
When the person who
Appreciates you
All the time
Is no more
And you try to pretend
Nothing matters

Feel the time
When the person who
Have better intention
Towards you
Is no more
And you have to
Stay silent

Feel the time
When the person who
Saves time
Just to be with you
Is no more
And you have
So many things to share

Just do it

Just do it

Just do it
Genre: Observational
Theme: Dreams and Dreamer
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