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Misplaced Texan Aug 2018
You're asleep on the phone with me right now
We were talking about some plans...
I hear your peaceful breath
I miss you
But I don't want you to get up, stay right here, I'll be back
You worry about me all time, I guess that's fair
But deep down, you know I'll be fine
So don't change what you're doing, stay right there. I'll be back
You love me, this is something I know no doubt.
But I want to make something very clear

I'll be back soon
Goodnight my darling,
sleep until the morning comes
and wakes you with its gentle finger
of sunlight, shining on your pillow.
Sleep until the clouds break the dawn
and steal away the night
from under the moon.
Sleep until the day is bright
and the time is right
and your eyes open wide.
Sleep tight. <3
Creep Jul 2014
My eyes threaten
to pull down the
drop all its weapons,
all those lasers
and surrender
to the sweet lullaby
that my mind serenades
it with,
putting it on a palisade,
ready for the darkness
to envelop my eyes,
and the colors to brighten
in my world,
where i get to see
all that I wish for,
you and me.

I am ready to see you again,
to visit you once more.
just take me away,
have mercy...


Shh let it
take you,
stop fighting it,
and just let go.
Stop the silly
you rage on
with the forces of nature.
It only wants
to help.
wrote this awhile back... was very sleepy in class...and also staring at boy wonder....

— The End —