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Michael Apr 2023
Mystery Meat

You'll find it sometimes
in what you eat.
What it is, you might ask?
It's Mystery Meat!
Smells kinda weird,
and looks just like ****.
I don't want a dollop.
No, not even a scoop.
I don't even want it in Mystery Soup.
What would Gordon Ramsay say?
Michael Apr 2023
Mia Mine.
You are as sweet as wine.
I'll search until I find
my Mia Valentine.
Once we were kids
and all we knew was bliss.
Again to share a kiss,
with Mia Mine I miss.
I promise this;
though perilous,
I'll always persist.
I'll give you happiness again.

I am yours.
I'll follow for
all eternity,
to bring you back to me.
I would die
one-hundred million times.
It's ever not for I,
but all for Mia Mine.

We're for all time entwined.
Mia Mine.
For my heart it aches inside,
without you in my life.
Mia Mine.
You're the light that makes
this shine.
Without you, I'm lost.
I'm blind.
Mia Mine.
You are as sweet as wine.
I'll search until I find
my Mia Valentine.

Forever and ever
and ever and ever,
no matter what keeps us apart.
Where ever, which ever
road I take, never
will you ever be
out of my heart.
Michael Apr 2023
Lost my garden.
I don't know when.
Found myself
in this pit again.
Monsters eating at my mind,
'till scattered thoughts
are left behind.
Shadows sinking in their teeth.
My darkest thoughts
all stir beneath.
Gotta get these demons
outta my head.
Put 'em on paper.
Put 'em in pen.
That's my zen.
Michael Dec 2022
You said, "On the double!"
But I got in trouble,
because I did not get there in time.
Now I'm in my bubble.
In time-out I mumble,
"Someone pinched me,
so I started to wine."

Wasting away again in time-out until,
I've learned my lesson,
I forgot what about.
I tell mom and dad that there's
sister to blame!
But they say "No!"
That it's my own fault.
Michael Oct 2022
I want Lemonade.  Fresh squeezed Lemonade.
I don't want Minute Maid!
I only want real Lemonade!
Oh sweet Lemonade, I'll sit right here and serenade!
And sing songs all day of Lemonade.
Only songs of Lemonade!
And one day I might even trade
this song for fresh squeezed Lemonade.
There'll even be a big parade,
for the ice cold drink I always crave!
The sour sweet kick in the cooling shade.
I only want real Lemonade.
I don't want soda.  I don't want tea.
I only want my very own grown up tall lemon tree.
Ah sweet fresh squeezed Lemonade.  Pucker up!
Michael Sep 2022
'Round down town it seeps into your heads.
Speeds up all your thoughts,
the demons all get fed!
And down, down down
as the curtain, it descends!
You see the clock countin down,
and the clowns all laughin.

See this show, the puppeteer is grand!
Watch them dance
by the flicking of his hand.
And drown, drown drown
drown yourself in the laughter!
And come and hear the songs
of the Mighty Puppet Master!
Michael Aug 2022
I left my wallet at home!
Oh No!
I left my wallet at home!
The meal is almost done,
and so,
any second will come the bill!
For real!  Uh-Oh!
I left my wallet at home!
The waiter doesn't seem impressed.
He's suddenly very annoyed.
"You left your wallet at home?" he asks.
"Then consider yourself employed."
Always gotta check them pockets.
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