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Michael Apr 23
Dark and heavy,
You make it lighter.
Cold and empty,
You are my fire.
Life is heartache,
You are laughter.
You forever,
My ever after.
Michael Apr 17
Light that falls like dust.
Blown into particles of brilliant colors,
to show the beating of our booming hearts.
Like magic they sprinkle the world
with beauty and hope.
It's as if for one night the stars themselves
bring forth the wonders of our universe for
  only a few passing moments.
I stare at them as they burn their mark of memory,
and ponder the irony.
That something so virtuous could be used
  so violently.
That greed, distrust, and continuous fuss,
could one day leave this world in a crater of dust.
Danger!   Keep out of hands of children.
Yet children we are.  All of us.
Michael Mar 4
War serves a selfish desire to conquer,
or a righteous cause to defend.
For what good is blood spilt to gain more,
while blood is poured out to keep what's sacred?
War is sadness at its saddest.
With utter madness built up with complete hatred,
blinded from the differences of our kin.
History repeats itself again.
Michael Feb 4
Anger eats the heart, blinds the mind,
Kills the soul, dulls our shine.
Founded from the dust of the ground,
our echoes' never are silenced.
Our minds can never be sound in hate.
We know we are slaves, for release we await..
Dealing with this grief that we bury,
Chained to the coffins we carry.
Voilence seems the only road.
War's the only way to change this world..
or so we've been told.
We like to think we're knocking on Heaven's Door,
but sadly I can see that we're not anymore..
Keeping our hopes impailed..
Hammering down our nails.
There's a light at the end of the long dark run.
A fire that's been since it all begun.
He made the worlds and stars,
with Love,
so hate is ours.
Michael Jan 20
While love exists with hate, love cannot be at peace.
While hate exists with love, hate cannot be absolute.
Michael Dec 2021
Peter Pan.
They say you can't fly off your feet.
To grab a ticket and take a seat.
That we are not in Neverland.
But to them, Magic is just anything
that can be displayed on a screen.
They've forgotten everything.
We are not in Neverland.
I imagine once when I met my shadow,
I chased it endlessly.
Never to think that shadow
had always been sewn to me.
Michael Dec 2021
The scene opens with a single snowflake falling onto the top of a large sturdy tree.  The vast open valley spreads far and wide, as this beautiful tree stands on a hill next to a soft and quiet stream.  Surrounding its trunk and ground digging roots are twelve little saplings.  They sit next to their mother, as if listening to one of her tales of long ago,
of years long gone by of an earlier snow.

The snowflake just settles on a leaf at her top,
and followed by more so gently they drop.
There's an old house not far 'cross the stream's other side,
filled with music and lights and sweet fragrance inside.
The voices are carried with carols of joy.
As momma tells to her children of their history.
A seedling like them a long time ago,
loved and enriched, nourished to grow.
She told of the tales of their home's Christmas Tree,
on a hill where she stood.  Part of one big family.

"Momma, tell us that story again.
We'd love to hear it forever.
Cause truly this story, it hasn't an end,
'long as we remember eachother."
Merry Christmas, and if we can't be together, we can be in our thoughts and prayers.
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