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Jeremy Betts Sep 2022
The hardest battles fought are against the chaos found within the rubble of the broken.
Any continuation of this experimentation on the human condition hangs on the theory that an upcomin' breath will allow itself to be taken
Gift or not, presently present solely due to the repeat of a heart beat, reminded constantly it's never a given
Many a complication with said blood pumpin' mechanism ribcaged in, to many components either broken or straight missin'
Naturally raisin' an interesting question, does life support support life or allow it to get one last minute jab in
Seems it's a personalization and ******* of the punishment fitted for the crime of lyin' about livin'
Seein' right through the Facebook filter projection, doom sets in without the monitor screens protection
Actin' like spoiled, undisciplined children, often throwin' a tantrum cause we're all on the spectrum
All of us? Yes, everyone.
A nonsensical state of frantic desperation overrides conviction, dignity the next to leave the station
No thought put into what's bein' said even, flippantly askin' for more calendar pages to be added in on the back end
Wildly missin' the irony of spendin' life in line for the next death bed to open, prayin' the priest is well spoken
Choosin' then to allow the soulless prayers to begin, hopin' to pull the wool over the eyes of the creator of all creation
He's up there laughin' and judgin' from heaven, he ain't sendin' help because it's entertainment first, then maybe fit in a lesson
Feels like bein' held in a hostage like situation through a self inflicted condition with a loved ones permission
Ignorin' the DNR written up to eliminate confusion and limit any guessin' 'bout what the dead is thinkin'
Wishin' they'd let go, knowin' they won't though, love can make the right decision impossible to determine
It was always a bogus mission, there's never been no mention of direction much less any talks about a realistic destination
An unorthodoxed tug 'o war, doin' both the pushin' and pullin', can't recall witnessin' a win, I only recognize losin'
The matrix is glitchin', the vale finally lifted as nightmares come to fruition, crowdin' an already distorted vision
Depraved of nutrition, lose sight of ones self in the fog of sleep deprivation
In a never endin' hesitation, becomin' one with the comman background vegitation
A threat of slippin' into a comma is beginnin' to look like my very real and inevitable conclusion
The Illusion is crackin' and the illustration behind the fusade is to heavy for some to take in
And if I'm not mistaken it will only worsen for here and we're only here cause you took for granted what will now be taken

leeaaun Dec 2022
i prepare everything of
what to do
when i'm in pain
but when pain knocks
on the door
i forget every plan
can i not feel pain anymore?
Michael Apr 2021
The Knock-Knock Man.
I'm the Knock-Knock Man.
When you're upset I can lend a hand,
cause the Knock-Knock Man is who I am.

When your luck's gone down,
and got you feelin' blue,
I'll say "Knock-Knock."
and you say, "Who?"
You'll get the joke once you understand,
no one ever laugh's with the
Knock-Knock Man.
An ode to bad knock-knock jokes.
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
A quick knock on wood
Pondering if I should
Knock again in case
The first one was in haste
I don't know why I wrote this haha
Amanda Kay Burke Nov 2020
Whoever taught you to lie did an excellent job

What it is that makes you so authentic is your total sincerity

To be lonely awhile might knock some sense into you

I would like to see you lie then
Why do we end up like our parents?
Nylee Aug 2020
Be ready to be locked outside
I am scared of all things that are happening
I keep all the doors and windows closed
I'd rather be alone inside
please do not knock

knock, knock
who is there?
Laura May 2020
the furious knock
your pain seeps through the wood
each thump restarting the rhythm of my heart
anxious feet
the carpet caressing the soles of my feet
glued in place, hesitant to follow
the light on your face
the cracking of voices, the water in eyes
pain is a present on my doorstep
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