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The heart has become
foreign to the knock
of love on its doors
It stored a doorbell
My Haseena

late night
pillow fights
watching stars
airplane flights
Wow’ babe come see the morning clouds
With peaceful doves
Flying above
Wet kisses
Like a special dishes
Sweat on yo breast
Di* grew stronger
Felt the touch of your hand on my hair
And the other romancing my back
just me and you
After waiting for so long
Oh my gosh
Yo high heels tinkling my legs
Night gown wet
I’m ready and set
***** shaved clean, nuh hair.
My dear queen can I come in ?
No! Not what you think
I mean can I **** it ?
Let me give you the legendary of me
I love you phypsyyor
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
the attention I paid
you paid
I meant
these were the last lines

Worthy one, I paid too dear
truth to tell, when no truths were mine.
I sought.
I asked.
I knocked.

Enter into the joy of the being who governs you.
Whose kingdom we have made ready,
into tu corazon, eh.
Where a man's core is, there's where
the dragon guards the hoard,

the hero in your mythtical meander

Wise ***, as an actor in my play, is your roll real?
Am I mad, or are you a mind
I imagine answering me
because you saw the
angel with the sword?

Jesus. Really, that was the door I knocked on.
He opened.

And long ago, a quest was taken,
is my first answer a lie?

What is the sound of one hand clapping?
Every gaijin's first koan

The answer found in the sound
of one hand clapping is
in the sound
each makes
as each claps

swish, swing, and a miss,
that one hand was not clapping, or
the other would have helped.

Clapping calls for both hands,
to clap, neither asks the other,
stop me from failing to
imagination, see the sound
the effect one hand
clapping with another and
in the middle of the motion
the sound of one hand clapping
The intention to make this sound
calls another hand
to clap along
sing a song, appraise the worth
of knowing the sound
balanced against making
this sound of one hand clapping,
keeping time
to swishpering shuffling feet
dancing in the sands

a value scale must balance on a point,
weight and worth must meet
at that Hermetical metal river side
Twixt all of this in all o'that.

point made and taken.

Is this the meta game?
Your next koan.

What is the measure of worth?
An exercise in rewriting. I would sure like to talk about why poets do this. WOuld you join me in a youtube discussion about why?
s Willow Dec 2018
They sit outside my door.
Each day it grows louder.
“Open up”
I open,
No one’s there.

They sit outside my door.
They sit and wait for the day
I’ll lower my guard.
That’s when they’ll attack.

That’ll be the day that the world will be ripped apart from the demons.
Soon enough they all will attack.

Get ready for the day we’ll breach your world.
Sharon Talbot Dec 2018
Knock on any door
And you may hear the cries
Of children, deep within a house,
Whose parents smile at you
With that eroded grin we all know
Like the stony leer of a gargoyle.
And yet you can do nothing.
Not yet…

Visit any friend at their house
And hear the silent pleas
Of a wife and mother
Who endures the fear and pain
For reasons the mystify us.
At least now.

Walk the floor of any factory or boardroom
And you will see the man who bows to his master
While, at home, he treats his family as slaves.

Visit the mansion of any president,
Minister or king
And you may see the ragged masses
Of those who built the walls yet have no home,
Who work the farms and have no food,
Who tend a country and are refugees.

Thus, in the cry of any child,
The fear in a mother’s face or
Silent rage in a worker-*****
Or immigrant dispossessed
And you will see the tyrants who rule,
The fathers who strike and bosses who fire,

Yet all of these serve one master
With many names:
Primeval rank and…

To this power,
There is only one answer
And to alleviate the suffering,
of those oppressed,
Only one thing.
The title comes from a film about an idealistic man trying to help youthful offenders in the 1950's. He sees the larger picture: these troubles arise not in a vacuum but as a result of a corrupt and broken society. I say that civilization itself fits this description when we ask why people suffer.
George Nov 2018
who's there?
[no one]
the colour of your soul is like an elephant -
can you see it close up?

[something moves]
when you already know the answer -
is it still a riddle?

[may be a shadow]
i have run for a million years from a memory -
why not one more?

[it is now somebody]
i am tired -
i am not clever -
i open the door, and then i see ...
Steve Page Oct 2018
And when you pray
Ask from your heart
And when you pray
Seek from your soul
And when you pray
Sniff around without ceasing
Through your tears
To find the doors
That He has prepared
To brand new frontiers
For you, His pioneers.
And then -
A lesson from Redeemer London.  Matthew 7.
mils Oct 2018
there is a knock on the door
in the dead of night
it's opportunity
trying to **** you again
With stories of folklore
A chaotic unity
Are you a knight?
Or will you complain?
Take a leap,
Or are you too cheap?
Viridian Oct 2018
i was asked a question one night:
"who would you choose? the one you want, or the one knocking at your door?"
i stick to my middle ground of is the one i want even knocking at my door?
i could hear nothing but the drum of a beat that my own heart has fallen into step to
it was so loud that it drove my neighbors away
and then a phone call from the contact named "i yearn for you"
the music stops, the beat stops, the world stops
"i'm here at your door"
i told him that i needed him to wait for me to open up my door
and he said that's fine, because there's nowhere else i'd rather be
your house is home to me
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