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Poetic T Sep 28
We live on the same street,

but you anit nothing like me,

This isn't a 12A,
    The kids in this will **** you for

disrespecting the other side of the street..

Eternal outlaws, as kids we knocked and run
                                    each others doors..

But i knock your door,
          you lucky if you survive,

              the third knock that is off the safety...

A hole fills your vacant look, holes at the front,

                    smudges that cant clean off your regrets..

I'll knock your memory into the past..

          mothers will cry.. but you'll never realise

that we aren't just one street.

But you look at me wrong, I'll knock some sense
                   into your frame..

Bruised moments..

You cross my gaze,
                   my street…
                               I'll make the black
vison of bow heads grace the road..

   But you'll not see,

             your the one closed eyed,
                                     while others weep...
Carmen Jane Sep 25
In response to the knock on the door
I ran to open it and it was me,I was floored
Then my ear itched and I reached
Only to fall out of my ear,oh dear!

I flossed myself out from my grainiest smile
And lay on the tips of my eyelashes
I collected my thoughts and myself in a file
I burned it and  rose  from the ashes.

I swam an ocean so I can arrive in time
To be the reflection of myself looking down
I made myself smile although I was kicked
In ripples surrounding my ankles.

I can spell my name with my eyes closed
I know you can spell yours too
The message in this rhyme is enclosed
I hope you don't mind I chose your alley
                       To pass through...
Eliseatlife Sep 6
When a door closes
Knock on it a few times

But if it still does’t open
Let it stay closed
Mark Wanless Aug 17
knock and the door
   shall be opened
my knuckles are ******

what is felt but
   not spoken
my knuckles are ******
heard it  before
Quinn Adaire Aug 17
Pit-pat, pit-pat
Shoes slapping on the floor.
Pit-pat, pit-pat
A quiet knock at your door.
Pit-pat, pit-pat
Raindrops, water pure.
Maria Etre May 6
Truth knocked on my heart
it hurt to hear its noise
I knew if I opened
I would never
be the same
Poetress2 Apr 26
My RIGHTEOUSNESS, like filthy rags,
weighed heavily on my mind;
I BID my Lord to take the weight,
for I knew He would in time.
A quiet KNOCK on my heart's door,
I answered it right away;
T'was my Jesus, standing there,

JUSTIFICATION He brought to me,
the moment I opened the door;
Satan would BUFFET me each day,
when Jesus became my Lord.
When Satan threw his NET out,
trying to LURE me in;
His plan, it failed quite miserably,
this QUACK, who was nothing but sin.
My Jesus, He gave me a hug,
it showed His love and CARE;
I knew He would never leave me,
for my God is just and fair.
These are the words my husband gave me to write a Word bank poem with.  I really enjoy writing them.  If any of you would like me to write a WB poem for you, just let me know.
knock* knock knock  

knock knock knock  

I guess no one’s home.
Maybe I should leave a note.
Rose Mar 1
I hide behind the curtains of my busyness
Pretending this ice on my heart is embracing
But the shadows dancing, remind me of the cold.
At dawn I awaken with the emptiness beside me
All the pairs of shoes that lay here fit only one
Independent as i might portray to be
I’m just a girl waiting for an equal hand to hold
waiting and waiting is all that i seem to know
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