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Bill MacEachern Dec 2018
Cook King

Cooking is my yoga
It’s so transcending
When I’m in my kitchen
I am a cook king

When I’m cooking
I sing, dance and whistle
I’m always in my element
Cooking in my castle

Peeling, chopping
A sprinkle and a stir
It’s the rhythm of my realm
Palate and scents confer

When I’m cooking
I’m one happy man
I love feeding my kingdom
With plenty for the clan

Cooking came natural
Born within my bones
I’m  always in the kitchen
More than on my throne

By: Bill MacEachern
Love of cooking
Reuben Dec 2017
By: Reuben Paredes

New, menus for you to taste,
Eating, every meal without any haste,
With, tender love of serving,
Zeal, of memories that is never ending,
Entice, your appetite until you craze,
Awaits, for the main course that you will praise,
Love, the dessert that makes you crave,
Acquit, yourself in the guilt you have,
Never, let anyone take a chance for you to grab,
Different, sensation tickles you to nab.
Reuben Dec 2017
By: Reuben Paredes

Make, a snack of tortilla wrap,
Enchiladas, a sauce that put on top,
X, example of food mouth drip,
In, churros a pastry chocolate dip,
Coat, in sugar until it reach the lip,
Overly, delicious recipe you can’t skip.
Reuben Dec 2017
By: Reuben Paredes

I falling in love eating,
Tomatoes use in garnishing,
And drinking,
Lemon that is refreshing,
Yet, the dishes are rewarding.
SassyJ Feb 2016
Crossroads (Spoken Word- Freestyle-Dramatics)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
== Crossroads ==
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Complexities we create

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Insatiable was the menu we served exclusively
The culinary gourmet, marked in Michelin stars
The 5 course preparation of paradise on a dish
The interval of forks, spoons, knives and platters
For I drool it all, still you can’t see the stained print
I reverse the stilled portrait and you stare amused
Tainted as the stringed moonlight crawled unearthed

Take this bulb, for I have smashed it see this bruise
The blooded finger prints, the imprint of fine justice
I breath the freshness of the mist but it evaporates
My mind cascading  to the pitted grounded roots
The sun rays blows to blind, its my lidded perspective
The unparalleled horizon casting on glittered aisle
Send them all home, the show is paused,cancelled

Reality is the diverse of confusing notions and illusions
A multiplication of complexities that we have created
The absolute happiness remains a psychological concept
The happen stance of nature entwined with freedom
To exist yet persist and bloom like a yeasted dough
Encircling reputations, reflections to heavy to bury
I come back home to announce a new found hope
Grame Rabbit Feb 2015
Give 'em a try, and feel the rush!
    Virility and skittish flight
Are pent up in their potent taste—
    Like a billion bunnies in a bite!

^ ^
Mattrick Patrick Nov 2014
In culinary art, honey is my medium and my muse,
And two orange slices compose two butterfly wings.
Every piece I make is eaten
With equal joy as a painting brings.

My canvas is rose red with strands of white  
And when I paint, I use the spices:
Turmeric, oregano, chili, and old bay.
I use them on a salmon caught by a friend yesterday.

— The End —