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Michael Feb 2021
More of me than one mind.
More of me than one heart.
More of me than one soul.
Less of me, just one part.
Love is good.  Love is bad.
I can't decide if I'm happy or sad.
If there's more of me than one,
than perhaps I'm just mad.
Crazy to think I could finally find sanity.
I lost myself looking.  I'm my own enemy.
Who I am now is just a darker version,
of the man I once was...
Another person.
Sometimes I hate you,
and others, I don't.
I think I love you,
but I really don't know.
Sometimes I'm split between myself.
Henk May 2020
I will build for you,
a path of coal and ash and stone
Cold upon flesh,
expended, marring, broken, and ******

Stumbling blind,
dead end in sight
Promises hollow as bone,
Fingertips tear at the throat,

Choking on nothing, veins swell and burst
Blocking the light, denying the hope,
Abide the noose and it's hunger,
Define, the feeling of fear,
Reminded of the grasp of sweet slumber
Lizzie Cadence May 2017
I remain puzzled by my own puzzles,
of pieces the universe strung together through its orbits,
of the shades of blue and pink and steel grey it painted
on my wrists and my cheeks and my tiny feet
for there is no reason why I should crave silence,
yet my ears thirst for it, and the noise of life too
I long to let loose, yet I keep my chest sewn shut
I have so much to say, but speaking drains me
because the warm and the cold runs and spins and stirs
and standing here, I remain confused
as I wonder what to be
and wander through the land and sea
searching for who to be.
an identity crisis, or just chronic ambiversion?

— The End —