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My body smells of ash
Because I one had this fire
That consumed me
And left nothing else
But ash
Nolan Willett Nov 17
It’s when, to follow your dreams,
You give up everything,
And you, piece by piece, are consumed
‘Till you’re living in a nightmare
Hales Nov 9
When you said you loved the darkness inside-
I never thought
Id watch
iiii ****...
Zack Ripley Sep 20
Red cheeks.
Flaming heart.
Soul stains and rusts
As it's consumed by lust.
But not for you.
TS Lefort Jun 21
When the glass runs empty,
When the bottle falls
And drops of life all are that's left,
The emptiness I consume
Betrays the man we best forget.

When all that pours is nothingness,
When the end is all that calls
And drinks the days I now forget,
The darkness I will choose
Hides this man and his regrets.

TS Lefort 2020
Sheila Greene May 19
see crazy
in my eyes
on my skin
your blood
I wallow in.

hot body
rubbing mine so close
whispers come
"Don't touch."

our heat mingled
glistening dew
intoxicating fever

dripping lips
loves first kiss
or the last
swallowing in.

a womb
giving and taking away
ready for the ****

© sd greene  8/14/17
I have lots of crazy in my eyes.  It stems from the desire to be consumed and the madness from within when you can not obtain it.
Sheila Greene May 19
I do
like bold colours
On you...
the taste of those lips
Hand under your jaw
just enough
to feel my fingers
those wide eyes
your iris shine
the dark void of pupils draws
Draws me deeper
into your dark
Wishing they weren’t just words
I want to consume you
Play in your shadow
bask in your light
Just know it is real
not just a maybe
Be consumed by me
Let yourself go in it
Wade down into the warm waters
Feeling suspended in time, space
surrounded by warm things
warm hands... eyes...mouth
Bold, colorful kiss

© sd greene  11/24/17
What can I say, I felt consumed.
to assumptions
and jumping off cliffs
hoping something will protect you
from the pain deep within
with resentment
and anger from the world
finding others to blame
when it’s only your fault
Her soul cried tears for a past none could see

They were transparent to everyone but me

Held as close as I could trying to ease her pain

She broke my heart as if nothing to gain

Simply so she could remain suffering in silence
People are consumed by a past that cant hurt them blinded by an invisible force of fear. Heartbreaking
No one Mar 24
When you hear the word cannibal

all you think of are immoral animals

Those who tear his own kin

apart, limb by limb.

Those who are consumed with the idea of gore

and once they have it, want more and more

When you witness the act of cannibalism

you think nothing of it, because it's an anomalism.

Because the more realistic example,

is us humans tearing each other into shambles

over vile words, wealth, and power.

Our foundations just run-down houses of lies we call a tower.

Then our leaders call these nocuous acts,

things that help our nation stay intact. 

Our society is filled with immoral obsession,

hidden by smiles and good looks called deception.
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