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mads Jan 22
my thoughts are swallowing me up
slowly consuming everything
i can't breath
I'm screaming for help
no one hears
i'm far too gone
Consumed in burning conversations
Three some torn from ashes of imaginary conversations
The devil withdrew, I'm  back to drowning in reality.
For this poem I got the inspiration from ME's poems, here on HELLO-POETRY.
Pinkyy Nov 2018
Consumed by the thought of what might happen next,
she lost her only chance to find out.
Nhaia Saibot Sep 2018
My heart started to beat slowly,
slowly that I feel like it's going to stop anytime.
I started to tell lies.
I started to hide all my feelings inside. I keep all of these,
just for me.

Tears running down on my cheeks
like they are already used to it. Smiling and talking a lot is the way
to cover my swollen eyes and broken voice.

Fake laughs,
so that they will not recognize
that I am crying inside.
just like popcorn -

those soft, incredible clouds
appearing from what
once was

rock -

my thoughts are formed.

out of nowhere,
another pops into my mind,
joining it's fellow corns,

only to later

be consumed,
and discarded

by people who


- v.m
i was eating popcorn, then this happened.
Gale L Mccoy Jul 2018
i'm sorry, I say
i swallowed myself whole
late last night
when no one was looking
when I hid myself away

i ate myself
down past the bone
up to the neck
made wings of my thoughts
and made my getaway

my body is gone
i never missed it
but for when the absence of it
ached so hard I remembered
these wings made from
the flesh and feather of thought
can't carry the weight
of my head forever
solar Jul 2018
The waves take me whole, they have not feasted in so long they did not mind the bitter heartache I was carrying.

I am lost, in the heart of the ocean, and I ponder where does she harbour her heartache? Does she ever feel for the coral reefs, and the millions of species that get brutally taken away, or does she lay there and take fate as her cure?

My beloved Pacifica, I give you my heart and I beg you to take me whole. To carry my emotions is as if I’m carrying the tides of all your generations, and my body is so insignificant in comparison to your azure wonder. I am dissipating, within the wrath of my soul, and I reek of constant betrayal and failed promises.

So I ask the universe to let me go, perhaps there is no **** and heaven, perhaps there is no afterlife. Perhaps the ones that suffer just head towards an infinity where nothing exists, and somehow the thought of that eases my pain.
BPD can be ****.
Talia Jun 2018
those necklaces with our names engraved
I would only look upon them in grief
because we got them when we were engaged
although the engagement was awfully brief
we both believed we were going to get married
we both new what we were going to do in our lives together
your suicidal feelings were buried
and they consumed you, your mind was lost forever
you say you still love me and that your mind is just lost in the void
I can't really understand why you didnt tell me sooner
losing everything made you paranoid
like everything we had dreamt of in the future
so inside your jacket I hid both the necklaces for you to find
what you pulled out made you cry, our silver necklaces remain on your mind
Harri Jun 2018
I have never been afraid of fire.
Which is good, I think,
Because when I am with you
I feel like I might go up in flames.
You have consumed me more thoroughly
Than a pyre would, love.
And I have never been so happy to burn.
As I sit near the edge,
I can't help but feel tensed.

Is this how I want things to end?
Me drifting away from reality?

Slowly I go down,
To the bottom and held my breath.

This will be it,
Waiting for the water to fill my lungs.

The end is near,
As I feel my lungs burn.

I'm losing,
I'm finding it harder and...
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