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Man Dec 2023
Can you call?

When voices are lost,
And nothing but silence echoes

Truly, it is too much-
To love with your all, it takes a cost
At the expense of yourself, you let go

Rear cheek,
And rob the moment of any frost,
Recompense, in word and not wound

What a world it could be,
If we weren't so self consumed.
Man Aug 2023
In the pool hall,
We speak of revolution
And on resolutions.
How to wake people up?
We are all so consumed,
With the struggles of day-to-day.
So focused on the bottom line:
We're letting the future slip away.
Michael Apr 2021
Not a fantasy.
It's reality.
Is it really
as we think it to be?
To me, what I see
and perceive,
isn't enough to
make me believe,
there's somethin' else
that's happening.
In my own world.
My own everything.
It's my own fantasy,
in my reality.
Michael A Duff Mar 2021
She had all of me

Completely consumed by her

There was nothing left
We met like souls long separated lived like lovers and made plans together for a future that we would never realize. Years later I wonder how her daughters are, who is she now, what mask does she ware, or did she finally become herself the one I met all those years ago.
LC Jan 2021
fear is a tiny seed
planted in my lower belly.
the seed sprouts suddenly,
its roots extending toward my feet.
my thoughts are consumed by the seed,
which grows into a strong, sturdy tree
whose branches wrap around me,
paralyzing my whole being.
jǫrð Dec 2020
Consumed and confused
There is no line keeping me
From you, except you
The History: I keep waiting for that emphatic love that fits right and doesn't apologize.
Caitlin Faykus Nov 2020
My body smells of ash
Because I one had this fire
That consumed me
And left nothing else
But ash
Nolan Willett Nov 2020
It’s when, to follow your dreams,
You give up everything,
And you, piece by piece, are consumed
‘Till you’re living in a nightmare
Hales Nov 2020
When you said you loved the darkness inside-
I never thought
Id watch
iiii ****...
Zack Ripley Sep 2020
Red cheeks.
Flaming heart.
Soul stains and rusts
As it's consumed by lust.
But not for you.
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