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Louise Jul 21
I study and read about it
Sing songs in the glory of it
Carve it on your tongue
and lips
Tattoo, etch and kiss it
on my hips

Interpreter of dreams,
you see the future
once a cynic but it seems
with you I am sure.
So I kneel and crawl
slowly towards your temple,
I am a broken statue
that only you could reassamble.

I pray, please do not humble
yourself before any god,
for you know your words
are worth more than gold.
I praise and worship you
as my one and only king,
even your sins are the
absolute truth I'm praying.

For you I would blindlessly
find a new Babylon,
for in your holy name
I saw eternal salvation.
Darling, there is no more
unbearable exile
than being far away
from you in miles.

Still I exalt you and in you
I put all my faith,
for you are the beast
my demons see as bait.
Yet you call on me
like an angel from your dream,
my songs are whisper,
while my poems are screams.

I found you one fateful,
raging night in the lion's den
we ran away with the wolves,
never returned again.
My religion is loving you
and blessing your name.
One touch and forgetting you
is a losing game.

In your quiet I found my
passing repentance,
yet our love is a loud,
deafening covenant.
On my knees,
I cast away your burdens,
in your name
I can move mountains.
𝑰𝒏 𝒚𝒐𝒖𝒓 𝒉𝒐𝒍𝒚 𝒏𝒂𝒎𝒆, 𝑰 𝒇𝒐𝒖𝒏𝒅 𝒎𝒚 𝒆𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒏𝒂𝒍 𝒔𝒂𝒍𝒗𝒂𝒕𝒊𝒐𝒏.

boldog névnapot, szerelmem ♡
Soulace May 11
I have stared into the abyss
And it has stared back at me

Know that God was not there.

Instead, I hath walked the land of the suicides,
Asphyxiated in the blood which flowed from my open chest,
Languished in the agony of my consciousness,

And cried mercy to the divine, only to find the void -
Howling in a gnawing silence back at me

It was not “nothingness” which I hath found in the pit
For the abyss I found
Was an abundance of mirrors
tap Aug 2021
the lines by her eyes read how she parted the red sea.
her fingertips rub your scalp like she’s writing a testament to every thursday night in your studio apartment.
her voice at 5:54AM will bring you to your knees faster than any choir medley could.
she will ask you to dinner over text, and you will tattoo it on the inside of your eyelids,
skin bleeding,
but every dream has a home inside your head,
a prophecy set in your bedsheets.

you were never quite a righteous woman,
but you’d get baptized in her bathtub,
for there is no deity perfect enough nor cruel enough
to speak her into existence.
written as a non-believer
Norman Crane Aug 2021
but does He please you?
asked the snake. nightfall in the
garden of eden
Michael Mar 2021
Higher than their towers as he stands upon the sea,
in the final hours of all humanity.
With seven crowns of power he's ruling as their king,
and with the False Messiah, they'll try and ruin everything.
A lion known to some, he's roaring mighty loud,
and all the ones who follow him can hear no other sound.
This Dragon often told before will scale the world round,
and gather them together to battle for the crown!

Those who look for signs won't see them,
if they don't believe.
The False Messiah will mislead them,
if they're quick to be deceived.
And the Dragon will be laughing at all he holds in vain,
devouring their souls, 'till nothing else remains!

Over all the water, ruling over all the lands,
over Babylon the Great the mighty Dragon stands!
His seven heads are crowned with the kingship over Man,
with the nations at his feet and the world in his hands.
As a serpent in the garden, he'll trick you to forget
the True Messiah's coming!  There's no reason to repent!
As the Father to the Lie, his only compliment's
a world cursed to die, as that's all he represents!

Those who look for lies will find them
if they don't realize,
the False Messiah, he will guide them
to the desires of their eyes.
And the Dragon will be laughing as they all cry his names,
for their torments everlasting, they'll cast on him their blames!

Over all the lands of a planet called Earth,
over all its waters, over all its dirt.
There stands the Seven Headed Dragon, as foretold in the Word,
that many didn't care for and very little heard.
As a leader into death, he'll lead you to war,
and though you won't understand what you're fighting for.
If we live by the sword, we must be prepared to die by the sword.
For even the Dragon's a pawn, by the hands of the Lord!

Those who look to live as if
they'll be dead in the morn,
they live just for today
because their future's are torn.
And the Dragon, he is laughing as he's breathing his fire
into their hearts, all their burning desires!

One head crowned with authority.  It's name is herald, "LUST!!
Another one with the name, "GLUTTONY!!" is looking down on us.
The third head staring down right at me, I hear the name of "GREED!!"
"COME TO ME ALL YE WHO SLOTH!!" calls the fourth one evilly.

     FOR I AM WRATH!!"

And there are some who run and hide, but still get eaten up
     by the jaws of "PRIDE!!"

Seven sins in all of Babylon, standing proud up until it's gone!

pled the words of the Man that they nailed to the cross.
And the many more martyrs of His Great Name,
died for saying things that He'd preordained.
They died for saying that their Majesty came,
     and that He would return again.
          He will return again.
And though the Dragon will be laughing, he'll know his own time's come,
and he might try to fight, but it won't last too long,
when the Lord of the Lords and the King of the Kings
returns with the Father of Everything!
So as the Dragon, he was laughing, he was only a fool,
     as was everyone,
that gave their soul for a second to roll,
a loaded dice.
     The deal was done...  Their towers' gone.
Traveler Oct 2020
I remember my grandmother
The gleam within her eyes
I recall the stories she told
Them Old Wives Fables lies

Fiery hell and judgements
Demons roaming the Earth
Perhaps she paved the way
For an imaginary thirst

Surely you don’t believe
The elders have all gone mad
If there was not a villain involved
What mischief would we have?

Santa Claus is a watching
And Jesus from the cross
I do believe there is a reason
My sanity is lost
Traveler Tim
Norman Crane Sep 2020
Wronged figures encircle the world. Saturn's
rings of martyrdom expectant beseech
God, The pain we suffered in your Name, return
it from beyond our graves. With vengeance teach
our torment to those who made us suffer!
Impale their bodies on bolts of thunder,
Black bones and roasted flesh, they are but slurs
against Holiness. Tear them asunder!
And for us, the white robes of salvation,
And words of eternal comfort: Patience
and faith in the Lord of all creation,
whose rewards in Heaven will be immense.
All the hurt you have borne shall be lifted,
Through Him, foreverness is gifted.
Inspired by El Greco's 17th-century painting of the same name, which was in turn inspired by the Book of Revelation 6:9-11.
apayne Sep 2020
I'm sending you an indigofera tinctora
plant it, water it, grow it
when it blooms
pluck a petal and hold it to your eye
look at me
through its vulnerable corolla
for when you need to see beyond the tangible
the little girl you created
Aubrey -
A not so ordinary girl or name
But who's to blame?

I'm sending you a stained glass dreamcatcher
careful it doesn't break
hang it over your bed
when you wake, hold it to your eyes
look at me
for when you need to see my truth
Joseph's coat of many colors
Aubrey -
A not so ordinary girl or name
But who's to blame?

I'm sending you the promise of a flood-free future
take a step closer
study it
place the promise between us
for when you seed to my truth
hate-proof, judge-proof, water-proof
Aubrey -
A not so ordinary girl or name
But who's to blame?
"Aubrey - a not so ordinary girl or name but who's to blame" pulled from song "Aubrey"   written and composed by David Gates; originally recorded by Bread.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
They built the rhinoceros because God
foretold of coming war in which they'd need
sanctuary from the evil unthawed
beasts Earth's burning would hellishly unleash.
They built him of steel and electronics,
infused with a human intelligence,
and huddled raw within like unmade bricks
within a kiln, until their God dispensed
His justice: No escape / the heat turned on
They baked / the devil-beasts of *****
Inspired by Vladimir Kush's painting "Trojan Horse" and playing around with traditional sonnet form. This is my attempt at an instasonnet (everything on IG is shorter, right?), reduced from 14 lines (ABAB CDCD EFEF GG) to 10 lines (ABAB CDCD EE).
Ira Desmond Sep 2020
We know that to look now would set us ablaze,
the projectionist has loaded up the next reel,
but still we can’t seem to avert our gaze.

The clumsiest cinema still often sways.
The sound may be garbled, the edits piecemeal,
but we know that to look would still set us ablaze.

We question ourselves as the velvet drapes raise—
the playhouse itself thus begets our ordeal—
but still we can’t seem to avert our gaze.

The schoolmarms all warned us against such forays,
having seen how the real sinks into the surreal.
Yes, we know that to look now will set us ablaze.

Now the actors all shout patriotic clichés,
and we balk at the film’s jingo-populist zeal,
Even still, we can’t seem to avert our gaze.

Transfixed by tricolor and beset with malaise,
but what truths did Lot’s wife’s noncompliance reveal?
For we know that to look now will set us ablaze,
but still we can’t seem to avert our gaze.
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