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Jan 25 · 93
Jan 17 · 717
In magic folklore, as tangible, as real,
in the world I see now,
I heard no more of the everyday person, but
a shocking scream I’d never
forget, what a weeping beauty that
in a instant, of golden glow,
has highlighted everything of ugly
& saw everything for as it is, it was never Holy.
Nov 2021 · 256
diary entry 8
By darcy prince

Today I bought some protein powder, which is the first time doing so. I’m a vegetarian, for a while I was eating chicken, as long as it was well-cooked. But I can’t remember the last I had any. I take fish oil, most of the time, twice a day. My other ways of getting protein now, mainly boiled eggs, always around six of them. If I forget to boil some, it’s fried eggs. I don’t eat yokes. I normally boil them early in the afternoon, then go off for the rest of my day, leaving them in the fridge until evening. Because of the heat & my apparent time constrict, is why I cooked them & left them to cool, by the time it’s time for dinner, the eggs have cooled down. I am actually looking over videos to it, how to make them, ways to take them, etc. Which I should have done prior. But since I don’t eat meat, it is worth a try. Expensive. But you get a lot for what you pay for. But it is a part of my weight loss journey. Which has been a back & forth this year. Even though I’ve been told so many times that I’m not fat. I just think I wasn’t healthy, that's all. Yes, for aesthetic reasons I am searching for, maybe a Greek ecstasy. Maybe some attention to. Since my last entry, I have talked about dating again. More so asking a crush out. I still think it won’t go well. In about 90 mins, I am going for a walk. If it’s not for health, do it for attention, but it’s worth giving it a go. It’s a little of my NoFap journey or in other words, getting to know myself again.

See what happens, I’m actually more curious to see if I’ll stick to the protein powder things. I am worried about the sugar content & learning another way besides mixing it with milk. Which has both high levels or sugar & fat. My landlord asked me why I never took any. Asking when coming home with a new container of fish oil. Which I had never thought of. I mean, I saw them around the shops selling, etc. Walking around the shops, I saw a container on sale, for why not. On the way, I realize how I'm supposed to take it? When to take it? Etc. With all that fun stuff.

Oh to the experiences I’ve missed out on, by not being tall, thin & attractive.

I don’t think people are interested in my idiots, food things & body image problems. Which is always an issue, sometimes any underlying shame that's trauma prone comes in when one is an adult, you’re more aware & have the skill to correct but those emotions in feeling the issues hits all at once, leaving one cripplyong.

My smoking hasn't been the best. I’m still in the habit of every two or three days, I’ll smoke an entire pack & go out to buy another one, by the end of it, the second pack, at least half of it’s gone. The virtue of humanity is on such a slow rise to the top, it’s so hard to do, yet such a struggle to do so, as vice seems so normal & effortless to do. Being into moral philosophy, I could spend that money, time, whatever on so many other things. I seem to never be able to swing into the mood to do anything about it. This is where some of my personal shame comes from, realizing for the first time how much youth is wasted on the young. I’m sure I’m looking forward to having a rock bottom in this area, I wonder what will actually trigger it? Maybe the actual habit of having it or my lack of financial skill is the cause why I’m single. I know there is dignity in the effort.

My thinking will be the death of me. I know better, or at least the awareness I could do better. My actions do not follow that.

Though if you’re asking me, sweets, chocolates, whatever would be taken out of school, a legal age for fast food, higher taxes for such companies that produce such food items, so-on. It does seem hard to get healthier, to lose weight, to be somewhat aesthetically pleasing once you age. Not all of it is the result of not being able to, just a biological part of life. Those self-help gurus who fail to throw out either of anything negative are maladjusted people, failing to connect the knowledge of a healthy lifestyle to someone’s emotions & economic access. We're in a culture where it’s cheaper to buy chocolate than it is to buy fruit. Chocolate for comfort rather than a one off pleasurable treat. Fruit for the body to fuel the mind but displayed for health nuts. Is the show ‘The Biggest Loser’ still a thing? It's an entire societal thing. My weight gain in my adult year is really up to me. At least I know the difference between McDonals to a fruit shop. For what alone is a part of my own doing. If I adopt that sort of all-time positive thinking as those self-proclaimed guru’s, I indirectly flee from reality, to elicit a community where nothing could ever possibly go wrong. It’s not solely a matter of being sexually attractive in the eyes of other people, but by simply supporting local fruit shops, I’ve provided a small contribution to the running of their shop & a slight chance of never having their prices go up & the healthy my body is, the more freedom the medical & scientific community is to focus on much harsher realities of life, such as mental illness & the cure to cancer. I know that seems dramatic but a large amount of truth is in it.
Oct 2021 · 581
Intelligence brings a strange mixture of
laughter & worry, lonely for
With no one to consult with, confessions
made to abandoning priests, art
as refuge, nothing to return to, utter
a lonely person. Gutted & lonely,
hanging from the tree of life.
Oct 2021 · 704
death to me
My days are gone, wondering,
I am alone,
terrain full of thoughts, lost,
dying of thirst in the
want of life.
Nothing more to weep for,
I’m dying
Oct 2021 · 292
One person finding a path
morals, improvement, humility,
could bring down
the wall of vice, changing
the whimper into a bang
Sep 2021 · 566
oh no
(why must I be so hard-headed?)
First glance, it was nothing but beauty,
but oh no, can’t touch,
my mind is thy & no one is for sale,
send demons on them
Sep 2021 · 358
You’re not in ease, cause your heart
isn’t in it, the heart won’t afford another feeling,
from the depth
of the inside, missed out on
Sep 2021 · 387
standing in values,
standing in meaning,
implications of others,
a sense of loss.
Sep 2021 · 268
Kicking up the dust,
learnt about married life
from the prostitutes, I never
touched the flesh of
****** beauty that the flesh itself
is poetry & when
you grow for the better is when
their devils come to get you
& when I die, know that I never
wanted anything else
besides the company of your presence,
heartless when I saw
them bugging out, hard lessons
taught when you’re aware of how easy it
is to be ease
when there is suffering,
I saw them coming &  I put up my hands,
‘I was only looking for love,
I hope you understand’.
They’re become crack, like the time
before that. One of them said, ‘don’t you
dare say a word, you’re giving us
your right hand, don’t you dare cry wolf’.
Afterall the growth, beating real good,
poetry was made
for attention, Heavens gates are inside
their smiles, it put me ahead of the
pack, on track, but I
promises those aren’t your friends,
now don’t hate,
reality has decided for you to wait,
but couldn’t handle the
Sep 2021 · 468
art moment, vol 1
By Darcy Prince

Time or reality is ungoverned, it will remain so for at least in the indefinable future. Innovations will come along. If ethical education has taught us anything. It always changes. Devoid of not making an effort.

I tried painting for a bit. I’m not that good. Several years ago, my housemate recommended watching an Andy Warhol documentary. I honestly became fascinated & dived into several art documentaries, honestly quite a fantastic learning experience. Looking, I regret not collecting all the links to those documentaries, even though I got the time to do so now. This was during the time of getting to know myself again, or getting a sense of direction. Painting, drawing, more attempts to learn, using online videos to learn how to draw a person's eyes or hands was a somewhat slightly disappointing experience, that I should try something else. I can remember the pacific moment to try art writing a go or even getting into any sort of criticism. But I ended up there.

I remember watching the program, ‘different ways of seeing’, aesthetics became a new subject for me. With Alain De Botton, now taking into consideration the larger impact, things have on society. Being utterly fascinated on how some, not all painters have a lasting print on peoples society. Like how Van Gogh never sold a painting within his lifetime. The relation between what we see & what we know is a comforting, settling thing. Seeing the painting ‘scream’, perhaps an early meme or trolling act, without a notice, reflects the inner fear we share. Feeling desired as a lover, maybe the most Holy feeling in the world. For those who aren’t, their artworks are a displaying force of nature. Rothko has provided a new way in expression, with his drape like paintings in a tone of red, as his edges before the canvas ended seemingly lazy at a time when art was supposed to be serious & realistic. And so far, people are the common thread between forms of art.

A time for action is in art. In modern speaking or our armchair conversations over coffee, maybe you’re a tea drinker. My cigarettes will be there. The hashtag learn to code was quite popular, especially when universal income became a new subject for our politicians we are voting in and started to be talked about. Games are a large industry. There’s even arguments for it being art. It does make use for graphics & storytelling. Whether you play it or not. It does include a large amount of thinking to put together. Sure we can talk of the violence it uses. Though outside those who read or try to keep up with modern times. The rise of deep fakes. *** doesn’t belong to a group, race, a part of the city, race. It honestly belongs to the world. Yes, some works of art will rise from it. The obscure thinking never actually seems to fit in. Even in the Star Wars films, there’s a use of passed away actors to be acting in the films they’re releasing now. To remain innocent, is to remain ignorant. Statues of past figureheads of culture may have been adored by the art critic, but the average person has someone they know to be entered in their private virtual world.

I don’t know what your story is. I think art can offer what we’re languishing inside of us. Personally, over the last couple of years, I’ve been wounded by my last breakup. I spent it in bed, I cried, I couldn’t do anything, even food started to taste differently. In romance art, novels in particular, supplemented so much. Being heartbroken. Can you believe that individuals can do so amongst themselves? I’ve heard it argued & arguing successfully, that identity comes from an idea. Art I think, that comes along with that. But art does provide a certain grief, with tragedy developing as its own genre.

I really don’t know where I was going with this. I just wrote it out. But leaving it here, to add to the body of work when I die. But what reconciles an individual with society, to what that person created.
Sep 2021 · 440
Moral theory being lived in actions,
the end of void
is a arm's length away, got
me believing, that Heaven is meant
for all of us.
Jul 2021 · 819
The stars are watching us
for no reason, vibrating mystery
or nothing at all. What will
we do, in regards to this passage
of leftover life? Our heart in heat,
either flowing or clotting.
Jun 2021 · 177
The memories have not yet passed
away, into an area I’ll forget. Awaiting
a time I feel fine, awaiting, always
waiting. Conscious that is no right
way to live. I’ll die anyway.
Apr 2021 · 452
Advancing the soul,
metaphysical orc, promote
original thinking,
experience all, I need sleep.
Apr 2021 · 482
Do it well, do it fully,
give in, forget the past,
you’ve done no wrong,
write everything little poet,
this isn’t motivation, just write,
be better than any love.
Be the ideal
Mar 2021 · 494
When I’m better,
now you want to know me,
if your heart was
as big as your ego.
You’ll be considered as real.
Let me go,
for my soul needs rest
before it’s taken, I’m not
worried about flying,
I’ll be gone anyday.
Mar 2021 · 623
im wrong
after all is done,
I'm alone,
with thyself
Mar 2021 · 1.5k
Clearer the thought,
deeper the soul,
more original I am,
the lonelier I become.
Mar 2021 · 639
Jan 2021 · 422
self thaw
i am what i am,
to i wish i wasn't
but glad i am
Nov 2020 · 248
my emotions are mine,
whether they're
true or false, I'll never
Nov 2020 · 459
To my soul, aspire to be immortal
& exhaust all things possible, be
selfish & ruin death of it’s act.
To the soul find out what makes
existence worth the trouble.
But my soul, dare not become
a God nor muse.
Sep 2020 · 320
with fire in the heart,
fever in the
Everybody hurts
& no-one
owes me anything
Sep 2020 · 710
lover thy,
don't know what to do
or say,
im just happy around you
Sep 2020 · 573
come to me,
if it comes easy,
it shall go out
Sep 2020 · 222
at the time of my death,
it would be a whimper
in the dark, full of regret
and shame
Aug 2020 · 236
she's a substitute for the real thing,
she doesn't exist
Aug 2020 · 748
to whats left unsaid,
follows me like yesterday,
it never changes.
I'm lonely
Aug 2020 · 196
the effort of understanding,
the effort of wanting to love better,
lasting despair, longing yearning,
fuller the love, heavier the romance
Aug 2020 · 299
with days of despair,
filled with heartbreak,
I'm still alive,
and its never ending
Aug 2020 · 411
untitled lover
to the words
never said, not to leave my speech,
just not articulated
Aug 2020 · 251
words that haven't been said,
gaining new life,
but I'm wanting attention,
i am conspicuousness
Aug 2020 · 913
(under watch,
someone has been
when i love someone,
i go beyond cherishing them,
my friends had been
dead wrong,
picture me in love,
my heart has been stolen
and the dope has gone.
I'll love till the ****** end
Aug 2020 · 377
the freedom of
putting off maturity
but my regrets remain in poetry
Aug 2020 · 260
with no more words to say,
nothing left to do,
i shall die in a whimper
Aug 2020 · 783
nothing more to say,
everything to gain,
nothing to weep for,
i got no answers
Jul 2020 · 856
secrets, are no fun,
secrets hurt someone,
for now, poetry can
Jul 2020 · 287
I feel my thoughts,
of feelings felt,
cannot let go, its still
there, poetry isn't helping
Jul 2020 · 447
not a lover
no one invited me to love,
so I wrote it in poetry,
aesthetic perhaps, but at least
those who read, can go
Jul 2020 · 933
between day & night,
splitting all metaphysical hairs,
she is, in awe.
Jul 2020 · 444
making things love,
it doesn't mean its love,
its beauty only
Jul 2020 · 327
deeper the despair,
more fair the cries,
darker the thoughts,
brighter the light.
Jul 2020 · 265
my poem
records of my thoughts,
my emotions, its a personal history,
but not my everything
Jul 2020 · 374
the days may seem long poetry,
but ive lived more in
the words i write, than anywhere else
Jul 2020 · 213
to poetry,
i want to do more than
catching feelings,
just to write them in poetry
Jul 2020 · 283
to live first,
everything else is optional,
besides consequences
Jun 2020 · 313
created a isolated world
than plucked
myself into reality,
for impulsive reasons.
Jun 2020 · 492
you're never alone
Jun 2020 · 616
aesthetic words
to attract your eyes
to read over,
it wasn't the beauty
I wanted to show,
just what I wanted to say
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