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with days of despair,
filled with heartbreak,
I'm still alive,
and its never ending
I'm here everyday
through so many days and night,
just for you.

I'm here every time
through the second, minutes, hours
just for you.

I'm here for every tears you shed
through every pain you feels,
but you still get along with him.

Now you were here,
with me.
you don't need to be worry,
its safe now.
the pain has gone,
now you will be an angel in heaven.
for My ex Girlfriend who passed away a years ago..
Daniel Hunt Oct 2014
My life was complete
But now it's not
I lost it all, because I fought.
She made me alive
Now I am dead
I'm laying here
Crying in my bed
Life is worthless
Why should I try
All I want to do
Is lay here and die
It had only been two days
but that is all I need
To get a last chance
Before she leaves
One last chance
To turn it around
Hoping she won't turn me down
All I want to do
is hold her tight
And make her dreams
Come true tonight
That once and for all
I can make her happy
Instead of screaming, yelling
making life ******
I'm sorry for what I have done
This is coming from my heart
I'm just asking
For a brand new start
For you are my life
Without you I am nothing
So give it one last chance
And I will make it into something
I love you too much
I can't let you go
So look into my eyes
And say I love you so.
This was a poem I made to say sorry to my Love one

— The End —