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Grow up, they said
but even as I did
I lost some child like wonder

Now. All I could ever want
Is to grow back down.
Rich Oct 28
One day while on my front steps
under a Mars red sky
a child’s ball rolled into my foot
he retrieved it
thanked me
and scurried back to his family in the distance

all in one swift breath

In that moment I said “no worries.”

But when I reminisce
about the times when I was in your Velcro kicks
what I really wanted to say
is that I hope they raise you to become a Phoenix.

I hope they teach you to rise from any ash beneath you
I hope they teach you to respect and feel blessed,
to never be the prey of jackals in men’s clothing
to know when life is the boxer or the ring
to know when life is the boat or the typhoon tide you must find a way to swim through

I hope they teach you never to treat a woman like something can be bought
I hope they teach you what LGBT means
I hope they teach you what BLM means
I hope they teach you what USA means and is
because at times those clash

I hope you never let the words of another mouth
enter your psyche and leave with your pride

I hope you never become a fan of mumble rap
I hope you appreciate real rap
I hope you never get dumped on your birthday
I hope you never learn what desperation feels like

and I sincerely hope that they teach you to care about what others face
and that growing older is the farthest thing from a race.
His actions is not of pride...
He only grew up...
His indifference doesn't mean he's gratified...
He's just on course to step up...

Desist from telling strories...
That you've been greatest of buddies...
Yes, You lived together as kiddies...
But now, he's gotten some weighty duties...

It's not because he's proud...
He's just got some stuff to plough...
Never take that as a disdain...
You'll be left with nothing to gain..

He stopped answering your calls...
Work on yourself to be called...
He's already on a moving train...
Don't remain there in the rain...
Your effort may not get you to the rail...
****** yourself forward and make a trail...

He hasn't become your enemy...
He's instead a remedy...
That should get you ready..
And make your feet become steady...
We at times see old friends as being proud without considering what they are passing through, when in actual sense even we would have acted the same way given a similar situation.
theodosia Oct 18
just like a seed,
i will continue to grow
tears will educate me
and sunshine-like people
will motivate me
to be a better person
i am today.
lol random
Desperately clinging to innocence long past
in hopes that you can hold to some inkling of it,
no matter how far gone.
You can move forward
with that same youthful exuberance
in a body well older;
pray to your *** that it lives on inside you
as it tries,
with an unfailing knack,
to leave you in this world's dust.,
Maturity dragging you- kicking and screaming- all the way.
Innocence fades quickly
in the light of a newly developed maturity.
The world is no longer magnificent,
in fact, it's cruel.
Suddenly, protection that you took
so obliviously for granted,
leaves you in a cold reality,
that you shall be protected no longer.
As they watch the childlike curiosity leave your eyes,
replaced by the daily drone of
Your parents wonder if they made the mistake
That they swore they never would.
Brent Kincaid Sep 24
I’ve reached that age where I dodder
And when I forget becomes fodder
For impatience and often abuse.
I apologize but it’s seldom any use.
I have learned to smile and tip my hat
As I am now the oldster I once laughed at.
My face tells a story with every wrinkle
And it now takes me longer to ******.
I have to get up two or three times a night
Which means my kidneys aren’t working right.

Getting up from a chair is a three part thing
And I can’t do it without some moaning.
I’m very glad for a thing called remote control
Because it’s a saving grace for growing old.
I moved the coffee maker closer to my chair
So I don’t have to walk so far over there.
I’m thinking of swapping my end table in a smidge
To replace it with a my own personal mini-fridge.
That will save me even more trips over and back
By loading it with sodas and some clever snacks.

Now just in case some might think I’m *******,
I’m not, it’s just that my habits are now switching.
It another phase of living life, is all it means
Like switching to Sansabelt slacks instead of jeans.
I had plenty of fun when I was young and foolish
So, there is no sense of anyone getting ghoulish.
I’m full to the brim with carefully gathered memories
And a scant few of them could be called miseries.
Mostly I have been pretty much a happy kid
And now enjoy the wisdom from all I did.
Renhui Sep 14
There is a rite of passage
That is not visible yet essential
When you are there, you know as you have no more *******
You smile to strangers as if they were your friends
You let sorrows come as if they were your happiness
You look at your aged face as if it were a fresh gift package
You say mountains are mountains and trees are trees
      -- All colored glasses vanish
I am doing my "a poem a day" challenge till the end of the year -- this is the one for today. If you want to join this challenge, say so below and I will read your daily poem.
AditiBoo Sep 9
She called me 'woman'
She looked me up and down
And then the statement did confirm
I was the subject of that noun

How could one reach such a conclusion?
Was this a fact truth would allow?
For it held no support when I stared at my reflection

21 years and no letters added to my name
21 years and still hoping for credit to claim
Life has spoonfed me the answers
And thrown me out to the gutters

...Now she calls me woman
When I could not feel less human
..She repeats that word 'woman'
As my mind quickly interjects 'common'

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Do I belong with them all?
For my age gives me the criteria
But my person lives through hysteria

My bubble is filled with smoke and self denial
My face is  the portrait of the innocent's mistrial
Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Is 'woman' really the name they should call

Mother suggested I change my attire
For I am no longer a teenager
Should I change my character as well?
Use 'splendid' when I really want to say 'swell'

Rest a hand lightly on my chest and exclaim 'How dare you?'
Play the grown up part instead of yelling '*******'
For one's womanly ways prevent from such juvenile recreation
For one's womanly ways demand for elegance with a touch of sophistication

But I'll sit down, slumped on my chair
Wear heavy eyeliner underneath my untamed hair
Your stereotypical rebel of a tomboy
I never promised a sundress or look so coy

But still...she called me woman...
Accepting what I had rejected
Believing in me when I was dejected
And I wished I had been that woman
This was written a long time ago but even now, I can still relate to its essence - that feeling of physically having grown up but not actually being a grown up...
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