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He asked me if I am growing up
He told me that he only accepted maturity
He asked me if I understood
He asked me if I knew the truth
I said the greatest truth that I have ever seen
Comes from innocent youth
Youth with their fresh naivety
I said maturity is subjective
True growth comes from self-connection
I said I'm not growing up
I'm growing into me
maturity is subjective
true growth comes from self - connection
nicetomeetyou Mar 19
so i am still too young
to know what is
really, actually, truthfully
out there..
we haven't seen anything yet

maybe a fragment or two
Jude Quinn Feb 27
You have done some things you are not proud of.
What'd happen If I told them?
What'd happen if they knew?
You were young, you were angry,
you were horrible, you were everything you hate now.

You hurted so many people
and disappeared.
Why did you do it?
Why would you take your pain
and put it on someone else?

It was not her fault she didn't love you.
It wasn't his fault. He couldn't know.

Yes, you were a mess,
but that's no excuse.
No, you can't change the past.
I don't even know If "I'm sorry" would be enough.

You couldn't love
cause you didn't know how to love yourself.
You thought hate
was your only weapon against the world.

Will she accept your apologies
or will she act is if she doesn't know you
the way that you did?

Will he forgive you
or forget
just like you?

You were full of poison and you killed many flowers
on your way here.
What are we gonna do, Jude?

I'll light a candle for us
and I'll try to be a better man.
It's all I can do
that'll bring a change.
Tina M Nov 2019
Flame warms
broken forms.
Coverless. Cast away.
Cozied up, come what may.

Worn, old
torn souls
run red. Burnished blue.
Bright swirl.  Cry and hue.

New eight
Dressed straight
Stand watch, in the box.
Sunday best. Colorless.
Fraser Wiseman Nov 2020
If I showed her the truth,
how could she love me?

How can she love me,
without knowing the truth?
That Girl Oct 2020
What the hell does that mean?
When does someone become an adult?
When they turn 18? 21?
Or does age even matter?
Maybe it’s more about what someone does.
How much someone accomplishes.
What makes someone an adult?
Moving out of your parents house?
Getting an education?
Losing their virginity?
Having a full time job?
Making money?
Marriage? Children?
What if I haven’t accomplished any of these?
What does that make me?
All I know is that I’m 25
and still feel like a ******* child.
Norman Crane Sep 2020
I read the book
a second time
the book: unchanged
changed: my mind
Cox Sep 2020
Why is it that when I cause you pain,
you always come back to me?
Is that maturity?
Charlotte T Aug 2020
Time has generated an unfamiliarity with this space, and admittedly, I have not returned out of a diminished need. My bond with these four walls has been reduced to that of a tourist visiting foreign sacred spaces, seeking enlightenment in places where they cannot return.

The pictures painted on old white walls from light through stained glass no longer tell me a story; I only see pretty shapes, of which are reminiscent of a conventional child-like quality, where I can recognise alluring images, but do not understand what they represent just yet. This cathedral holds no new chapters for me.

I feel that my words of faith are composed by a ghostwriter. Although published under my name, they do not belong to me, and I can no longer claim them as my own. This journey was a marathon beginning at birth, and it’s time I stop running.
Norman Crane Aug 2020
we blossomed once
in the desert
two green weeds
seeking rootless pleasure
now flower bedded
horticultured—yet wistfully I miss
the *****
of cactus lips
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