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Renhui 5d
There is a rite of passage
That is not visible yet essential
When you are there, you know as you have no more bondage
You smile to strangers as if they were your friends
You let sorrows come as if they were your happiness
You look at your aged face as if it were a fresh gift package
You say mountains are mountains and trees are trees
      -- All colored glasses vanish
I am doing my "a poem a day" challenge till the end of the year -- this is the one for today. If you want to join this challenge, say so below and I will read your daily poem.
AditiBoo Sep 9
She called me 'woman'
She looked me up and down
And then the statement did confirm
I was the subject of that noun

How could one reach such a conclusion?
Was this a fact truth would allow?
For it held no support when I stared at my reflection

21 years and no letters added to my name
21 years and still hoping for credit to claim
Life has spoonfed me the answers
And thrown me out to the gutters

...Now she calls me woman
When I could not feel less human
..She repeats that word 'woman'
As my mind quickly interjects 'common'

Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Do I belong with them all?
For my age gives me the criteria
But my person lives through hysteria

My bubble is filled with smoke and self denial
My face is  the portrait of the innocent's mistrial
Mirror, Mirror on the wall
Is 'woman' really the name they should call

Mother suggested I change my attire
For I am no longer a teenager
Should I change my character as well?
Use 'splendid' when I really want to say 'swell'

Rest a hand lightly on my chest and exclaim 'How dare you?'
Play the grown up part instead of yelling 'fuck you'
For one's womanly ways prevent from such juvenile recreation
For one's womanly ways demand for elegance with a touch of sophistication

But I'll sit down, slumped on my chair
Wear heavy eyeliner underneath my untamed hair
Your stereotypical rebel of a tomboy
I never promised a sundress or look so coy

But still...she called me woman...
Accepting what I had rejected
Believing in me when I was dejected
And I wished I had been that woman
This was written a long time ago but even now, I can still relate to its essence - that feeling of physically having grown up but not actually being a grown up...
AditiBoo Sep 3
At the point of no return

You are left with only the burn...

The scar of regret

Peeled off by desires secret

At the crossroads with no U-turn

Your choice will only lead you to learn...

Be taught from your mistakes

Experience from your various wakes

You are human -

Faulty and easily undone

You are man -

Not so easy to comprehend

You talk of what you cannot do

You look but never actually see through...

See through the hurts you create

Listen to the dignities you infuriate!

You mock for the sake of it

You taunt just to put in your bit

You think you know

But boy, you need to grow

Grow into the skin of the man you appear to be

Fill in your own shoes and know your duty

You before your peers

You within your years

For you face the world on your own

And there will only be echoes if you raise your tone
Aa Harvey Aug 27
Brooding to breed.

Brooding to breed, too eager to feed,
To create this thing, inside your tummy.
In a rush to give life, before you have even lived.
Needing a baby, whilst you yourself are still a kid.

It sounds so nice, to become a Mother and Wife;
But what of your future?  Are you sure you’re mature enough?
Have you truly experienced this thing called life enough?
And will not regret the missed chances,
You could have had without this child.

Are you sure, you can really provide,
For the entirety of this child’s adolescent life?
Do you have a partner, who will never walk away?
When things get too bad, are you sure they will stay?

Can you truly cope and be sure you can give this child all it needs?
Are you sure this man is truly worthy?
Of being a father and are you sure you can be a good Mother?
If he’s not or you’re not sure;
Maybe an abortion you should consider.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Lia Lovedoll Aug 26
You are a cowardly lion who purrs and hide, unlike the other kingly beasts who roars with a sense of pride and leadership.
Tarot inspired.
James LR Aug 20
Above the wind plains roaring white
With lightning crack's climaxing light
In the prepubescent gloom
Of fear, excitement, unrealized doom
The moon appears in cloudy skies
With blissful sighs as knowledge dies

Virgin grasses ripped from home
As breeze embraces seed and blows
To new beginnings and new ends
Where e'er the Fates may deign to send
A rose's bud seeps from below
Mixed with sticking undertones

When innocence concedes the stage
To reside in maturation's cage
And foolish fancy takes to flight
The sun forever fades to night
Started out as a normal poem, and uh...I have no idea how it got here
This is a diary of a child
With a biological age of 5

To this world
She may be an ordinary one
But at the age 3, she got matured
Started to identify the space
Where she can contribute

She learned,
how to take care of self, when parents are out
how to be patient, when belly left half filled
how to do parenting, when her sister cries
how to be happy in small things
how to struggle for survival

Her way of life shows
At the age of,
3, she was like 25 years responsible
4, she was like 35 years responsible
5, she is like 50 years responsible
24 hours a day, she is on duty
7 days a week

I asked myself, what is childish?
That responsible 5 years child,
passing through
Or the 50 years old,
irresponsible one?
Genre: Observational
Theme: Maturity comes with responsibility
Aa Harvey Aug 16

Logic dictates that we must escape,
The shackles of youth and mature with age,
But who can decide when we have matured enough?
Surely we all have a part of us that needs to remind us of the fun,
We had when we were young.

The first time we found love, finding the music of our life.
Memories that takes us back to a moment when we were happy.
Maturity is a good thing, but so is immaturity sometimes.
Do what you love, all hobbies are good.
The older we get the more we love the way thing used to be.

Become what they expect you to be,
Between the hours of nine and five;
But an evening of your life is yours to do with as you please.
Find someone you love and if they feel the same way,
They will accept you are young at heart
And they will accept your immaturity.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
oddmanout Aug 7
You don't want me like that
And that's okay
You want to be friends
But I can't stop loving you

So here's my plan

I'll be your friend
I'll eat away at your parasitic insecurities
Help you become stronger
More confident

I'll nibble at your past pain
And help you move forward
When you're ready I'll help you

Even if it's not with me

I love you so I'll help you live a complete life
By being the best friend I can be
My unrequited love will manifest
In support for you
In any way I can

And I'll stop telling you
That I love you
And show you instead
sara Aug 7
I see tension in the air,
red and green clouds everywhere.
The same old, tried-and-worn affair.
I walk. I can't afford to care.
read it and walk
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