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James R 18h
have you ever felt a friendship die,
gasping for its last breath between scattered texts and awkward compliments?
each wincing inhale a deliberate pause
to find the words you force
yourself to want.
you may need each other but the knife
between the ribs didn’t.
time won’t heal what’s already dead
but the memory of it may be beautiful
and kind like ocean air before your lips
are parched, a firm kiss you want to linger (and does), a lightning bolt against the ****** that reminds you of their warmth.
When the moon is right
And there's no one in sight
Lust comes out to attack
The weak minded pack
Of men who chase
Women with grace
In their dreams.
ms reluctance Apr 21
They said I blew
it out of proportion.
I was told to let it go
so I did the mature thing
and looped an uptight string  
around its neck, strangled
it in a vexed snaggle,
before setting it free
to float. I let it go;
(though, not really).

Good advice must be broken
into bite sized pieces
so as to avoid choking
on its well-meaning intent.

I carry it with me every day
but it is a weight off my shoulders.
They say it suits me.
I agree.
What a facetious accessory it is –  
NaPoWriMo Day 21
Poetry form: Free Verse
I want to feel real love
Not a teenage infatuation
Heart-wrenching, passionate love
Is what I live and breathe for
It's the type of love you see in old movies
It's the type of love you hear in musicals  
It's the type of love that makes your knees buckle
Makes you heart skip a beat
Makes your body burst into flames
Makes you want to do things
You wouldn't dream of doing
In a million years
Instead of my man giving me his sweatshirt
Or posting pictures of us on social media
To show the world how much he loves me
I want him to give me his heart
And treat our relationship
Like a sacred temple.
This. This is what I long for in a relationship. Thoughts?
by Michael R. Burch

Thirty crept upon me slowly
with feline caution and a slowly-twitching tail;
she waited three decades for the winds to shift;
now, claws unsheathed, she lies ready to assail
her defenseless prey.

Keywords/Tags: thirty, age, aging, maturity, time, creep, creeping, ambush, feline, predator
Moonchild Apr 9
A challenge was set before me,red rose blooming,
But my feet refused to take a step towards the danger,
my hands refused to hold onto the rose,
although my heart wanted to.

My fingers could've bled,
and blood could've been sweet,
The pain would've torn me,
I would've found meaning as well.

I was ****** to be a lover of chaos,
destructive idealism,
and moonlight.

Born as a child of nature,
born and died,and will live again,
Mighty fragile and weak,
but inside is what flames are missing.

Familiar with all,
I awaken with a thirst for freedom,
In it I am caged,
just to feel the purity of this life.
This poem is the consequence of growing up too fast.
Written 24/12/2019
And don't wonder
With every new wrinkle
A change awaits

We incline
The Sun
The Moon
And the stars
At the end
Genre: Observational
Theme: True Value Of Life
Sometimes I wish I could go back,
To when I was a child, innocent and young,
To that dream like perspective, safe from
Pressure and responsibility,
When the world was bright and beautiful

How a simple walk through the neighborhood,
Brought excitement with the sight of,
The little birds,
Perched atop the liquor store,
Or the towering plan trees,
High above our heads

How the same sights,
Now ignored and meaningless,
As we walk by, now chasing 'dreams',
Now walking through the bleak abyss of maturity.
Your body is the canvas
My lips and fingers are the brushes
Us being alone makes me anxious
For will you be my masterpiece?

My hands trail down your chest
Creating a path of warmth in its wake
You don't protest
Is this right?

My lips blot your soft lips
They taste like aged wine
Sweet, smooth and bitter. What a fix!
Will this be the night?

You press your body against mine
I feel every peak, every valley
Of your figure so fine
Will we come together?

At this climactic moment
With your eyes gazing deeply into mine
I wonder, my beautiful poet,
Will I be your masterpiece?
A little more mature than what I usually write. I'm kind of nervous... But I hope you like it! Any thoughts?
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