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secrets, are no fun,
secrets hurt someone,
for now, poetry can
James Jul 11
(He)I’ll free Buchenwald and Belsen eventually
Or maybe (I)He’ll lie here
Morose as the faces on Mount Rushmore        
For the first time I(He) recognized a universal neural network
A reserved self programming, algorithmic logic to all things
(I)He grinned, an intelligent uniqueness programmed
An open circuit on a yin line
Nothing is true, everything is permissible
A Closed circuit on a yang line
I(He) re-enters the cafeteria naked and hungry
(I’m)He’s closing in on the Illuminati
I Ching hexagram closes on a yang line
closed minds,
provide for the loudest mouths,
while everyone is
quietly weird
I remember the time when little Timmy was getting beat up
A group of them kicked and stomped on him till he bled out
It's pretty graphic but his skull was fractured like a broken chestnut
The world is a ****** place, dog eat dog out there and little Timmy
Well he never liked it out here, he always said that this world was corrupt
This world with evil, vile, inhumane people who think they are important

If you ask me, those group of kids are no different than the government
Don't even get me started on the people who are above the government
They are **** of the earth who want nothing more than the universe
Nothing but a bunch of predators who find bliss in watching those suffer
Curators of false truths and disasters, one hand over the eye and another over a dagger soaked in the blood of the innocent
They may be worse than tyrants but they sure as hell are intelligent
I suppose that isn't true.. maybe society is blinded by their brilliance

Society, going from one place to another like hollowed-out drones
Dreams lost into the ether, living in sorrow with both hands on their iPhone
Leaving what could have been to the Unknown, milestones never reached
And nothing remarkable on their gravestone

Don't let that be you, take control of your life and chase your dreams
Become the better you, believe and keep your head held high
Your time is nigh and you will succeed.
Created by me on January 23rd, 2020
Hi, my name is Anthony and I'm actually in agony
that isn't true, that is just pure fantasy
just like our lives, I know I'm real
are you sure the only you is you?
that's blasphemy, says the ones who can't see
but don't they know this isn't the only reality?
there are people out there trying to hide many truths
everyone's heard their name, the Illuminati
they are not a fantasy, they run this galaxy
they don't care for humanity
and they are the reason for many tragedies
my name is Anthony, I speak truth
and there is nobody who can stop me.
Created by me on November 20th, 2019
I wrote this after seeing how many things rhyme with Anthony. it's quite amazing..
I have no clue on what you do to me
but this isn't what I'm meant to be
I want to do something good, even great
but you tell me it's not meant to be
well I say **** destiny, **** the Illuminati
speaking truth means a lot to me
and if I die
then I guess it was meant to be.
Created by me on October 31st, 2019
Cheers to all those with their eyes open.
Found out the other day that my whole life is a lie
I don't know why but I feel like I wanna die
It's sickening to see the eye supply the lies
Filling the citizens with hopeless lies while they do everything to get by
Don't worry, I'm not the bad guy
this is a warcry to those who cover their one eye
In the music, magazines, photos, movies
Don't get me started on the monarch butterfly

I followed the white rabbit over the rainbow
and along the way, I lost my halo
it was a trap, and I can't get it back
they took it away, wanted me,
sung to me, awoken me,
please help me.
Created by me on October 24th, 2019
More of a rap then a poem but it still has a heartfelt message.
U R Won
Now R U?


tsuJ Kool
A Bit
Pyramids, eyes, people and mixed races, tall, lean, red eyes, interstellar. Rain does not happen here, plains of san, heat and trading with different planets. Twilight slopes. Humanity now, since making contact, everyday progressing one hundred years each day. Transfixed on wisdom. I wonder around, hearing different languages, strange signs and golden objects. Dogma, religion and any deities have no meaning but philosophy still has. The Masons are the closest there is to religion. Some of the peasants believe that Zion had arrived as the elite profits, with the behind the scenes still mold reality, the air still reeks of paranoia and the way reality presents itself, there is more still need to be found. And my travels are alone, running till my legs give-out, but I don’t cry anymore, I don’t even want to die anymore. On the outskirts of civilization, I mediate, preparing my entire being to bust out and Illuminate those willing to let me in. Complex, metaphor and metaphysical, I’ve awakened myself and reached to a point where I need to share myself. Not to save them, but to increase the quality of life as time spent together. I blossomed in a self-induced void, grew sick and tired of it and fought my way out. I’m stepping out as I stepped close to the neo-capital of Egypt. Unity now, since the war had settled and dust feel, like dew on a winter morning.I dressed the same so I wouldn’t stand out and walked silent, so they won’t be noticed with my varying accent. Humanities professed beliefs is always different from their daily actions performed in each moment they live, it’s why so many complan about it, while forgetting to change themselves first. I stood to the side, it’s been marked for me to wait, no longer on death row. Vibrating anticipation, wondering where my contact is? I laugh now, seeing all those lizards walking around now and accepted, considering the amount of years the theory about them was being laughed at. The jokers never are remembered. I assume they’ll take at least an hour. I veil my face when I see the police enter the same alleway as I am waiting in. they walk straight to me, clinch their hands and point right at me, telling me what's my business waiting here for, I gesture that I’m mute. Didn’t buy. Throwing me to the way and checking my pockets. I carry nothing besides common crystals. I feared what they’re going to do next. They rip my clothes, exposing my tattoos. They laugh. And any crowd that had formed had dispersed, silence hits then they draw their guns. Crazed fluorescent lights, cholera flowers bloomed from the sand we stood on. I spoke their language, reciting the words I had for the connection I’m waiting on. They didn't reply, just asked me to follow them. Mortal now, immortal later. Stretching my soul. The only way to spoil reality is to be immortal. We arrive at some obscure spot, where only Egyptian Gods dwelled, everything is cleaned and well groomed. No one started at me, by now I felt safe enough to let down my veil. Coming through like the wind. They sit me down, across from the throne. I can’t tell them yes, if they don’t ask. All the servants leave and police leave. A string of violin music replaces every sound here on earth. Finally the Pharaoh steps out, alone, in a violent way, puffs out his chest and instantly makes eye contact with me. I do what I need to do. I undress, exposing my **** body and my tattoos. Sitting down about one hundred feet between us. The Pharaoh sinks into a rest and relaxes his manner. I step forward……………………………….enter via behind the curtains.
Starched thoughts written in poetry, cold in it’s sober sensation, internal landscape inside flushed emotional states, it's a bullet in my soul.
A kiss to part from my past, it’s fatalistic but yet I have not forgotten it. I’m a slow burn shimmer, unveiling with my beauty and value.
Vaulting now, open when wanted for I never need to now.
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