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Bob Wax Apr 2
My 80 pages, 100+ poems have been self published and printed. If you want a FREE Copy email me at w a mailing address.
Maria Etre Jan 20
Time gave me blank papers
A strong heart pumped ink
Courage pushed me
Experience turned pages
Ups and downs published moments
Sunshine gave me inspiration, so did rainfall
( ______ )
handed me a pencil
Insert muse name
Hey guys, I published my first book on January 1st, 2020. I was excited about this project that's why it was challenging for me to not talk about it but today finally I can reveal that my book is out now.

You can buy the paperback and Pre-order the kindle E-book version of my first poetry book: "Light In The Darkness"

Light In The Darkness. It's a journey where you can package your thoughts into a suitcase and set them free on the top of the mountain when looking to the cloudy skies with the lights
far from each other.

That tour might be shorter than you thought, it's a world with adventures: different knowledge behind each leaf, new faces behind the tall green trees, between all of them you are going to the path to find who you are.

Available on Amazon & Google Play

Link is down there.
Diksha Prashar Nov 2019
Up and down
Round and round
You pulled the strings
Never let you frown,

Commands were heard
Services served
Horrors played
Never let you struggle again,

Hollow promises burned my sane
Crying became bane
Dead remains
Never let you feel pain,

Laughter hid it well
Blow the candles
It shall commence
Never let you see shame,

My love remain intact
You practiced infidelity
What a mess?

Years went by
Holding false ray of shrine
You practiced the ritual
What a sight?

Now a full circle
You struggling to win
When I’m the one pulling the strings?
Diksha Prashar Nov 2019
Meaningless texts
Silly smiles
Innuendo exchanged
Memories woven
Locked away
In darker place
Where no one can slip in
Just your eyes, can peek in
Un-caging suppressed love
From fading
Diksha Prashar Sep 2019
Armour built to protect
Destroyed with your zest,

Anxiety, to never be close
Faded with familiarity,

Hesitation stilled, with
Smile you threw at me,

Silence became bearable
With your arms around me,

Not scared to crumble
You there to catch me
When I stumble,

Not holding anymore
Your singularity captured me whole.
Diksha Prashar Sep 2019
Childhood been a rocky path,
Adolescence wasn’t too far,
Adulthood seems like world war,
Surrounded by the troublesome thoughts,
Quarrelsome crowd eating,
Away my peaceful sounds,
Urging to run,
Stumble afterwards,
A touchdown,
Ignorance never been a bliss,
Sharing been a sin,
Silence a curse,
Chattering never been my verse,
Still spinning in circles,
Trying to reach my parameter,
Stuck in the midst of alter,
Picking sides,
A horrible disaster,
Cruel world,
Vanishing the love,
And here we are,
Preaching the numb,
Paths have triturated,
War been intensified,
Dilemma of right and wrong,
All lost in sight,
Nothing to gain,
Nothing to lie,
Just quarrelsome thoughts too pry!
Diksha Prashar Sep 2019
Fearful of getting attached
The soul you carry, a chance
To feel you once
Bitter and sweet, a chunk
A taste, you see
Then we go back to be strangers
Staying away for better
Give this moment to me,
Settle the old flames
Within me
Fearful to let this go
This once please
Hold me close
For a night
Is all I plea.
Diksha Prashar Aug 2019
My questions
are unanswered
doubling them in number
I tumble
uncertainty entered
confusing and fooling
My inner crasis
I fumble
questions rumbled
one after one
without a stumble
I laid them all
waiting them to be
answered that’s all
Diksha Prashar Aug 2019
I never knew promises were that hollow,
Fell for the mesh of honeyed,
Your voice was like music to my ears,
Stringed along my broken heart,
Fell harder than I thought,
Expected larger than I got,
Never knew broken heart strung that bad,
Until I was scorching in one,
Who knew hollow promises were fallacious,
Then, I tripped into one.
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