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Sharon Talbot Dec 2018
Live blog: Romney and Stanton vie for Iowa win.
Dead heat in the dead of winter
What do the Iowa results really mean?
That Romney's less of a robot than he seems?

Oh, by the way: replacing a bulb, can save you 50 dollars or more!
But it'll cost you ten times as much, at your hardware store.
Starbuck's hikes prices despite the lull,
People stupidly betting on Powerball,
Selma Hayek's trending, y'all!
(We don't know why).

But what's all that compared to shootings?
Soldiers flying and not being sniffed,
Suspects nabbed in Utah killings,
And GOP runners had another tiff.

Personally, I'm more fascinated,
In the Aussie hybrid sharks!
This might mean global warming's overrated,
Or that animals are way smart.

Mideast peace-talks stalled, I read.
Have I not read this before?
Oh, yeah, back in 1972.
When psychos killed athletic Jews,
Who might win
And Olympic village was off view,
While the Israelis dragged people in.

That year, Nixon was re-elected
And we thought we'd never see worse,
Yet now the nation is infected
With a yellow-haired, inhuman curse.
Blog goes to sleep...

Begun long ago and finished in 2018
I was just fiddling around angrily during the 2nd Bush election and later, kept adding to this. You can tell who the latest victim of my ire is!
There are ones who wave their red flags evidently, where some push your buttons subtly. There are some in whose presence you feel uncomfortable, their energy your body rejects before they even speak. There are ones who make you feel inadequate and battered while they pollute the rent up space in your life. There are ones who stampede on your boundaries, tamper your emotions and abuse your self-worth; depleting you of your energy. At times we let these signs go unnoticed or ignore them by forgiving & absorbing.
We chase them and crumble maybe because we rely on them? We let the emotional moochers chip us away and rip our self-apart like we mean nothing. We excuse them for the inconvenience they cause and assure ourselves it won’t happen again. But chances are it will.
So when they wave their red flag, raise your white flag and peace out. And for the ones you cannot escape; maybe relation out of context, history and proximity. You learn to filter, build your immunization and draw out your boundaries. For you, yourself announce your boundaries, self-respect by your actions.
Because you were not born to inhale their toxins, be dimmed and extinguished. You were not to be buried in their pollution and have your heart land filled with every beat. You were not be suffocated and stifled by their confinements, bathing in their unsettling energy. You were not to ingest their poison but rather learn when to deal and not deal with their toxicity. You were to surround yourself by the ones who understand, support and bring you joy. For your energy is incredibly precious and your time is currency that rather would be spent on buying happiness and love rather than tears and pain.
sara Dec 2018
you don’t owe anybody
            other than
Karmen Aug 2018
It's in the arts
It may be hard to tell
We are not all well
Might as well cast us to ****
We won't be forever young
Let us live this once
Dance while we can
Before it's old and makes us want to go
Like never known land
Discovered from Peter Pan
Removing all fear
Revealing how near , we are almost there
Couple more steps
We'll be in the clear
Young once again
Till we meet again
My dear
This isnt goodbye , but hi
Dogslinwriter Aug 2018
The house is old, the trees are bare,
Moonless above bends twilight's dome;
But what on earth is half so dear—
So longed for—as the hearth of home?

-Emily Bronté

Have you ever longed for home even when you're already home?

I usually stay up at night. I feel like that's my time. The time when they don't have my controls. Yes, my sun comes up at night!

Have you heard the phrase, "I hate mornings!" You probably have. You probably say it sometimes. You probably say it a lot. That can be because, your mornings are not yours.

I should probably make the best out of my 'day'. Because I don't belong with me as there day starts!

I hope you have found your home. And if not, I hope you find it soon.
I heired a kingdom, but its not mine.

I became the queen, but I don't shine.

They love me they say,

But I don't feel it.

They tell me you're the queen. You choose what you do.

But then again, they tell me how to walk, and how to laugh, and how to dress... "With elegance!"

Somedays I am the queen to my Kingdom. Somedays the kingdom rules me.

Most days, This queen is nothing.

Brandon Conway Jul 2018
I wish I could speak words that assuage
But I’m nothing but an introvert
I’ve accepted this and that’s ok
I’ll type the words out in hopes of an alert
That you have read and agreed
At least that’s something I want to believe
But who am I kidding you don’t follow me
So I will admire from afar and dream
Of you
My sweet
Moeshfiekah Jun 2018
And the feeling returns .. the blood pumping . **** them all I'll say and I'll watch them burn with terror . Misaya will not hear your cried for help and I will not show you mercy. Pathetic humans , invaluable to the nature of which you are born. As the flow of words leave my anger and only am I left with the thoughts of the spear piercing your heart and soul .
A heart written with anger is a heart filled with false hope and lies
Maria Etre Jun 2018
I think
I fall for
find more
to write
your name
in my
Amahra Apr 2018
Okay, I'm here again not to share a poem but a 'semi - blog' AGAIN. talking about the feeling of being a passenger on a plane because some of you might be wondering specially to those people who don't have experience and also to those acrophobic (fear of heights).

So how does it feel?

Okay. I have an acrophobia and hours before boarding my heart beat was so fast because I'm starting to imagining things such as what if the airplanes suddenly crushed and fell to the wide ocean, what will I do? how can I survive? I don't even know how to swim . huhu another tragic scenario was what if there's a lot of snakes there just like from the movie of Snake on Airplane ( if I'm not mistaken) and suddenly appeared in front of me blah blah. yeah, that's how paranoid I am and I became more nervous like my heart was already in my mouth (hmm..can you imagine that?) haha because all of my friends and families says when the plane starts to take off you'll feel like your soul was being left and you can't cope up until after five or more minutes. can you imagine that?! five minutes without my soul in my body? oh c'mon! I'm still in a state of shock when my sister told me be careful when there's a turbulence, I swear! you wouldn't want to ride again when you encounter a terrific turbulence. that moment I started to pray like there was no tomorrow, like the dooms day had come so I need to repent and ask for forgiveness (please don't laugh) HAHAHA.

Fast forward because I don't want you to get bored. when I heard a voice from the loud speaker saying we the passenger of this and that must get inside, my hands started to become cold and I was shaking. i tired my best to be calm so that I can txt my family that we were about to go inside and they cannot contact me anymore (sounds like I'm saying my final goodbyes hahaha). I walked until we reached the tunnel like which is the road to heaven I mean to airplane. the moment I saw the door of the airplane with two beautiful stewardess assisting what lane and row we were going to sit my human body starts to panic again. Why? because I don't know how to interpret the second lane third row. hahaha. Simple instruction but hey! that was my first time and don't forget my heart was not in a good state, it was in my mouth. haha

The door was already closed and now they are instructing what to do if something bad happened. Me was like oh my gosh! this is what I'm afraid of! why are they instructing if there's nothing going wrong?! I therefore conclude that this flight will be in a bad state of emergency like we need to use parachute...oh gosh! The airplane was starting to take off, I closed my eyes while praying. Preparing for that moment my soul will be taken for five minutes and guess what? I waited for that moment but ****! yes, you'll feel your soul being taken away but it will only took seconds like five **** seconds not five **** minutes!

So yeah! I survived in first stage (take off) and I'm waiting for the terrific turbulence but guys, I swear! the flight was so smooth like it feels you are just riding a vehicle in a smooth road.

How does it feel being an acrophobic inside the plane?

Nothing! as in nothing! Specially if the pilot is so good and expert, I'm telling you, you'll feel nothing.

You just need to be calm and don't forget to pray. first timer or not prayer is very necessary for you to feel more safe because God is always with you and no matter what happened He's always there taking care of you.

Salute to all the pilots, steward and stewardess out there doing their best to make the passenger safe and comfortable.

Dara Slick Feb 2018
I do my homework,
with diligence.
Or so I say.

I started a blog,
I'm proud.

I can't spell very well,
and editing isn't my strong suit either.

I think all I have going for me,
is my personality.

I did write a blog Read if you want.
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