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Armour built to protect
Destroyed with your zest,

Anxiety, to never be close
Faded with familiarity,

Hesitation stilled, with
Smile you threw at me,

Silence became bearable
With your arms around me,

Not scared to crumble
You there to catch me
When I stumble,

Not holding anymore
Your singularity captured me whole.
Childhood been a rocky path,
Adolescence wasn’t too far,
Adulthood seems like world war,
Surrounded by the troublesome thoughts,
Quarrelsome crowd eating,
Away my peaceful sounds,
Urging to run,
Stumble afterwards,
A touchdown,
Ignorance never been a bliss,
Sharing been a sin,
Silence a curse,
Chattering never been my verse,
Still spinning in circles,
Trying to reach my parameter,
Stuck in the midst of alter,
Picking sides,
A horrible disaster,
Cruel world,
Vanishing the love,
And here we are,
Preaching the numb,
Paths have triturated,
War been intensified,
Dilemma of right and wrong,
All lost in sight,
Nothing to gain,
Nothing to lie,
Just quarrelsome thoughts too pry!
Fearful of getting attached
The soul you carry, a chance
To feel you once
Bitter and sweet, a chunk
A taste, you see
Then we go back to be strangers
Staying away for better
Give this moment to me,
Settle the old flames
Within me
Fearful to let this go
This once please
Hold me close
For a night
Is all I plea.
My questions
are unanswered
doubling them in number
I tumble
uncertainty entered
confusing and fooling
My inner crasis
I fumble
questions rumbled
one after one
without a stumble
I laid them all
waiting them to be
answered that’s all
I never knew promises were that hollow,
Fell for the mesh of honeyed,
Your voice was like music to my ears,
Stringed along my broken heart,
Fell harder than I thought,
Expected larger than I got,
Never knew broken heart strung that bad,
Until I was scorching in one,
Who knew hollow promises were fallacious,
Then, I tripped into one.
Colourful tattoos lingered your arms
Showcasing your past
Full of mistakes and moving on
Imprinted me with soothing warmth
Tugging me towards the dangerous art
Falling for you was never the part
Sitting behind those silver bars
Holding us hundred feet apart
Both serving mistakes, they took part
You tearing apart innocence
Me falling for your dangerous art

out of

out of

A new
me in
self creation
or destruction

to it,

of pure
Again we meet
Different circumstances
I plead,

Gaze on ground
Too afraid to see
The tale you once told
A true picture to hold,

Horrors came to life
I regret ignoring your cries,

Here I am again
A trip down
Memory lane,

Still pains the same
You reflected it
All over again,

Decisions went wrong
You witnessed it all
The cries and the pain
The blue and grey
Marked this landscape,

The invisible cloak I wore
The fakeness adored
Crushed the fire
You know it all,

Restless day and night
Anxiety choked the pride
Believed the lies
Even though you creamed
The truth,

One brave step
I’m free gain
Took sometime
I’m ‘me’ again,

After all we meet gain
You reflected the smile
I in love again.
Sometimes my words fell short
My verses are not so strong
My strengths a crumbled class
My endurance a burnt mass,

My mask melted not to long
Huffing and puffing
What an art?

Trying to blended in darkened ground
Yet here I am
Running around,

Colours never been my falling
Solids been my calling
Being a lady never been my pursuit
I’m just me paving the en-route,

My words are simple
My ways do *******
My world being jolted
So shaken!

Lingering on unfamiliar ground
No easy to let go
Crumbled pieces of crown.
Espousal brimming with lies
Heart full of wrenching cries
Unshed tears
That sinful smile
Inferno in my heart
A tactful art
Muted the brewing storm
To watch you surpass
Shredding the pieces of my heart
With no remorse on your part.
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