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Rea Jan 10
And just like that,
the sun sets on the last golden, cresting wave of summer.
Standing on your porch and clinging to you,
not wanting to let go of these memories.
Tapioca and folklore,
drive-ins and sing-alongs,
green dresses and sail boats on a lake.
The heavy gates slowly shutting,
and now, we move onward.
Towards applications and last years while
clinging to our gray film childhoods,
and your pleas to "stay here".
May our love be passed on.
I think I knew, even then, that would be our first and last summer together.
karly codr Dec 2020
So I'm sitting at my kitchen table.
And I'm watching the folklore long pond studio sessions.
And drinking peppermint tea.
And I have a big fluffy sweater wrapped around me. (not THE cardigan. I get that on Christmas.)
And it's just so aesthetically pleasing.
Like, I'm watching the folklore long pond sessions,
and drinking tea
and I'm wrapped in a sweater.
Is there anything more "folklore-ish" than that?
Like seriously, this makes me so happy, and i seriously haven't been genuinely happy in a while and this moment what just kind of serene, you know? It just makes me happy to realize that maybe I can be happy again. And I'm slowly getting there. Back to happy I mean. So anyway. This was just a really aesthetic moment. And it made me happy.
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