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Mallory Jun 23
Are we dreaming again?
We’re pollen
Whirling in the sky, oscillating between low and high.
Pendulum swinging freely but always coming back to me.
We’re just dreaming.
What would I do without your fantasy?
As much as it hurts, this is sanctity.
Let’s confront this transfixion. Why come all this way to be written as fiction? We could transcend this tension, even though we’re so afraid.
I’d love you again anyway,
if you would just wait for me.
Made some edits and decided to repost
pnam Mar 28
Evergreen garden with always gushing fountain pond
Grows fragrant vines to bind us in unbreakable bond
Today and tomorrow til the end of time and beyond
Let our love transcend many lives yet to be spawned
mel Jul 2021
when (i) became the sun
i felt the trees and rivers (run)
(along) the deepest parts of me
i sang (the) oceans roar to sleep

the (clouds) arrived to give me space
at times, the moon would take (my) place
and i would gladly let her (shine)
knowing it (never) could dim mine

no reas(on) to feel jealousy
for everything is (one) with me
i no longer (fear)ed dark at set
for my own (light) i can’t forget

my warmth (fills me) even in snow
and (when) it falls, my glimmer glows
the contrast~it’s just what (i) need
it is the (plant)er of the seeds
~to (the) f l o w e r i n g
(love inside) of me~

(i run along the clouds
my shine never on one fear
light fills me when
i plant the love

—sun  stories
thankful for 27 magical years
in this tripppy little life  ✨🦋
Michael T Chase Mar 2021
Holding *** when the muscle requires some effort directs attention to the lower body away from the eyes and the head area which is the normal place of reflection.
It makes me think of releasing it and of the bathroom and toilet to do so, as if I was constructing a plan to carry out.
The other muscles used to concentrate can be relaxed as the new concentration is on the bladder area.
Yet this pulls the attention to the seat if seated, like placing attention on the foundation of the meditation posture.
The focus spreads to the thighs and solar plexus.
Finally to the back of the head, but with pressure that will not allow anything to replace it.
The management mind states next that the task at hand is more pressing than bladder release.
And I remember all the times I've had to hold my *** and the places and situations that precipitated them.
I start to tell myself that I'm suffering needlessly as if I was being bullied by my situation.
Thus the parts of the body actually take the center of the personality over other parts of the body.
The managerial aspect will offer motherly comfort to the childlike personality of holding ***.
I start to go into wishful dream mentality just like holding *** while in the early hours of the morning trying to still sleep.
And the attention is tranquilized back to reflection with the hold tucked away in the background of the mind, reflection aspect now being more parental in nature.
What is transcendence? is sort of a moronic question, and I notice my words start to be more bullyish.
This question is rather asking is there a particle of transcendence?
No, it is a function of frequencies of the body.
Consciousness can be the essential aspect of transcending, but no more than consciousness is the essential of concentration.
Tranquility and insight, just as taught, happens, without attention on tranquility, and without tranquility within attention.
Chad Young Feb 2021
O traveler assured of God's mercy!
Life is full of adversity sweet, and gains leaving empty.
He who is truly assured has no peace, and the doubter is quite at rest.
The ear on true silence does not find peace, but continual affliction.
Each message conveyed is a step into the mind.
The mind, an ocean with no shore.
Silence is not a person.
Silence is an idea of the mind.
The mind is abstracted from reality: pure imagination.
Is there a soul separate from the mind?
Is there enlightenment separate from the mind?
As the universe is continually vibrating and changing in entropy, so too the mind can never stop, so use it for enlightenment!
But transcending is the fruit of the mind, the fruit of the soul, and the fruit of the physical body.
This is why I sit, and I believe my writing will bring me closer to this.
Spiritual reasoning
Dusty O Sageman Jan 2021
A place called Section 3
A place where they held you and me
They told us many times
That this is where it all resides

But we got small in there
And hardly anybody dared
To challenge status quo
That isn't done here don't you know

We bought it for a while
Until our bellies filled with bile
With poison all around
And with our psyches breaking down

Decided that we'd quit
Decided we don't give a ****
And so we walked away
Still gone until this very day

Instead we follow dreams
We're so much better now it seems
So good that we are free
From the place called Section 3
In the movie "The Hurricane", Rubin Carter tells his friend Lesra; "it's very important that we transcend the places that hold us."
You'll know it's time to move when the pain of staying for the wrong reasons out weighs the pain of change.
Soloy Jun 2020
-- . .-.. --- -.. .. . ...
My soft yearning gaze upon your emanating presence
fills my heart to the brim with appreciation
Of your beauty, the lines of your face like
superlunary threads woven together in fractals;
an instantiation of geometric perfection.
Like æther, the material of celestial spheres,
creating a passage
that connects the edge of one to the other.
Transmitting a frequency that channels my heart with love;  of the
warm embrace of your beauté

Your beauty
like music
that feeds
my lost soul
I pay for it with time
like a bridge to traverse between dimensions

For this passage is not physical
but a liminal space
when I close my eyes
and think of you.
Fheyra May 2020
Regress from the birth of pillars,—
To transcend heirs of Elegy,
Beneath tunnels on quaint calligraphy.

Follow the Spirit,
Alive and wide awake,— Possess beyond gates of Court stairs
Have thou seen a soiree?—Stroll on those scrolls,
Saith the name of an Altar maiden.
- -...
Feasting meals, hanging chandeliers—
I am wooed for this
The goblets were applauding
A dazzling poise,—The gem chose me
On the embroidered carpet,
I was the center of it
Switching footsteps, gliding the surface;—wearing my earned headpiece.
That moment,—
I leaned before the roses.

–"Oh, the tight abdomen
    I felt like I have no ribs,
    Finally, I can breathe—
    From such heavy clothing
    Well indeed, her beauty descends to
    They called me lady,—
    A woman of the finest jewelries."

"I want to see her,
May I rest again, Spirit"
This poem is a thread like episodes. Likewise, a series to be told.
What will happen next to her will be revealed through other subsequent episodic stanzas.

Wait for the next story..
Andrew Watson Mar 2020
flickered souls
who mourn at night
accumulate to swallow

shredded strings
battered snare
these months
weren’t easy,
tonight is

watch sorrow
and morph into
rivers of

we are
a sacred congregation
in blasphemous glory
all good things
come in

forget the man
the lies
and cry
i always wanna die

long for nothing
crave it all
is this how it feels?
to be young?
I went to a 1975 gig and it was life-changing ok
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